Top 7 Discord Music Bots You Should Check Out

Over the past couple of years, Discord has made its name as the best gaming chat service in the industry. Thanks to its amazing feature set and easy-to-use user interface, no other game chat service can come up to its level. One of the best features of Discord is that it can integrate with Discord bots that don’t just automate tasks but even execute actions that aren’t possible natively. My top favorite Discord bots are music bots that enable users to play music in the background as the entire community is chatting with one another.

Whether you are new to using Discord music bots, or are searching for new Discord music bots after Groovy and Rhythm got shut down, continue reading and check out our list of the top 7 Discord music bots that you can use in 2021.

Best Discord Music Bots

Here’s a list of the top Discord music bots that you can add to your server. All the bots listed here were still up and running at the time this article was written.

1. 24/7

24/7 by Deluxe is another amazing Discord music bot. It has plenty of features that can enhance your music listening experience on Discord. 24/7 can play music from several different sources such as SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube. Plus, it can even stream from literally any radio station around the world.

Again, you can make your own playlists, shuffle play songs, and add new songs to the queue.

Do keep in mind that a lot of the features 24/7 offers are exclusive to its Patreon contributors. Nevertheless, you can use its free version, too, as it’s totally usable and perfect for everyday Discord use.

2. BMO

BMO is a feature-filled Discord bot that offers multiple services. For instance, it supports image manipulations, utilities, games, and more. This discord music bot has over 300 different commands that you can use to control its features.

BMO is inspired by and named after a living video game console and of the characters in the Adventure Time Series. When it comes to the music features, BMO is fairly basic – you can simply search for songs, add them to a queue, or play them.

You can easily control BMO with the “./” command. However, you can even customize it according to your preference. Just use the “./help Music” to find out the other music commands.

Note that BMO is one of the few Discord music bots that’s DMCA protected. This means you can stay confident that it isn’t infringing any copyrights.

3. Octave

Developed by Aerheryx, Octave is a reliable Discord music bot that’s been in the market for over four years and plays high-quality music for more than 600,000 servers. The best thing about this music bot is that it’s totally free!

Octave has a simple user interface that’s quite easy to navigate. It provides support for all the regular features like search, pause/play control, along with a playlist. Octave is one of the few Discord music bots that support YouTube playback, plays music from SoundCloud and DiscordFM stations. In fact, you even get built-in Spotify support that allows you to use your Spotify playlists on your server and stream Spotify songs on a Discord server.

Simply use the “_help” command to find out more about Octave’s different commands and the “_play” command to search for a song.

4. Hydra

The Hydra music bot has both, a free and a premium version. The free version allows you to make playlists, create new queues, and find lyrics of the song that’s playing. In addition, it also enables you to shuffle and replay songs.

The cherry on top is that you get a set of admin-only commands. For instance, you can specify the users who control the bot, announce the song that’s currently playing, unban or ban users, and change the language.

The premium version offers all the features you get in the free version. Additionally, you get access to unlimited saved playlists, 24/7 playback, and audio effects. It even gives you a greater level of control over volume and autoplay.

Both, the free and premium, versions allow you to stream tracks from Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, and more.

All in all, Hydra is an easy-to-use, high-quality music bot that’s quite popular in the Discord community. In fact, you can start using it as an alternative to Groovy right away – it’s definitely one of the best ones available!

5. Vexera

Vexera is another versatile and amazing Discord bot. It has both paid and free options. However, the free version should be sufficient if you only want a music bot.

Currently, there are more than 300,000 servers using the bot. It can perform admin commands, allocate roles, show cute pet pictures, and even send some funny memes.

Vexera uses YouTube as its music provider. Thus, you can get the most recent songs without any trouble. You can just search for the songs you wish to control –  play music queuing and playback with in-channel controls. Besides music, Vexera also offers amazing moderation tools and the ability to send greetings to new members.

To sum it up, Vexera offers a lag-free and seamless music playback experience that’s second to none.

6. MEE6

MEE6 is the most versatile Discord music bot that doesn’t just play music, but also offers several other features. It enables you to play fast and smooth, high-quality music while offering recreational and administrative features as well.

It even offers excellent auto-moderation to keep your server safe from toxicity, abusive language, and trolls by banning, kicking out, or auto-muting people according to your particular instructions.

Another great thing about MEE6 is that you don’t need to use any complex commands. Simply use the drag and drop to shuffle songs and click play, skip, and pause songs. It is just like using any other music player.

Other features of MEE6 include song seeking, volume boost, member voting for top songs, 24/7 playback, and more. It supports multiple music sources such as Twitch, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more. It is a capable music streaming bot that you should definitely try out.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the music control interface isn’t free and is a part of a paid plan.

7. ProBot

ProBot is a lot more than a music bot for Discord servers. As a matter of fact, it is a fully-functional and powerful bot that can single-handedly take care of everything you wish to do on your Discord server.

ProBot enables you to stream high-quality music on your server. It uses YouTube to search for music and offers a handful of helpful commands to control playback. For instance, you can easily play, skip, queue up, or pause music for your server.

Last Few Words
These are our favorite picks for the top Discord music bots that are still working in 2021. All these bots are perfect for listening to music while gaming or chilling, particularly when used in conjunction with some of the best headsets for Discord. We genuinely hope that none of the above-mentioned bots meet the same fate as Groovy or Rhythm.