How much should I charge for music lessons?

You can make a substantial living teaching your passion while continuing to work on your musical projects.

However, creating a reliable income depends on how much you charge and how you market yourself as a teacher.

Whether you teach piano, voice, guitar, or any other instrument, your pricing decisions can mean financial success or struggle and discouragement.

In this article, we’ll give you 10 factors to consider when determining your rate as a teacher.

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Sony MDR-7506 Review

There is plenty that goes into crafting the perfect song, including using the right instruments, creating an alluring rhythm and melody and writing lyrics that match the song’s atmosphere.

But what about when it comes to listening to songs? What components of a headphone set make listening to a song even more pleasurable?

First of all, there seems to be an endless amount of headphones out there that claim to provide the perfect listening sound for you to become fully immersed in music.

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JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Looking for a great Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you to a tailgate party, throw in your bag for a beach shindig, or just listen to in your room?

The JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker is a versatile and powerful Bluetooth speaker that can play your jams while you relax at home or party with some friends.

Though there are quite a few options for Bluetooth speakers, there are several things that make this one stand out from the pack.

In this review, we’ll explore some of the best aspects of this product and talk about what makes it a top pick for a Bluetooth speaker.

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Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Telecaster Review

Eric Clapton. B.B. King. Keith Richards.

What do all of these legendary musicians have in common? They have all rocked out on the Telecaster.

First released all the way back in 1951, this Fender electric guitar has become a legend in and of itself in its 70-year run.

Funnily enough, there were many critics of the original Telecaster, who laughed at its unique shape, referring to it as a “snow shovel.” It didn’t take long for those who made fun of the guitar to be proven wrong.

Critics and guitar players alike discovered that the Telecaster was easy to play, sounded spectacular and was designed to last.

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A Detailed Yamaha P71 Digital Piano Review

Do you love the feel and sound of acoustic pianos, but prefer to avoid shelling out thousands of dollars?

Do you feel your heart sink a bit at the prospect of getting an upright instrument that will take up a big chunk of floor space in your home?

Maybe you simply want digital audio capabilities, portability, and a manageable price tag without sacrificing an authentic-feeling touch.

If this sounds like you, then the Yamaha P71 might be just the thing!

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