25 Easy Guitar Songs That Are Beginner-Friendly

easy guitar songs

If you are looking to get some ideas on which easy guitar songs to learn, then look no further. In this list you will find songs that are perfect to get under your fingers since these are popular and quite catchy on the guitar. Let’s get started!

25 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

1. Wonderwall – Oasis

Supposedly written for Meg Matthews, Noel Gallagher’s then-girlfriend, “Wonderwall” was the fourth single off the album What’s The Story?. However in 2001, (after the couple’s divorce) Matthews retracted his earlier statements and said the lyrics were not about Meg after all: “[the song was] about an imaginary friend who’s gonna come and save you from yourself.

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12 Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners

basic guitar chords

It’s not often, in fact it’s only happened a handful of times in my experience, where someone asks you a question, which suddenly throws you into a maze of options.

This was the case with a new guitar student I have. One day, we had just been learning a few basic chords on guitar and she turned to me and said, “How many chords are there? Like I mean, how many chords in total are there that I have to learn?”

She was so excited to hear the answer and already I could see her brain was formulating a plan. I could almost hear her thoughts saying, “If there were 300 chords and I learnt 10 a week, then it would take me 30 weeks to learn all the chords.”

I wanted to give her an answer there and then, but I couldn’t. After all these years, I’ve never thought to actually count all the chords, but just accepted that there are so many that I never seem to run out of options. But how could I say that? This definitely didn’t seem to be the best answer to give.

So I began the journey of crafting out a different way to look at chords, a way that is quite exciting and perhaps really great to work with if you’re just beginning, love guitar and looking ahead to see how much you can learn. This is a start to that journey, as I will talk about the 12 Most Basic Guitar Chords for Beginners.

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How to Change Ukulele Chords Quickly

change ukulele chords quickly

If you are looking forward to learning some songs on your ukulele, you might have asked this question at some point. I know I have. With a little practice and research, I got it down to a process that will help you.

How to change ukulele chords quickly? You can develop the skill of changing ukulele chords quickly by consistently practicing changing between the chords very slowly, starting with two chords at a time, and doing so repeatedly. As you do this often, chord changes become more seamless since your muscle memory will recall it for you when you try to change between chords.

Practice the Changes on Common Chords First

You probably don’t think of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Beyonce’s “If I were a boy” as similar songs. Yet, the truth is, those 2 songs and hundreds more are created with the same 4 chords.

A great example of these 4 chords can be heard in a song played by “The Axis of Awesome“. In their medley, The Axis of Awesome uses the same 4 chords to play the most popular pop songs. You can hear how songs you’ve loved your whole life are simple to play.

It only takes knowing a few chords to play songs by Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Adele, Taylor Swift and more! The four strings on the ukulele make learning chords easier than on most instruments.

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