Top 30 Easy Pop Songs on Guitar

One of the best ways to maintain interest and excitement in the beginning stages of learning guitar is to focus on learning fun easy guitar songs. The fantastic thing about pop songs is that they are often easy to learn and they are so much fun to play!

Pop songs also have the added value of being easily recognizable to others. If a singalong session is in your dreams of guitar playing, pop songs are a great way to get there!

Plus, there is a huge chance you have heard each of these songs on the radio. Familiarity with a tune can help you learn it faster and it is so much more exciting than practicing scales!

Ready to dive right in? Here are 30 easy pop songs on guitar that are ideal for beginner players.

Top 30 Easy Popular Guitar Songs

1. Kids by MGMT

The electronic riff of this top 40 hit from MGMT is instantly recognizable to anyone who listened to music in the early 2000s. You might recognize it from movies, TV, and video games too! Learn how to play the tune here.

2. Ride by Twenty One Pilots

Ride is a perfect starting point to dig into the record breaking catalog of Twenty One Pilot’s catalog. If nothing else, the “oh-oh-o-ohs” in this song are too fun to pass up. Fun fact: Twenty One Pilots are one of only a handful of artists for have three hit songs in the top 5 Billboard chard at one time. Start with a great video tutorial here.

3. Royals by Lorde

When this New Zealand musician hit the charts in 2013 with this song, you couldn’t escape it. The unique sound helped the song continue on to reach an unprecedented one billion streams in 2021. Only 25 other songs have ever hit the billion stream mark. With only three chords, it’s a great beginner tune. Watch a video tutorial here.

4. Wonderwall by Oasis

It may be a bit a cliche, but there’s a reason this ’90s anthem is a favorite among beginner guitar players. While it has become a bit of a frat guy joke to some, it just didn’t feel right to create a pop song list without it. Channel your inner Gallagher brother and learn how to play this classic here.

5.Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Because of his incredible guitar skills, not all of Mr. Sheeran’s tunes are beginner friendly. However, “Photograph” just has four chords with no bars and is totally accessible to new players. Learn how to play with this video tutorial.

6. With or Without You by U2

Not only is this tune one of the most iconic pop songs of all time, it’s also fairly simple to learn. There are only four chords and it has to be one of the most fun songs to sing, ever. Follow this video tutorial for tips on learning this timeless tune.

7. You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift

You know we had to include some T. Swift on the best pop songs list. While several of Swift’s song are accessible to beginners, we felt like this one was the easiest for true beginners. Bonus, this song has some of the most used chords in all pop music, so if you can master it, you’ll be playing many other tunes in no time! This video tutorial will get you started.

8. Die Young by K$sha

Looking for the perfect party anthem? This upbeat, hip-hop inspired tune is the one! It would be a great one to play at a party or around the campfire for a sing-a-long. Learn how to play here.

9. Hey Soul Sista by Train

This catchy song is another upbeat hit on the list that is a great group sing-a-long. With just four simple chords and a smile, you can totally pull this off. Watch this video tutorial to learn the basics.

10. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

One of the perks of learning to play the guitar is to be able to serenade your love interest. This Bruno Mars tune is the perfect way to impress that special someone. Learn how to play the song with this video tutorial.

11. Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden

No other song brings up memories of awkward middle school dances quite like this ballad from Savage Garden. It has just four simple chords and a melody that makes hearts melt. Learn the details with this video lesson.

12. Apologize by One Republic

This is the perfect tune to channel your inner emo without too much fancy finger work. The basic chords provide a solid base to practice finger picking skills for beginners. It would be a solid place to start and move on from just strumming songs. Get started with this video lesson.

13. All of Me by John Legand

When you have moved past the courting phase into the long term relationship phase, this could be the song to learn. The song is so sweet, so simple to learn, and so classically timeless. Watch a video tutorial here.

14. Diamonds by Rhianna

This song comes with a warning, you may not be able to get the chorus out of your head! It is so catchy! It also is an unexpected tune for guitar while still translating well. Learn to how to shine bright with this video tutorial.

15. Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Sometimes belting out a song is great therapy. Learn to play this tune and you can have therapy whenever you like. There are five chords with an easy-to-learn strumming pattern. Dig into the tune with this video lesson.

16. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

With Bieber singing a song written by Ed Sheeran, this song was destined for the top of the charts. It is also the ultimate middle finger to anyone who has wronged you. Learn how to play the tune with this video tutorial.

17. Call Me Maybe by Carly Ray Jepsen

It impossible to play this song and not have fun. It is another great one on the list to get others singing along. This video tutorial will have you playing soon.

18. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

This sweet pop tune will have everyone popping along. The chords are fairly simple and no capo is needed. Get started here with this video tutorial.

19. I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner

This is one of those rare tunes that can be catchy when sped up and hauntingly sad when slowed down. You can play it either way with just four chords and a simple strumming pattern. Watch this video tutorial to learn how.

20. SeƱorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

This fun latin-inspired tune can be great as a solo or a duet. The chords are easy enough, but offer just enough of a challenge to keep beginners on their toes. Follow along with this video tutorial.

21. Stay with Me by Sam Smith

This pretty tune only requires three simple chords. The strumming pattern is easy to learn as well. The hard part will be hitting those high notes if you want to sing along. This video tutorial will get you started.

22. Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn

This Sweedish pop star had some chart topping success in the 1990s and then a resurgence with her single “Call Your Girlfriend” in 2011. This song is a favorite for internet personalities to cover, so why not you too? Learn the tune with this video lesson.

23. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Yet another pop icon we couldn’t bear to leave off the list. Bad Romance is a great beginning point for learning the star’s repertoire. It is also the only song on the list where you can sing “ra-ra-ra” and that alone makes it a winner. This video tutorial will show you how to play and join the monsters (slang for Gaga’s fans).

24. Budapest by George Ezra

This tune was a smashing international hit in 2014 for good reason. It’s catchy, super fun to sing, and even more fun to play on guitar. Get started with this easy video tutorial.

25. Clocks by Coldplay

This tune, and the band overall, is more widely known for wandering piano riffs than guitar solos. However, this particular pop song translates to guitar easily and is well suited for beginners. Learn the tune with this video tutorial and gain some new skills along the way.

26. Let Her Go by Passenger

This song is complex in lyrics and emotional subject matter, but it is simple in chords and strumming pattern. If you want to take it a step further, this is along a good song to learn a beginner level finger picking pattern. Watch this video tutorial to play along.

27. Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

Is one of your dreams to play lovely songs on the beach? Or maybe you just love alternative pop star Billie Eilish? Either way, this song is great for your goals. Learn how to master the tune with this video lesson.

28. Let it Be by The Beatles

This classic tune for the ages lends itself well to beginners. There is just four chords and there is a good chance you already have the words memorized. Follow along with this video lesson to learn.

29. When I’m Gone by Anna Kendrick

This song is affectionately nicknames “the cup song” because of Anna Kendrick’s performance in the hit movie “Pitch Perfect.” You don’t need a cup to learn to play it, just four chords and a guitar. This video tutorial will show you how.

30. Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac

Like some other artists on the list, Fleetwood Mac isn’t always for beginners. Luckily, this fun pop tune from the iconic “Rumors” album is beginner-friendly. Learn to play the tune with this video tutorial.


This compilation of easy to learn pop tunes for guitar should provide a solid foundation for beginners. There is a variety of chords, strumming patterns, and finger picking skills you can pick up by working your way through this list.

Feel free to jump around and learn what inspires you. The best way to stay motivated while learning to play guitar is by having fun!