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My readers are people of all walks of life who are getting better at playing their favorite instrument. I provide them the resources that helps them become a better musician along the journey.

This website is a product of a lot of enjoyment of music and the love for teaching others to reach their next level. My writers include alumni from Berklee College of Music and other top music programs with over 20+ years of experience to share with you.

The guy behind MusicianAuthority.com – Eddie

I believe it was around the age of 10 that I picked up my first instrument. It was actually a güira which is used in a variety of latin music – I used it in Merengue. I then picked up the tambora and eventually the accordion. I started on the accordion at about 15 years of age and began playing professionally with my own band shortly after. It was an amazing experience.

I noticed early on that I had a knack for distinguishing instruments by ear. When I was about 10 I first started hearing this mysterious instrument. I couldn’t quite say what it was at the time but I definitely heard it separately from the others. I found it intriguing and later learned it was called the bass guitar. Today, the bass it one of my favorite go-to instruments.

Along the way, I ended up learning quite a few instruments including the alto saxophone and keyboard. My latest addition is the ukulele and plans to get a ukulele bass soon.

Teaching others and learning different things along the way is always a valuable experience for me. This site gives me the opportunity to give it my best.

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