Top 50 Gifts for Guitar Players in 2022

If you know someone with a passion for playing the guitar and a gift-giving occasion is on the horizon, then you might be wondering what are the best gifts for guitar players out there.

If you’re not a fellow musician and have found yourself in dire need of ideas, then look no further.

Even if you play guitar yourself, you might find a few gems that you hadn’t thought of yet in this list of the top 50 gifts for guitar players!

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Top 50 Best Gifts for Guitar Players in 2022 and Beyond

1. Personalized Guitar Picks

No matter what style of music a guitarist prefers, they’re sure to appreciate a custom-made guitar pick. A custom pick makes a practical gift that they’ll get plenty of use out of while giving the opportunity for a personal touch as well.

If you’re at a loss for how best to personalize the new pick, try a line from one of the recipient’s favorite bands or use a photo of some great times you’ve shared together.

2. Snark SN5X Clip-on Guitar Tuner

Whether they find themselves needing to tune their guitar at the last minute before a gig or simply want to have a bit of compact assistance on the go, any guitar player is sure to appreciate a good clip-on guitar tuner.

The Snark SN5X is compact and affordable, and it rotates a full 360 degrees so that the musician can clip it however they prefer.

3. Guitar Tablature Manuscript Paper

This affordable yet thoughtful gift option shows that you not only respect a guitar player’s musical skill, but appreciate their creativity as well. Guitar tablature manuscript paper can be easily stashed in a backpack or guitar case to give the musician the ability to jot down their latest riffs whenever inspiration strikes.

4. Guitar Wall Hangers

Offer your favorite guitar player a way to turn their passion into a centerpiece with a set of guitar wall hangers! They’ll be sure to appreciate the ability to look at the instrument that affords them so much expression every day while it graces their wall. A wall-mounted guitar is easy to take down and play anytime, so you’ll be giving the gift of convenience as well.

5. String Fuel Cleaner Lubricant

Replacing guitar strings is a necessary maintenance task, but many musicians tend to put it off for as long as possible. Help them extend the life of their guitar strings with a good cleaner and lubricant.

String Fuel is a great brand that sells their cleaner and lubricant in a handy container with a wide applicator that allows the musician to apply it directly to the strings with minimal hassle.

6. Guitar Stand

If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t like to mount their instruments on the wall or has already filled their wall space with art, then a floor guitar stand provides a great alternative storage method.

Depending upon whether you want to focus on style or utility, you can get a display stand for a single guitar or choose a larger version that can accommodate several instruments instead.

7. Stainless Steel Guitar Slide

If you’re shopping for someone who plays a lot of blues music, then they’re sure to make great use of a durable stainless steel guitar slide. You can get a standard slide that fits over the finger such as those made by Fender, or opt for a heavier slider bar like those put out by Shubb. Either way, the recipient of your gift is sure to appreciate that you took their personal musical style into consideration!

8. Durable Rug

While rugs might not usually come to mind when you think of musicians, they can serve a highly practical purpose if a musician plays in different locations. A good rug will make it easy for the musician to tape out where their gear belongs so that they’ll have a far easier time setting up their gear in various locations or venues. The ability to easily set everything up in a familiar layout is sure to help them get in the groove with ease and combat any pre-performance jitters.

9. Personalized Beer Glasses

If your musician likes to unwind after a gig or a practice session with a pint or two, then they’re sure to love a beer glass emblazoned with a personal message or a bit of inspiration from their own favorite musical icons.

In the event that you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t drink, a personalized coffee mug featuring a special message or graphics from their favorite band is sure to do the trick just as well.

10. Guitar Gig Bag

Just about any guitarist knows that various tools and instrument-related gear can quickly add up and become cumbersome when moving from place to place–especially if they play electric guitar. Help alleviate some of the strain with a great gig bag to contain spare guitar strings, clip-on tuners, pedals, and backup guitar straps. Bonus points if you fill its numerous pockets with some of those handy accoutrements! Gig bags typically always make for great gifts for guitar players.

11. DiMarzio Cliplock Guitar Strap

Speaking of guitar straps, plenty of guitar players will welcome one as a highly practical gift. DiMarzio makes their guitar straps with the same nylon you find in seat belt straps, which means that the guitar will be able to move freely during jam sessions and performances without getting caught easily on clothing. Additionally, this strap features clips that make switching instruments a breeze while offering superior sturdiness during use.

12. Collapsible Folding Stool

Chair arms often get in the way of a guitarist properly holding their instrument, which means that a stool will be a far better fit. An easily collapsible folding stool will give any guitar player a quick place to sit down and practice or perform while remaining easy to pack away and transport or store.

13. Guitar Case Backpack System

Guitar case backpack systems offer musicians the ability to quickly convert their cumbersome guitar case into something that they can easily carry on their backs. A gift like this could be particularly useful if a guitar player uses public transportation to commute to and from gigs or guitar lessons.

14. Spider Capo

While any guitarist can make use of a quality capo, the versatility of a spider capo will take tuning to a whole new level! Spider capos feature a number of handy pegs that allow the musician to tune each string individually. This useful gift will keep on giving as the guitar player explores new harmonies and keys that weren’t possible before.

15. Guitar Pick Punch

No matter how many guitar picks a musician stashes in their pockets, wallets, and gear bags, there’s bound to be a situation in which even their backup picks have all been borrowed or lost.

Should this disaster strike before a gig, any guitarist will be glad to have a pick punch stashed in their gear bag. This portable, practical gift will make sure that any expired credit or gift card can be converted into a much-needed guitar pick.

16. A New Set of Guitar Strings

Even when guitar strings are kept clean and lubricated, they’ll need to be replaced eventually. As mentioned previously, this is a practical element of guitar upkeep that many musicians tend to procrastinate with, so you’ll be a true hero if you make sure this task is already covered with a new set of strings. Even if a musician has recently replaced their strings, a backup set is great to have on hand in case of a string snapping.

17. Power Peg Pro Battery Powered String Winder

Speaking of changing out guitar strings, you can also make this task less of a hassle with a Battery Powered String Winder. The latest versions from Power Peg Pro come with head capabilities for tuning electric, bass, and acoustic guitars with ease.

The Power Peg Pro also features rechargeable batteries and comes with a power adapter, so you won’t have to worry about this string winder running out of battery power right when it’s needed the most.

18. Premium Guitar Care Kit

The care and upkeep of a guitar is very important in order to ensure that it continues to perform at its peak and sound its best. In order to make this task easier, consider gifting your musician a premium guitar care kit.

Look for a kit that includes a microfiber cloth for dusting and cleaning, a polish that is safe for all guitar varnishes, and universally safe fretboard oil.

19. Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set

A guitar tech screwdriver set will make another indispensable gift for any guitarist–especially one who likes to play in multiple locations. They’ll have all the tools needed to tweak guitar hardware right at their fingertips in a compact case, so they’ll be well prepared for repairs or alterations should the need arise.

20. Isolated Output Power Supply for Pedalboard

A pedalboard power supply with isolated outputs cuts down drastically on irritating noise that can compromise performance quality, making this gift a must-have for any serious electric guitarist. Old-fashioned “daisy chain” power supplies that don’t have isolated outputs also tend to make poor use of power and offer less reliable results.

21. Inspiring Band Merchandise

Getting some band merch from someone’s favorite band shows that you know them well enough to make a personalized choice. Band merch can also serve to inspire them as they get ready for a good practice session by reminding them of some of the musicians that likely inspired them to get started in the first place.

22. Dunlop Microphone Stand Pick Holder

In case you had any leftover doubts about how important it is for a guitar player to have access to picks at every possible turn, here’s another great gift suggestion: the Dunlop Microphone Stand Pick Holder.

This handy item clips onto the shaft of any standard microphone stand and can accommodate around six picks so that they’re always within easy reach during performances or studio sessions.

23. Bose L1 Compact System

If you feel like spending bigger bucks on a gift that’s truly unforgettable, then consider getting the Bose L1 Compact System. This gorgeous sound system delivers superior quality with all the perks of a highly compact design.

The vertical shape of this speaker projects sound beautifully, and can be collapsed or extended into two different sizes depending on the size of the venue.

24. Hal Leonard Guitar Method Complete Edition

Ambitious guitarists will surely appreciate this Hal Leonard Book as a gift and welcome the opportunity to improve their skills with every page. This book covers a versatile array of techniques and a variety of different styles as well, so that any musician working their way through the exercises can broaden their horizons and stretch their abilities in order to improve.

25. Mogami Gold Guitar Cable

Suited for a variety of different instruments, pedals, and recording equipment, the Mogami Gold Guitar Cable will made a great addition to any guitar player’s equipment collection. An extra cable here and there is always useful, and Mogami Gold cables are touted for being among the best.

One or two of these cables would make an excellent contribution to a gig bag, and will show that you care enough about someone’s skills to give them the tools they need to perform at their best.

26. Guitar Mount Smartphone Holder

From guitar tuning apps to digital sheet music, the musical uses for a smartphone are nearly endless. If the musician you’re shopping for would like to make the most of their smartphone while practicing, then a guitar mount smartphone holder might be just the thing!

Some varieties of these handy tools are made to clip on to to headstock of a guitar, while others can mount just about anywhere else on the instrument with a foam suction cup.

27. iPad Music Stand Adapter

If you’re shopping for someone who prefers the larger screen of an iPad, then an iPad Music Stand Adapter might be a better gift purchase. These are built to fasten to a microphone stand, which provides the added perk of the iPad remaining stationery and consistent throughout the music session.

28. ZT Lunchbox Portable 200W Amp

If you’re ready to purchase a gift that will show a musician that you truly care about their craft, then consider looking into the ZT Lunchbox Portable 200W Amp. This amp is considered revolutionary in the sound quality and puch that it packs for its size, and can put out enough sound for an entire live gig while still weighing under ten pounds!

29. A Great Recording Microphone

Shopping for a musician that’s already built up a nice assortment of gear can be tricky, but there are few guitar players who couldn’t make use of a new, high-quality microphone. The Yeti is an all-around good choice that can pick up guitar sound and vocals with nice quality as well. For added options look into brands such as Shure, Sennheiser, and Neumann.

30. Crybaby Wah Pedal

If you’re friends with a guitar player who loves a funky retro sound, then you can probably recall with vivid clarity what the wah effect sounds like. The Crybaby Wah Pedal is classic accessory that any guitar enthusiast is sure to appreciate when they go in for their signature spectral glide.

31. A New Guitar Case

You can show your appreciation for a guitar player’s beloved instrument by getting them a brand new guitar case to protect it–just make sure that you check the case dimensions and look up which instruments it fits. There can be a huge amount of variation from one guitar to the next, and there are key differences in shape between acoustic and electric guitars as well.

32. iTrack Professional Dock

For guitar players who like to record their music through an iPad, the iTrack Professional Dock is a must! The musician can simply dock their iPad, plug it in, and start recording with their favorite apps like Cubasis or Garageband. This professional dock provides guitar players with a recording quality that’s good enough for release, streamlining the technical process so that they can focus on playing.

33. Audio Technica ATH-M50 Pro Headphones

You can show any guitar player that you appreciate the quality of their music and recordings by providing them with this professional-grade set of headphones. The Audio Technica ATH-M50 Pro Headphones are extremely comfortable, and provide a high level of auditory accuracy so that the musician can ensure that their recordings are crisp, clean, and ideal.

34. Folding Acoustic Guitar

If the guitar player you’re shopping for does a lot of traveling on buses and airplanes, then they might be thrilled by the prospect of a folding acoustic guitar. They’ll be able to take the ability to practice anywhere they go with a guitar that literally folds in half at the neck to reduce to the size of a backpack.

35. Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick

Just when you thought that you had guitar picks all figured out, Pykmax has come out with an ergonomic, new variation that’s designed to reduce stress on the fingers and provide excellent grip. Sometimes extremely dry or sweaty fingers can get in the way of a good grip on the pick, as can chronic problems such as arthritis, so this niche product might just save the day!

36. Oil Can Guitar

Some guitar players already know what they like best, and prefer to buy their own equipment so that they know exactly what they’re getting. If this is the case, then you can always opt for a quirky collectible item such as an oil can guitar.

These novelty instruments come in every style from Bohemian street music to vintage chic, and they’re completely playable! They might not become a guitar player’s main gig instrument, but they’re perfect for decor and casual jam sessions.

37. MusicNomad 5-piece String Changing Kit

Make the ever-necessary tasks of maintaining and changing strings easier than ever by giving the gift of a MusicNomad String Changing Kit. This kit comes with a cradle to safely support the neck of the guitar while changing out the strings, along with several bits to tighten, tune, and adjust.

38. Pedaltrain Pedal Board

Pedaltrain is a household name when it comes to pedal boards, and is renowned for offering all the superior versatility that a serious guitar player needs to line up all their favorite effect pedals. Some designs feature classic port holes while others utilize an open face design, so plan ahead and pay attention to determine what your musician likes if possible!

39. D’Addario VariGrip Hand Exerciser

It’s no secret that guitar playing requires a lot of hand and finger strength, no matter the style. You can help any guitar player build up finger strength and dexterity with the VariGrip Hand Exerciser so that they’ll be able to commit to longer, better practice sessions. The VariGrip works out the fingers, hands, and forearms to encourage well-rounded strength and help develop finger calluses in all the right places.

40. Guitar Pop Chart

If the special person you’re shopping for is all set on equipment or you’d simply rather get something a little more creative, then opt for a stylish Guitar Pop Chart! This visually striking poster artistically features images of 64 famous guitars from over 7 decades’ worth of rock history, making it an excellent inspiration piece to help finish off any practice studio or lounge area.

41. Electronic Pitch Pipe

Many musicians need a good pitch reference in order to be able to get just the right tone they’re looking for. Today’s electronic pitch pipes provide the ability to pick the exact pitch reference with ease, and offer metronome capabilities as well. Some models also allow the user to choose the volume of the reference pitch according to whether they’re practicing alone or providing pitch reference to an entire group.

42. Guitar Multitool

By this point, you’ve probably realized that guitar players have to contend with a ton of tools and equipment in order to get fully set up–so if you’re looking to really get innovative, give the gift of simplicity! A guitar multitool can offer many of the same essential tools for setting up equipment as the full tool kit mentioned earlier, but takes up much less room. For guitarists on the go, a multitool that fits easily into their pocket can be invaluable.

43. Gibson Memory Cable

Countless musicians start a casual practice or jam session and are finally able to relax and let the music flow–until they realize that they’ve just come up with a great bit that they have no idea how to recreate without a reference. For situations like this, the Gibson Memory Cable can save the day by recording up to 13 hours of music with a microSD device that’s embedded unobtrusively in the cable.

44. Marshall Micro Amp

Marshall’s compact, affordable amps are great for a guitar player who’s just starting out or wants the ability to move their amp around with little to no hassle whatsoever. This small but fierce amp delivers the strong sound that any musician will enjoy, and most variations include an overdrive channel as well.

45. Xvive U2 Wireless Transmitter

If you’re shopping for an electric guitar player with a bit of a clumsy streak or one who simply hates feeling restricted by too many cables, then you might want to get them the Xvive U2 Wireless Transmitter. Offering complete freedom of movement and surprisingly good audio quality, this handy wireless transmitter will allow a guitar player to roam uninhibited without compromising their sound.

46. Bass String Bracelet

If you’re looking for something more stylish than utilitarian, you might want to look into getting a guitar or bass string bracelet to show your appreciation for music as an art form. There are even a number of DIY patterns out there for bracelets made from recycled guitar strings, so if you’re crafty you can even upcycle used guitar strings from their own guitar to add a personalized touch.

47. The Shredder Cheese Grater

For guitar players with a sense of humor and an appreciation for visual puns, try giving the lighthearted gift of The Shredder Cheese Grater! Every time they reach for their new grater to prepare a snack or a topping for dinner, they’re sure to smile as they remember your friendly, humorous expression of your appreciation for their musical passion.

48. TC Electronic PolyTune 3

This state-of-the-art LED-display guitar tuning pedal is faster and more accurate than ever, affording its lucky recipient the ability to gauge the tune of their guitar by strumming all strings at once, or by tuning them individually according to their preference. The TC Electronic PolyTune 3 also greatly improves the way tone travels through longer cables, ensuring that minimal quality is lost.

49. Heet Sound Plus EBow

This innovative, compact device uses electromagnetism to generate amazing sound effects while playing electric guitar, and is held in place of a guitar pick. Giving a Heet Sound Plus E-Bow will show that you not only appreciate a guitar player’s finesse on the electric guitar, but also want to give them an even broader opportunity to express themselves through otherwise unattainable sounds.

50. iTunes Gift Card

If you’ve made it this far and are still at a loss for what might make the best gift for your unique special someone, then an iTunes gift card might go over better than some people would have you believe! iTunes gift cards can be used to purchase any number of useful apps, which expands a guitar player’s access to useful tools that will further their musical pursuits. Even if they don’t have any new apps in mind, they can always use their gift card to download more inspirational music.

51. Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

If there is one word to describe the new Apple AirPods is “awesome”. Not having to deal with the cord tangling is a big relief. Whether you get the AirPods 2nd Gen or the AirPods Pro with noise cancellation – this gift would be a treat and the guitar player will be sure to appreciate it!

These now come with a wireless case which makes for easy and quick wireless charging which is convenient for grab and go. I use the AirPods everyday and can never see myself going back to wired headphones for daily use.

52. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Sometimes a musician just wants to block out all noise and focus on learning the songs for their next gig. Other times they want to isolate tracks in the studio. These headphones are outstanding because of their ability to cut out all noise and distractions leaving only the listener and their music.

This is a great tool to have and use in the studio or on commute. I love using it at home when the kids are making too much noise 🙂

To Recap:

Shopping for a guitar player can be difficult at times, especially if you aren’t well-versed in guitarist equipment yourself. Even if you’re familiar with musical equipment and tools, you might want a unique idea for something more memorable and personal. Next time you go shopping for something to get that great guitarist in your life, browse this list of the top 50 gifts for guitar players to find something perfect for the occasion!

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