Top 30 Rap Songs About Friendship

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In rap music, artists have often used their lyrics to express a wide range of emotions, and one of the most common themes is friendship. From reminiscing about old friends to celebrating the loyalty of their crew, these songs delve into the deep connections between people. In this blog post, we’ll explore a collection of rap songs that revolve around friendship and what makes these tracks resonate with listeners.

1. 1-Luv by E-40

E-40’s track “1-Luv” resonates with its blend of rap and R&B, featuring Leviti. This song, a single from his second album, “In a Major Way” (1995), intertwines the essence of friendship and life’s challenges. 

The song starts with an actual phone call from E-40’s cousin Kaveo, who shares tales from his time behind bars. Through this personal touch, E-40 dedicates the song to those enduring the struggle, offering a heartfelt connection that mirrors unity and adversity. “1-Luv” finds its place in the Billboard Hot 100, capturing the spirit of shared experiences and heartfelt camaraderie.

2. 4 da Gang  by Future

In the heart of Future’s album SUPER SLIMEY lies the track “4 da Gang.” This song isn’t just about catchy beats and rhymes, but it’s a window into the rapper’s emotional world. 

As the 10th track and the second ‘Future-only track,’ “4 da Gang” delves into a topic close to his heart. It’s more than just money and success; it’s a way for Future to grapple with the pain of losing Seth Firkins, his trusted vocal producer. Through his music, Future paints a picture of how friendship and music intertwine, creating something both powerful and touching.

3. Ain’t No Fun by Snoop Dogg

A classic that’s bound to get everyone singing along, “Ain’t No Fun” by Snoop Dogg has that line that all the ladies can’t resist belting out. But beyond the catchy lyrics, it’s a window into a world of male camaraderie, where the artists voice their opinion about women who don’t spread attention. 

The song emphasizes the value of sharing the good times with friends, and it’s hard not to nod along as they challenge the notion of keeping the fun exclusive. So when this track drops, remember, it’s not just about the words; it’s about celebrating friendship and unity on the dance floor.

4. Backyard Boogie by Mack 10

“Backyard Boogie” takes center stage as the lead single from Mack 10’s album “Based on a True Story.” The success of “Backyard Boogie” helped catapult the album to a gold-certified status, with its infectious beats and Mack 10’s distinctive style capturing the essence of the rap scene during that era. 

The song’s vibrant energy resonated with listeners, ensuring it remains one of Mack 10’s standout tracks. Notably, the single version of “Backyard Boogie” also features the follow-up track “Only in California,” a collaboration with Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, which added an extra layer of flavor to the album despite not charting.

5. Best Friend by Young Thug

Best Friend” takes the spotlight as the fifth track in Thugger’s debut Slime Season album. With production credits to Young Shad and Ricky Racks, the song showcases Thug’s signature crooning and self-assured style as he boasts about his closest companion. 

In an interview with The Fader, Be El Be, the music video director, shared an intriguing take on who Young Thug’s “best friend” truly is: himself. The video creatively portrays this idea, with scenes of Young Thug interacting with himself. From catching himself in the act to cruising with himself behind the wheel, the video humorously captures his self-confidence. 

6. Brothers by Kid Cudi

In the realm of rap songs about friendship, Kid Cudi’s “Brothers” stands out as a powerful ode to the bonds formed between close friends. Nestled as the 13th gem on Kid Cudi’s album “Indicud,” this track carries a message of camaraderie and unity that resonates with listeners. 

With the dynamic contributions of A$AP Rocky and King Chip, two of Cudi’s closest companions, the song takes on an even more personal tone. Through “Brothers,” Cudi emphasizes the value of collaborating with those who are not just friends but almost family – a testament to the strength of the connections we forge on our journey.

7. Clique by Kanye West

“Clique” marks the reunion of Kanye West and Jay-Z, following their joint studio album “Watch the Throne.” Big Sean, no stranger to the scene, joined forces with the duo to create a lyrical masterpiece that speaks to the power of their collective presence.

With each rapper showcasing their unique style, the song’s lyrics brim with braggadocio, highlighting the dominance of their clique. While music critics praised the production, Jay-Z’s commanding presence, and Kanye’s verse, reception toward Big Sean’s contribution was somewhat mixed.

8. Crew Love by Drake

Drake’s musical journey often touches on emotions that hit home, and “Crew Love” is no exception. This track, part of his second studio album, “Take Care” (2011), extends an invitation into friendship. It featured the Weeknd’s smooth vocals and was almost on its own mixtape. 

Drake’s sincere lyrics paint a picture of unity amidst a world that craves his attention. A gem from his discography, “Crew Love”, highlights how everyone desires a piece of Drake, but he still cherishes those who’ve been there since day one. Released as a single in the UK in 2012, the song’s unique blend of avant-R&B lushness creates an ambience of tender camaraderie.

9. Deep Fried Frenz by MF DOOM

In MF DOOM’s track ‘Deep Fried Frenz’, the rapper dives into the intricate web of friendship dynamics, offering a cautionary take on who we trust. Following the hedgehog’s dilemma, DOOM highlights the challenges of forming genuine connections in a world where betrayal looms. 

With samples from Whodini’s ‘Friends’ and Ronnie Laws’ ‘Friends and Strangers’, the song’s beat, drawn from ‘Myrhh’, adds depth to DOOM’s narrative. In a reality where loyalties waver, DOOM reminds us to carefully tread when labeling someone a ‘friend’, shedding light on the complexities of these bonds.”

10. Do G’s Get To Go To Heaven by Richie Rich

Richie Rich’s track ‘Do G’s Get to Go to Heaven’ takes us back to 1997, when it dropped as the second single from his album ‘Seasoned Veteran.’ This Def Jam Recordings release features backing vocals from Bo-Roc and Ephriam Galloway, adding a soulful touch to the tune. 

Notably, the song hit number 10 on Billboard’s Rap Songs chart and left its mark on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot 100 charts. Beyond its chart performance, the track carries emotional weight, dedicated to the memory of the iconic Tupac Shakur. And it didn’t come alone – a music video was rolled out to glimpse the album’s vibe.

11. Family and Loyalty by Gang Starr

Gang Starr’s anticipated track, “Family and Loyalty,” marks their comeback after a 16-year hiatus. The song, featuring the iconic DJ Premier’s signature chopped piano sample beat, is the duo’s first collaboration with J. Cole. 

In this compelling track, Guru and J. Cole exchange verses, celebrating lasting values like genuine friendships and the enduring power of music. DJ Premier unveiled the single’s release a day before its drop on September 19, alongside Nas’ album announcement. Notably, J. Cole revealed that this feature would be his final one, following a string of recent collaborations.

12. Friends by Whodini

Whodini’s hit track, ‘Friends,’ is an iconic representation of the group’s musical prowess. While it climbed to only #87 on the Billboard Hot 100, it found its true groove at #4 on the Hot Hip-Hop & R&B Songs chart. 

This song solidified its status as a classic in the hip-hop world. Notably, the instrumental resurfaced in Nas’ ‘If I Ruled The World’ rekindled the song’s essence and influence in rap music.

13. Hood Gone Love It (feat. Kendrick Lamar) by Jay Rock

In rap songs about friendship, “Hood Gone Love It” stands out as a collaboration between Jay Rock and his fellow Black Hippy member, Kendrick Lamar. Lamar’s lyrical prowess shines as he navigates the soulful beat with his unique flow. 

In “Hood Gone Love It,” Jay Rock provides a glimpse into the realities of life in the hood. At the same time, Kendrick Lamar effortlessly weaves intricate wordplay around the laid-back instrumental. Keep an ear out for Lamar’s nod to Tupac Shakur with the “Thug Life” reference, showcasing his admiration for the legendary rapper.

14. HYFR by Drake

In rap, song titles can sometimes be mysterious at first glance. But with Drake’s track “HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)” from his album Take Care, the meaning becomes clear. In this song, Drake delves into the past, reflecting on ex-relationships and drawing lessons from the legendary Tupac.

“HYFR” isn’t just about beats and rhymes; it’s a track that speaks to experiences and the journey through life. It’s no wonder the song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance. Even though it may not have taken home the trophy, it’s a winner in showcasing rap music’s depth and creativity.

15. If My Homie Calls by 2Pac

With an alternative rap sound reminiscent of his earlier work with Digital Underground, the track’s vibe echoed the beginnings of his hip-hop journey. The music video, mostly in black-and-white with splashes of red, blue, and sepia, accompanied the single’s release. 2Pac even brought the song to life on the Yo! MTV Raps show in 1992.

This song wasn’t just a piece of 2Pac’s early days; it hit the rap singles chart in March 1992, climbing to number three on May 1. The vinyl record and cassette release on February 25, 1992, marked a point in 2Pac’s career when he was shaping his voice and style, setting the stage for the profound impact he would make in the rap world.

16. I Miss My Dawgs by Lil Wayne

“I Miss My Dawgs” by Lil Wayne takes us on a nostalgic journey back to his early days in the rap scene. This track, a part of his album Tha Carter, is a heartfelt tribute to his former Hot Boys bandmates: B.G., Juvenile, and Turk. 

Wayne’s first verse is a candid reflection of his close relationship with B.G., a fellow Cash Money artist with whom he shared countless moments during their teenage years. The song “I Miss My Dawgs” originally appeared on Tha Carter in 2004, where Wayne dedicates verses to each former bandmate.

17.I Miss My Homies by Master P

In a heartfelt tribute to his late brother, Master P released “I Miss My Homies” as the leading single from his 1997 album “Ghetto D.” This poignant song, hitting the airwaves ahead of the album’s launch, allowed Master P to channel his emotions into music and pay homage to a significant person – his late brother, Kevin Miller.

18. Just Like Bruddas by Future

In “Just Like Bruddas,” Future’s auto-tuned verses glide over Zaytoven’s production, setting the stage for a laid-back jam perfect for cruising. While the track boasts the usual luxury cars and stacks of cash, it also finds Future reflecting on more personal matters. 

Amidst the bravado, the song takes a turn to address his past with ex-fiancée Ciara. It’s a reminder that even amidst the flashy imagery, artists like Future aren’t afraid to mix in a dash of reality, making their music relatable to listeners on different levels.

19. Me & My Homies by Nate Dogg

The track “Me & My Homies” by Nate Dogg featuring 2Pac dives deep into the unbreakable camaraderie among friends. Nate Dogg’s verse depicts turning to friends for comfort during lonely nights, especially when shared moments involve a puff or two. The chorus, “Me and my homies,” underscores the tightness of this friendship circle.

2Pac’s verse adds weight, declaring that his life is incomplete without his homies. Loyalty and unity are key as they stand up for each other, even in danger. The verse captures the essence of shared experiences, from street corners to wild parties, showcasing their undeniable connection.

20. My Dawg  by Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s track “My Dawg” marked his debut as a rapper and was released on July 13, 2017, from his mixtape “Harder Than Hard.” This song resonates with the camaraderie of friendship, reflecting the loyalty and unity shared among close companions. It’s not just about toughness, as Lil Baby discussed on Genius. 

He touches on the idea that while online bravado might talk a big game, staying out of trouble becomes the wiser choice when real-life situations arise. The song reached number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100, showcasing the appeal of its relatable themes and Lil Baby’s fresh voice in the rap scene.

21. My Savages by Future

In “My Savages,” Future dives into the depths of friendship and loyalty in his signature style. The track reflects his roots, growing up amidst adversity and hardships. He shares how those experiences molded his character and work ethic, driving him to succeed despite the odds. 

Future remains grounded despite fame, acknowledging the friends who stood by him long before he became a household name. The song paints a vivid picture of camaraderie and support, with Future affectionately referring to his friends as “my savages.” He delves into his relationships, acknowledging the challenges that fame brought and the toll it took on some connections. 

22. Never Change by JAY-Z

JAY-Z has consistently carved his own path in rap, delivering lyrics that mirror his personal journey. In “Never Change,” he skillfully weaves his words over a backdrop of David Ruffin’s “Common Man” sample. 

The song takes us through the various stages of Jay-Z’s life: from his humble beginnings and challenging past to his rise in the music industry and eventual success. The essence of the track lies in its message of authenticity – a reminder that despite the transformations life brings, staying true to oneself is the key that never changes.

23. Never Had A Friend Like Me by 2Pac

In 2Pac’s track “Never Had A Friend Like Me,” you find a unique blend of history and friendship. This song is part of the original soundtrack for the movie Gridlock’d and can also be heard on the single “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” It’s even featured on the compilation 15 Years On Death Row.

Interestingly, the officially released version wasn’t even the final mix. Johnny J, who sadly passed away, revealed it was a temporary mix he put together.

24. Started From the Bottom by Drake

Started From the Bottom” takes us back to the early days of Canadian hip-hop sensation Drake. This track, which kicked off his third studio album, “Nothing Was the Same,” sheds light on Drake’s beginnings and journey to stardom. 

In the song, Drake clarifies that his rise wasn’t a walk in the park – he wasn’t handed his success. He earned it through hard work and dedication. The song’s lyrics reflect his pride in his past and the struggles he overcame. With a mix of drums and piano, “Started From the Bottom” departs from his earlier style, showcasing Drake’s evolution as an artist.

25. true loyalty by 50 Cent

Regarding rap songs about friendship, “true loyalty” by 50 Cent is a prime example. This track brings an extra layer of authenticity, as it’s part of a bonus disc from 50 Cent’s live interview and tour performance. 

The song is one of three bonus tracks featured on The New Breed DVD, packaged with a bonus CD that includes these fresh tracks. “true loyalty” encapsulates the essence of unwavering commitment and showcases how true friends stick together through thick and thin.

26. Worst Comes to Worst by Dilated Peoples

Dilated Peoples brings a conscious vibe to their track “Worst Comes to Worst,” urging us to keep doing good even when things get tough. The song cleverly samples “I Forgot To Be Your Lover” by  William Bell and features a vocal snippet from Havoc on Mobb Deep’s “Survival of the Fittest.” 

It’s a reminder that staying true to kindness can lead to better outcomes, even when faced with challenges. The trio’s thoughtful lyrics make this track a standout in rap songs about friendship.


And that wraps it up! These rap songs about friendship have taken us on a journey through the ups and downs of human connections. From Lil Wayne’s longing for his dawgs to 2Pac’s celebration of unique friendships, these tracks remind us how important it is to have pals by our side.

Next time you hang out with your buddies, just hit play and let these songs set the vibe. Because, as these tracks show, friendship is something special, and music knows how to bring it to life.