What is the history of the piano?

The piano is a complex and fascinating instrument. While it was officially invented around 1700, its development was influenced by many other instruments and musical mechanisms. The piano we know today has a rich history that spans back to ancient times. This article will address all aspects of the piano’s history, from its predecessors to the people who have made it famous.

Predecessors of the Piano

The mechanisms of the modern piano originated in the monochord, an ancient instrument with one string. This later evolved into the polychord, which loosely corresponded with the piano in its development. It was invented by F. Hillmer in 1799, but the most well-known example is the prototype created in 1934 by the Greek inventor and musician Avangelos Tsamourtzis. This is a harp-like instrument with 117 strings spanning six octaves.

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Why do drummers put pillows in bass drum?

If you’re just starting to explore all there is to learn about drumming and percussion, you may have learned that many drummers put pillows in their bass drums.

When you first hear about it, this might seem like a bizarre idea!

So, what do drummers stand to gain from this odd-sounding trick?

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How to Play Clarinet

Like any musical instrument, the clarinet is difficult.

The operant saying is, “There is no easy way into the band room.” The saying applies equally to the orchestra rehearsal hall.

There’s an old children’s game of patting one’s head while trying to trace a circle with the opposite hand on one’s midsection.

Playing clarinet is a lot like trying to do that with four arms and six hands.

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Who invented slap bass?

As you expand your skills with the bass guitar, you might be looking for techniques that let you really flex your musical talent.

The slap bass technique has been around since the late 1960s and produces one of the most iconic sounds. The slap bass technique has been responsible for altering the music landscape forever.

From funk to classic rock to modern rock, slapping has been an incredible invention and tool for musicians today.

And while it continues to be used today, it had humble beginnings with American funk bands and musicians. But you might be interested in learning more about slap bass and what it has been able to offer the music world.

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How long does it take to learn guitar?

One of the most common questions that potential beginner guitar players have about the process is, how long does it take to learn guitar?

The answer to that question depends on a few factors:

  • Your personal definition of being a “guitar player”
  • The level of advancement or competency you wish to achieve
  • How much time you have to dedicate to the craft
  • The goals you want to achieve
  • The tools available to you for learning
  • Baseline of musical knowledge

Even with those parameters defined, it is difficult to accurately pinpoint the moment you have learned guitar. For some people the moment they are able to play through a song is their version of success. For others, it might be learning all the chords or mastering the scales.

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