Twenty One Pilots Ukulele Songs

Since the band’s debut in 2009, Twenty One Pilots has culled fans across the globe and garnered critical acclaim for their uncommon style, veering sometimes into indie pop then reigning it back into hip hop territory, all while flooding their songs with lyrics that delve into the gritty details of being human.

Indeed, the duo that is lead singer Tyler Joseph and percussionist Josh Dun doesn’t sugar coat their sound, belting out refrains that make you wince while nodding along in commiseration.

So it’s any wonder how their collection translates so beautifully to the ukulele, and yet, much to the delight of their own devotees, affectionately named the Skeleton Clique, they do. Adding their songs to your list of easy ukulele songs is quite inevitable.

Scan the internet and you can find nearly every track by TØP tabbed for the uke. While some versions are trickier than others, right here you’ll find ten easy to play Twenty One Pilots ukulele chords and songs.

1. House of Gold

Chords Used: C, F, G, Am, A7, Dm, Bbm

While most of Twenty One Pilots’ hits are drum heavy, electropop tunes infused with echoes of hip hop, “House of Gold” takes on a folksier tone as it’s played on… can you guess?
The uke! It’s played on the uke! An actual TØP song played on the very instrument you’re holding!

To learn how to play along to “House of Gold”, Katie DeNure from One Music School will show you how to play each of the seven chords, with a special trick to make reaching that Bbm a bit easier in this impish tune.

2. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Chords Used: C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, A7, B7

Elvis who? In Twenty One Pilots’ cover of the King’s superhit, lead singer Tyler Joseph hits all the high notes and you can too with One Music School’s ukulele tutorial for “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

As music teacher Katy DeNure shows us, using a six count swing beat through all of the verses gives the beloved song a sense of sway and romance than playing it with a more straightforward pattern would.

3. Holding On to You

Chords Used: Am, F, G, C

The jittery piano pop single, “Holding On to You” may seem an unlikely candidate for a ukulele cover but slow down Joseph’s commanding rap lyrics and belt them out over the strums of your uke to hear how the instrument lends a certain gentleness to an otherwise intense track.

Here, TenThumbs Productions simplifies the song by translating it into the key of C and shows you how to play the four basic chords that it’ll take to play through the two progressions that make up this passionate song.

4. Oh Ms. Believer

Chords Used: C, Am, F, G

One of their oldest songs is also one of their most beloved among hardcore Twenty One Pilots fans. “Oh, Ms. Believer” is a haunting acapella hymn whose lyrics and their meaning have been much debated. No matter what the song is about, you’ll find TenThumbs Production’s breakdown of the tune is a super easy plunge into learning ukulele covers.

With only four chords, you’ll quickly master the up/down strumming of the verse and then transition the same chords into a different but still uncomplicated pattern on this pretty ballad that’s perfect for ukulele beginners.

5. Migraine

Chords Used: F, C, Am, G, Dm, F7, E

Twenty One Pilot’s rap-rock diddy, “Migraine” is a visceral trip that sounds a whole lot like how a migraine actually feels – throbbing, sharp and blinding. Yet, playing it on the ukulele is surprisingly straightforward and calms the track right down to a steady pace.

With all the cheese of the best kinds of music teachers, TenThumbs Productions guides you through six chords and one optional E if you’re in the mood to get fancy. By the time you’re done with this tutorial all you’ll have left to do is learn how to rap.

6. Heathens

Chords Used: C, Am, E

Nominated for three Grammys, “Heathens” is one of Twenty One Pilots most popular songs, even outside their broad circle of megafans. The original rap rock track lilts with the distinct feel of a beat up music box and can be played as eerily or as joyfully as you feel up to, depending on how quickly you decide to play through the strum patterns.

The best part of learning how to cover Heathens on the uke though is that verse to chorus, it can be put together with just three chords – C, Am and E, and, as The Ukulele Teacher will show you here, those chords are really simple to switch between, leaving plenty of brain power to rap while you play.

7. Ride

Chords Used: G, Am, Em, C, D

The carefree sway of Twenty One Pilots’ 4x platinum single “Ride” makes it an excellent song to play on your uke

As ukulele instructor Elise Ecklund will explain, part of what makes this tune so easy to learn is that the chorus and verses follow the same rhythm and progression so once you’ve got those parts down you’ll be able to master the entire song in no time.

8. Lane Boy

Chords Used: Dm, Am, G

The sixth title on Twenty One Pilots’ album Blurryface is a fast-paced, dubstep inspired rap with tight lyrics that don’t leave a lot of room for lead singer Tyler Joseph to catch his breath.

Yet, as Elise Ecklund shows us in her ukulele tutorial for “Lane Boy”, the words and pace can be slowed and played two ways on the uke, either with an up/down combo or with downstrums for the entire song, depending on how easy you want to make things on yourself while covering this fierce track.

9. Stressed Out

Chords Used: F, Dm, Am, Am2, G, C, E

When he isn’t riding his trike down the middle of the street or dancing through his lyrics, Tyler Joseph spends a lot of time in bed and drinking juice pouches for the video of “Stressed Out”, the band’s 6x platinum single about the strife of young adulthood.

You’re going to need to at least sit up and put your juice down if you want to learn how to play the hit song on uke. Initially, “Stressed Out” seems like a complicated cover with a lot of separate parts, but here’s the thing: the bridge and outro are almost identical.
As The Ukulele Teacher breaks it down, you’ll find that even though there are seven chords to master, most of them are really basic. And if you don’t already know how to play all of the chords you can skip ahead to 2:23 in the video for a step-by-step lesson in how to achieve them.

10. Screen

Chords Used: C, F, G, Am

On the seventh track off Vessel, Joseph croons, raps and waxes poetic about the pain of baring his true self to someone who already knows him well and, in the eyes of their fans, it’s one of the band’s most underrated songs.

Here, The Ukulele Teacher teaches you to play the four basic chords that make up “Screen”, along with the simple-to-remember down, down, up, down, up, down, up strum pattern that carries the melody throughout.

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