LAVA ME 2 Guitar: Super Lightweight For Trips!

The LAVA ME 2 is a unique guitar designed using one-piece injection-moulded technology.

Overall, this construction makes it one of the lightest guitars around, being only 3.7 pounds.

And although it has a relatively small body – 36 inches, it produces a loud, clear sound with a wide range frequency tone. Fun effects, including reverb, delay, and chorus, can be used without an amp for on-the-go playing and performing.

I like how the LAVA ME 2 seems to take every LAVA innovation to the next level. Whether it’s the enhanced carbon fiber material or the broader range of effects, the LAVA ME 2 is not your average small-range guitar.

Each LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Guitar comes ready to play with a high-quality carrying case, a set of 3 “Ideal” picks, and a charging cable. You will definitely be good to go as soon as you get it home.

LAVA ME 2  Guitar: I think it’s a great guitar!

What makes this guitar special?

With any guitar, some characteristics will make you excited to sit down and play a rift. It will be hard to wait before jumping into a song.

However, there might be elements that leave something to be desired. We have pulled together some of the incredible benefits of the LAVA ME 2. We also have a few points to offer about its less-than-stellar qualities, according to guitar aficionados.


One of the main praises given to the LAVA ME 2 is how easy it is to take on trips. It is lightweight, plus it comes with a durable carrying case meant to protect the body and neck of the guitar.

This is definitely one of the main benefits mentioned by reviewers. One said that certain types of wood-based guitars have become more difficult to transport over international borders.

The LAVA ME 2 is an ideal choice for someone looking for an instrument that can produce a clear, bright sound without being too heavy or unwieldy. The built-in effects allow a player to use the reverb, chorus, and delay effects for up to 10 hours without charging. These FreeBoost effects do not require you to have an amp to create the same great sound associated with electric guitars.

And the lightweight carbon fiber material it is made out of is both beautiful and durable. It is 20% stronger than previous iterations of the brand. It is flexible and made to last. Plus, the brand boasts that it can be played in almost any weather condition, including extreme temperatures and humidity.


Some reviewers mentioned being unfamiliar with the feel of the material or the design of the neck. However, they reiterated their willingness to get used to the new design. LAVA says that this guitar is designed to have a form that is easier to hold and play, so if you are used to other guitars it might be worth it to spend a little time becoming more comfortable with your LAVA ME 2.

The LAVA ME 2 retails around $800. It is a more expensive guitar than some people might consider for its size, but for many, it makes up for that disparity with its incredible sound. You can expect the LAVA ME 2 to be a durable, reliable guitar, which might make the price a bit easier to swallow.

Minor quality control issues associated with the guitar are addressed promptly by the manufacturer. Although most mentions of issues appeared minor in nature, it is worth noting due to the potential inconvenience.

Breakdown of Technical Components

No matter how pretty an instrument looks, it is not worth its weight in gold unless it can produce a great, reliable sound. We put together a guide about the technical components of the LAVA ME 2. We used different reviews and information from LAVA to offer a clear picture of the guitar.

Great Sound Quality

Many reviewers are impressed that such a small guitar can have consistent and impressive sound quality like the LAVA ME 2. Many people love that a small guitar like this one can have a full sound. One reviewer noted that the carbon fiber material seems to enhance the sound for them when playing, even without turning on the FreeBoost.

One minor detail is the depth of the sound with the LAVA ME 2. One reviewer mentioned how they loved the full sound in this size of a guitar, but it couldn’t match the depth of sound of a larger, more traditional guitar. If you can appreciate the other elements of the sound, as well as its convenience, then that detail should not affect your opinion very much.

Here’s a great video showing what the Lava 2 sounds like:

Innovative, Built-In Sound Effects

Anywhere and anytime you can create incredible sounds with the FreeBoost Technology built into every LAVA ME 2 guitar. These sound effects effectively turn a great acoustic guitar into an electric guitar without using an amp. These sound effects include delay, reverb, and chorus.

Reviewers note that the effects nobs do not offer lots of versatile options, but it is an excellent option for anyone hoping to play around with them. These are the kinds of effects that would be fun to incorporate into a song or two at a gig where you don’t have access to an amp.

Main Elements of Design

The incredible technical advancements of the LAVA ME 2 are made possible by design innovations. This guitar features some of the most unique construction methods in the world of guitars. We created a simple guide to its unique design points below.

Unibody Construction

This guitar is made with one-piece technology. This technology allowed the brand to manufacture a guitar that is extremely delicate and smooth. However, the form also is meant to minimize vibrations and create better stability with sound and tone.

A carrying case is supplied to better protect and transport this delicately-constructed unibody instrument. And several reviewers like that it offers more protection than the typical bag.

Unique Carbon Fiber Material

The Super AirSonic carbon fiber doesn’t just sound like a cool material – it totally is the coolest material. The LAVA brand previously used basic AirSonic carbon fiber on their guitars, but now have upgraded their instruments by implementing the Super AirSonic carbon fiber. The result is a thinner, lighter soundboard and an even greater sound!

Some people find the carbon fiber construction something they have to get used to with time. But overall people are pleased by the feel and look of this guitar.

Vibrant Color Options

You have the choice of five great colors with the LAVA ME 2. It is available in simple black and white, and vibrant blue, orange, and pink options. These color variations allow you to really select a guitar that fits with your style, music, and preferences.

Who should consider a LAVA ME 2 for their personal use?

The consensus seems that the LAVA ME 2 is an all-around high-quality instrument for many different purposes. People stuck with the mindset that guitars need to be made with traditional materials or in traditional forms may not be receptive to the innovations offered by the LAVA ME 2.

Its lightweight body and design make travelling with it simple. Someone on the road heading to small venues or needing a guitar for songwriting will be attracted to the LAVA ME 2. But its small construction also makes it a good instrument for a younger player.

Ultimately, the LAVA ME 2 is the product of bold innovations that take guitar construction to the next level.

It might not be the most versatile guitar, but it would be an excellent option for someone playing small, intimate shows or looking to fool around with songwriting. And, for someone with a little bit of a bigger budget, it could be a good guitar for a first-time player. It has a kind of hybrid design, with both acoustic and electric features.

It is an ideal instrument for someone ready to open their mind to the future possibilities of guitar design and try something new and exciting.

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