Boss Katana Mini Review

The Boss Katana Mini Amp is a small, versatile amplifier that packs a big punch. It is famous for its top quality and plethora of features. The Boss Katana compact 7-watt amplifier is the newest addition to the Boss Katana line, and it does not disappoint.

The Boss Katana Mini has five presets covering a wide range of tones, from clean to high gain. It also has an effects loop, allowing you to add your pedals for even more tonal options. The amp is small and lightweight, making it perfect for taking to a small gig or practice.

The Boss Katana-mini amplifier is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable, powerful amplifier that doesn’t sacrifice tone. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced players alike. Whether you’re looking for an amplifier to take with you on the go or one to add to your collection, the Boss Katana Mini is a perfect fit.

Compact, Battery-Powered Combo Amp

The Boss Katana amp is a small, lightweight combo amp powered by batteries or an AC adapter. It has five presets covering a wide range of tones, from clean to high gain. The amp also has an effects loop, allowing you to add your pedals for even more tonal options.

The Boss Katana is also widely used in the industry because it has an ingenious design. Ultra-compact and travel-ready, the Katana amp is lightweight and comes with a handle, making it easy to carry or transport. It is also an excellent choice for people who want to move up from a practice amp.

The Boss Katana is perfect for gigging and recording as it has excellent sound quality and a wide range of features. The amp is also very affordable, making it ideal for beginner guitarists.

Special Features

While the Boss Katana Mini is a great amp, it has many unique features that set it apart from other amps. Before you buy the Boss Katana amp, it helps to know its unique features.

Built-in effects and tone controls

Musicians, especially guitarists, are fascinated with the extensive sound of the Katana Amp despite its small size, thanks to the five amp models and Boss’s outstanding sound quality. It has onboard tone, and effects controls that let you tweak the presets to your liking or dial in a new sound fast.

7 watts of power driving a 4″ speaker

The amp has an internal custom 4-inch speaker that pumps out 7 watts of power. Coupled with the built-in power amplifier, the Boss Katana-Mini delivers big sound from such a compact body. It even comes equipped with a handle to take it with you.

7 hours of operation with 6 x AA Alkaline batteries

One of the most incredible things about this amp is that it can run on batteries, perfect for outdoor gigs and extended practicing sessions. You can get up to 7 hours of operation with fresh alkaline AA batteries.

Delay effect and Built-in 3-band EQ

The Boss Katana Mini also has a delay effect that’s perfect for adding depth and space to your sound. Plus, there’s a built-in 3-band EQ so you can quickly fine-tune your tone to fit your music style.

3 amp voicings: Brown, Crunch, and Clean

Brown, Crunch, and Clean give you well-balanced sounds in any style. You can choose from Clean for a full-bodied tone with sparkling highs, crunchy mid-tones, and solid bass to the Brown amp voice that delivers classic sound across the frequency spectrum. The Crunch model is ideal for high-gain rock or metal.

Recording output and Speaker-emulated headphone output

You can easily record your playing to a DAW, audio interface, or mixer with the recording output of the Boss Katana amplifier. The Katana Mini’s speaker-emulated headphone output is perfect when you want to practice quietly or without disturbing anyone. It gives you a true amp sound ideal for headphones or in-ear monitors.

Aux input for jamming along with music

The Aux input lets you jam along with your favorite tracks. It’s also great for practicing with backing tracks. It is an excellent feature for practicing and for learning new songs. The Katana-Mini amp is a perfect choice for guitarists of all levels.

How Does The Boss Katana Amplifier Work?

The Boss Katana mini amplifier is a straightforward amp to use. It has a very intuitive layout and an elaborate control scheme that gives you quick access to a range of great tones.

There is “type” switches on the front panel, each representing the different amp sounds:

  • Clean – Natural sound that allows for a purer experience
  • Crunch – Excellent for Rock and Blues, this mode provides a crunchy tone suited for solos.
  • Brown – The brown setting delivers vintage amp character with excellent dynamics. Its mid-range is punchy, giving the amp a unique sound suited for genres including Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, and Grunge.

Each button has a knob for controlling the gain and volume settings. You can also control the delay time, reverb level, and EQ (low, mid, high).

You also have access to a very helpful chromatic tuner. When you enable the tuner, all amp modeling settings are disabled until you toggle off the Tuner button on the front panel. It ensures that your guitar’s tuning will not be affected while tuning up with the tuner.

As for recording, you can connect it to any device with a 3.5mm input and use the Boss Katana Mini as an interface for recording guitar. You can plug in your headphones to the “headphone” jack on the front panel for silent practicing. It will give you an authentic amp sound with speaker emulation.

The Boss Katana mini amplifier is versatile and perfect for guitarists of all levels. It has a great range of tones, it’s easy to use, and it can run on batteries, making it the perfect choice for outdoor gigs and extended practicing sessions.


Many users discovered that the amplifier has an excellent high gain sound ideal for contemporary styles like metal.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Built-in tape-style delay
  • Highly portable and straightforward to use
  • Augmented by 3 amp styles
  • It comes with a battery-powered option
  • It consists of an aux input for jamming along to music
  • Recording output
  • Speaker-emulated headphone output
  • Full 3 Band EQ


Most users were pleased with the Boss Katana amp’s sound and functionality, but some noted that it was not as versatile as other higher-priced amplifiers. Also, it can be challenging to switch between the 3 amp styles, especially since changing this setting will shut off your delay and reverb effects.

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • No save custom settings
  • Only 3 amp voicings
  • Gain and volume knob only works for Clean and Crunch sounds
  • It doesn’t have a power adapter


The Boss Katana-Mini is an excellent choice for guitarists looking for an affordable, portable, easy-to-use amplifier. It has a range of tones that are perfect for various genres. Also, it’s battery-powered, making it ideal for outdoor gigs and extended practicing sessions.

It’s highly portable, easy to use, and has a range of great tones that are perfect for any style of music. It also includes a built-in delay effect and speaker-emulated headphone output for silent practicing.

While it doesn’t have as many features and the same versatility as other amps in the same price range, it makes up for this with its excellent sound quality and intuitive layout.

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