30 Easy Christmas Songs on Guitar

One of the greatest joys of learning to play guitar is being able to share music with loved ones. There is no better time to share music with family and friends than during the holidays.

There are opportunities at holiday parties, family gathers, and even on a caroling expedition to spread joy with holidays songs on guitar.

You don’t have to be a master of guitar to play a long list of Christmas songs. To prove that to you, compiled here is a list of 30 easy Christmas songs to learn on guitar for beginners. We have a general list of easy guitar songs as well.

Even if you are a seasoned guitar player, there is still loads of fun to be had by learning this easy Christmas songs. You can have them in your back pocket to quickly pull out when the mood is right.

For both newbies and professionals alike, this list provides a great mix of simple strumming songs, fingerpicking tunes, and melodic riffs to capture and hold your attention.

30 Easy Christmas Songs on Guitar

1. Jingle Bells

At the top of most people’s favorite Christmas song list would be Jingle Bells. It’s upbeat and a great singalong. With a fairly simple rhythm and only a few chords, you will be strumming this song in no time. Check out this video tutorial to learn how.

2. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Another bop, Santa Claus is Coming to Town is a huge holiday crowd pleaser. This video tutorial will show you how with just 5 simple chords you could be playing this song.

3. Silent Night

This slow jam is an iconic and emotional Christmas tune to learn on guitar. It’s also so much fun to sing, if that appeals to you. Learn how to play with this video.

4. Blue Christmas

Channel your inner Elvis and learn to play Blue Christmas on guitar. This smooth, crooner tune is great for your personal catalog. Watch this video lesson to learn the basics.

5. Winter Wonderland

This magical song is perfect for those snowy winter days inside. Cuddle up and watch this video tutorial to get started playing Winter Wonderland.

6. Last Christmas

This modern classic from Wham! is absolutely the most fun song to play! Great for players who enjoy a pop twist at the holidays. This video lesson will have you playing in no time.

7. Frosty the Snowman

No Christmas song list would be complete without this children’s classic. There are just three basic sections to learn and then you’ll be telling this magical story. Here is a video tutorial to get you started.

8. All I Want for Christmas (is You)

Mariah Carey has had an exceptional career, but no tune is more recognizable from this singer than the iconic All I Want for Christmas (is You). When you hear this playing in stores, you know the holiday season is here. Learn to play this tune and spread cheer with this video.

9. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We Wish You a Merry Christmas is the seminal Christmas caroling song. Where or not you take this tune door-to-door, it is a great one to have in your catalog for holiday gatherings. Learn how to play with this easy guitar tutorial.

10. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

The classic tale about the world’s cherry-nosed hero is a great tune for beginners to learn on guitar. This video tutorial is great and adorable.

11. Let It Snow

As long as your inside, warm, and have your guitar — let it snow! The catchy rhythm is simple and breeze to learn quickly. Learn more with this video tutorial.

12. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

It is hard to pick the most fun holiday song to play, but this rockin’ tune would be at the top of most lists. It has two main section and is full of common chords, making it totally approachable for beginners. Learn how to get rockin’ with this video lesson.

13. 12 Days of Christmas

This Christmas favorite repeats the same section throughout which makes it quick to learn for beginner guitar players. Learning all the words might take you more time. This video tutorial will walk you through it.

14. Away in a Manager

If you enjoy the more religious songs of the season, Away in a Manager is a lovely beginner tune to learn. It has such a beautiful melody and could be great to play at holiday services. Watch this video to get started.

15. White Christmas

This song is a dream to learn for beginners. Pun intended. It really is a newbie guitar player’s and crooner’s dream. This video tutorial will help you get there.

16. Felize Navidad

This Spanish language holiday tune helps round out the list. It is so much fun to sing and learn! This video tutorial will show you how to get started with just three basic chords and a simple strumming pattern.

17. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

This darkly humorous tune is a crowd pleasure. With just four basic chords and this video lesson, you will be playing this song in no time.

18. Up on the Housetop

This bouncy song is sure to be a hit with the young and old alike. There are just four chords in the whole song. Watch a video tutorial to learn the basics.

19. Silver Bells

This classic winter song is smooth, short, and sweet. A great combination for beginner guitar players. Here is a video on how to learn the tune.

20. Baby It’s Cold Outside

This cheeky tune is great for beginner guitar players that are looking for a duet. It’s a classic for any holiday sing-a-long party. Watch this tutorial for a beginner-friendly versions of the song.

21. Joy to the World

Bring holiday joy into your heart with this easy-to-learn song. It has just three simple chords, but doesn’t skimp on drama. This video lesson will teach you the basics.

22. O Come All Ye Faithful

The olde English lyrics of this holiday classic bring such a timeless quality to the song. For a broken down version that’s great for beginners, this video tutorial is fantastic.

23. Christmas Don’t Be Late

If the Chipmunks could do it, so can you! This tune is a good one to challenge yourself a bit if you’re a beginner. It’s in 6/8 time, which may be new to you, but it’s still approachable to new players. Follow along with this video tutorial for an easier start.

24. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Hippos may be complex creatures, but this song is totally easy. There’s only four chords and so much fun. This video lays it out quite well for beginners.

25. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

This is such a sweet and gentle tune to learn for beginner guitar players looking to dabble with fingerpicking styles. This great video tutorial will get you started.

26. Carol of the Bells

What is cool about this classic Christmas tune is that it works well as a solely instrumental. With this video tutorial you can learn the main riff of the tune, which is great for beginner guitar players looking to learn how to play lead.

27. We Three Kings

A repeating melody makes this a quick and easy Christmas tune to learn for beginners. It’s also another great tune to practice fingerpicking styles. Watch this video lesson to learn how.

28. What Child is This/Greensleeves

Perhaps one of the most beautiful songs ever written, What Child is This can bring chills to you and your audience. It is also one of those tunes that is popular around Christmas time, but transcends the holidays. This video tutorial will guide you to mastering the fingerpicking melody to this tune.

29. Mistletoe

Perhaps this Justin Bieber tune hasn’t elevated to Christmas classic yet, but it’s a catchy modern tune. With only four chords and a simple pop rhythm, it would be shame not to learn it. This guitar tutorial breaks it down for you easily.

30. Little Saint Nick

The Beach Boys help round out this list with some tropical holiday cheer. A solid rock tune with just four chords makes this an easy song for beginners. If you can scrounge up some background vocals, it’s sure to be a hit at any holiday party. Learn the tune with this video lesson.


No matter which tune you decided to tackle on this list, you are certain to have some fun trying. The great thing about Christmas tunes it that once you learn them, you can enjoy them every year indefinitely. Have fun learning!

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