Top 27 Taylor Swift Songs About Friendship

Taylor Swift is not only known for her heartfelt and relatable love songs. She’s also renowned for her ability to capture the essence of friendship in her music. Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has released several songs that explore the ups and downs of friendships. 

In this blog post, we will delve into a curated list of Taylor Swift songs about friendship and explore the emotions and experiences they encapsulate.  These songs highlight the celebration of achievements, the unraveling of mysteries, and the bittersweet experiences of adolescence. 

1. Long Live

“Long Live” is a heartfelt dedication to Swift’s bandmates and fans. The lyrics capture moments of triumph and celebrate accomplishments in life. Through references to royalty and high school imagery, Swift vividly portrays the narrator’s victories and the support she receives from her friends and loved ones. 

The song carries a bittersweet tone, acknowledging that triumphs will fade over time. It concludes with a powerful message to stand by each other forever, reflecting Swift’s appreciation for her loyal fanbase.

2. No Body, No Crime

In this song, Swift takes a darker twist, channeling the protective instincts of friendship. She imagines avenging a friend’s murder, emphasizing the unyielding loyalty and support she has for her inner circle. 

The lyrics unfold a tale of suspicion, revenge, and vigilante justice as Este’s friend takes matters into her own hands. Swift’s narrative and storytelling skills shine through, capturing the essence of loyalty and standing up for those we care about.

3. Fifteen

“Fifteen” is an ode to teenage friendships and the lessons learned during this transformative period of life. The song’s lyrics follow the narrator’s entry into high school, navigating friendships, gossip, first dates, and the complexities of falling in love for the first time. 

Swift reflects on the vulnerability and heartbreak that often accompany these formative years. The song’s refrains serve as cautionary advice, reminding young girls to approach love with caution and emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and personal growth.

4. 22

“22” serves as an anthem for embracing the carefree spirit of being 22 years old and celebrating friendship. The lyrics invite friends to dress up, hang out, and make fun of their exes.

The song captures the joy and freedom of being in the company of friends who understand and support one another. Swift dedicated this song to her close friends, Dianna Agron and Selena Gomez, further emphasizing the friendship connection.

5. Dorothea

“Dorothea” is a heartfelt song sung from the perspective of a former lover reminiscing about a past romance with an ambitious LA actress named Dorothea. The narrator looks back on happy memories and longs for the simplicity of their teenage love. 

Despite the passage of time, the love remains, and the narrator suggests that it’s never too late for Dorothea to return to his side if she ever tires of Hollywood. The song showcases the theme of unwavering support and the possibility of rekindling connections.

6. Breathe

“Breathe” is a poignant collaboration between Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat, exploring the loss and difficulties associated with the end of a friendship.

The lyrics convey the challenges of accepting the departure of someone who meant a great deal, highlighting the emotional turmoil and the struggle to move forward. The song delves into the complexities of letting go and finding closure.

7. Seven

“Seven” takes listeners on a nostalgic journey into Taylor Swift’s childhood, reflecting on a friendship marked by the innocence and purity of childhood connection. The lyrics allude to the narrator’s inability to comprehend the emotional and physical abuse suffered by her friend at home. 

Swift shares her desire to help her friend escape the abusive household, even suggesting they run away together. The song showcases the strength and compassion that can exist within friendships, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

8. I’m Only Me When I’m With You

“I’m Only Me When I’m With You” is a delightful tribute to Taylor Swift’s best friend, Abigail Anderson. The song captures the essence of their close bond and the freedom to be authentic when they are together. 

The music video features Abigail and other friends and family members, portraying a laid-back setting that highlights the importance of friendship and family connections. The song serves as a reminder that true friends bring out the best in us and allow us to embrace our true selves.

9. Sweeter Than Fiction

“Sweeter Than Fiction” is an upbeat and uplifting track where Taylor Swift sings from the perspective of a loyal friend or fan who has always believed in someone’s talents. The lyrics express unwavering support and the joy of witnessing the success of a friend. 

The chorus embodies the sentiment of admiration and pride, with Swift singing, “There you’ll stand, ten feet tall, and I will say, ‘I knew it all along.'” This song celebrates the power of friendship and the ability to see the potential in others.

10. Run

“Run” is a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran that beautifully captures their friendship and desire to escape from the pressures of fame and media scrutiny. The song explores the concept of running away together to a place where they can find solace and be free from judgment. 

Swift has expressed that this song marked the beginning of their friendship, and it reflects the trust and camaraderie they share. “Run” showcases the escapism and secret world that can be created within a deep friendship.

11. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is a lighthearted and anthemic track where Taylor Swift playfully addresses the haters and reflects on her experiences with fame. The song touches upon the betrayal by a close friend and the media’s tendency to twist her actions and intentions. 

Despite the negative experiences, the song also celebrates true friendships that remain resilient amidst the chaos. Swift highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with genuine friends who bring joy and support.

12. Invisible String

As the title suggests, “Invisible String” explores the concept of an invisible connection that binds two individuals together. The song alludes to the belief in the Red Thread of Fate, a folk myth about destined soulmates. 

However, this thread can also symbolize the ties of deep friendship. Swift reflects on the invisible bonds that exist between two people, bringing them together and shaping their lives. “Invisible String” serves as a reminder of the profound and often unexpected connections we form with friends.

13. Bad Blood

“Bad Blood” delves into the feelings of betrayal by a close friend. The lyrics express Swift’s resentment and hurt over the betrayal, emphasizing the lasting impact of such wounds. 

The song acknowledges the pain caused by the actions of a friend and the difficulty of repairing the severed bond. Through its lyrics, “Bad Blood” explores the themes of trust, loyalty, and the consequences of broken friendships.

14. It’s Time To Go

“It’s Time To Go” holds profound significance for those who have experienced the end of a long-standing friendship. Swift’s poignant lyrics echo the emotions felt when realizing that a friendship has run its course.

The song is a testament to the bittersweet realization that it is necessary to let go and move on when a once-beloved friendship becomes toxic or no longer fulfills our needs.

15. I Forgot That You Existed

“I Forgot That You Existed” is a powerful anthem for anyone who has experienced a falling out with a close friend. Swift’s lyrics capture the relief and liberation that comes with finally moving on from a negative or toxic friendship.

The song encourages listeners to let go of the pain and embrace the freedom that comes with leaving behind those who no longer bring positivity into our lives.

16. Right Where You Left Me

“Right Where You Left Me” delves into the aftermath of a broken friendship. Swift’s introspective lyrics explore the feelings of abandonment and the struggle to find one’s footing after a close friend has moved on. The song serves as a reminder that healing takes time and that it is possible to find strength amid heartbreak.

17. Tolerate It

While “Tolerate It” primarily focuses on a romantic relationship, its themes of unreciprocated love and emotional exhaustion can also apply to friendships.

Swift’s evocative lyrics capture the pain of feeling taken for granted or undervalued by a friend. The song serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of setting boundaries and valuing oneself in any relationship.

18. Archer

“Archer” delves into the vulnerabilities and insecurities that can plague friendships. Swift’s introspective lyrics reflect the fear of being the one who constantly falls short and the desire to protect oneself from potential heartbreak. The song highlights the need for empathy, understanding, and forgiveness in sustaining deep and meaningful friendships.

19. Soon You’ll Get Better

“Soon You’ll Get Better” is a deeply emotional track that focuses on the pain and hope associated with a friend or loved one’s illness. Swift’s heartfelt lyrics offer solace and support during difficult times, reminding listeners of the power of friendship in providing comfort and strength during moments of adversity.

20. You Need To Calm Down

“You Need To Calm Down” carries a powerful message of acceptance, unity, and standing up against adversity. While the song primarily addresses LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy, its themes of embracing differences and supporting one another resonate with the values of true friendship. It serves as a reminder to be allies and champions for our friends, no matter their backgrounds or struggles.

21. The Story of Us

“The Story of Us” delves into the pain and longing that accompanies the aftermath of a broken friendship. Swift’s introspective lyrics capture the raw emotions of being forced to navigate the same spaces as an ex-friend and the difficulty of moving on. The song serves as a poignant reminder that friendships, just like romantic relationships, can experience heartbreak and leave lasting scars.

22. You’re On Your Own Kid

“You’re On Your Own Kid” is a spirited and empowering anthem that celebrates independence and resilience. While the song primarily addresses romantic relationships, its message can also be applied to friendships.

It encourages individuals to stand tall, rely on their strengths, and embrace self-reliance. This track serves as a reminder that friendships should uplift and support us, but we should also be able to thrive on our own.

23. New Year’s Day

“New Year’s Day” is a somber and reflective song that can be dedicated to a friend while lyrically adhering to Swift’s themes of preserving fleeting emotions. 

The song paints a vivid picture of a New Year’s Eve party coming to an end, and Swift expresses her dedication to her lover but also to a friend, promising to stay through the difficult times, treasuring shared moments, and avoiding the transformation into strangers. It serves as a reminder to value the bonds we have and remain present in our friendships.

24. Forever Winter

“Forever Winter” is a heartfelt song where Taylor Swift shows her concern and support for a close male friend or family member going through a dark period. The lyrics highlight his struggles with mental health and substance abuse. Swift’s constant check-ins and unwavering care reflect the depth of her friendship, promising to be there as a source of warmth and light. 

However, she acknowledges the risk of losing him to his struggles, expressing her fear that he might choose the “forever winter” of his hardships over the support she offers. It emphasizes the importance of reaching out, offering support, and being present for friends facing mental health challenges.

25. It’s Nice to Have a Friend

“It’s Nice to Have a Friend” radiates innocence and simplicity as it reflects on the joys of childhood friendships. Swift’s evocative lyrics create an image of comfort, trust, and understanding shared among friends. The song celebrates the unique bond formed in the early years, reminding us of the lasting impact these friendships can have on our lives.

26. New Romantics

“New Romantics” is an anthemic track that celebrates the carefree spirit of young adulthood and the unforgettable moments shared among friends.

With its infectious energy and catchy chorus, the song is perfect for late-night parties and memorable adventures. It embodies the exhilaration and camaraderie that come with experiencing life’s highs and lows alongside cherished friends.

27. The Best Day

“The Best Day” is a heartfelt tribute to the bond between Taylor Swift and her mother. While the song specifically celebrates their relationship, it also reminds listeners of the special moments shared with friends.

The lyrics capture the joy and gratitude that arise from spending quality time with loved ones, and they serve as a reminder to cherish the precious memories created with friends.


As a testament to her immense talent, Taylor Swift has earned multiple Grammy Awards, further solidifying her status as an acclaimed artist in the music industry. Her discography encompasses a rich tapestry of songs that explore the profound impact of friendship. From the empowering anthems to the tender ballads, her music reminds us of the importance of these relationships in our lives. 

Whether celebrating the independence and strength within ourselves or embracing the warmth and support provided by our closest friends, Swift’s songs serve as a soundtrack for the bonds we forge. Through her lyrics, she encapsulates the essence of friendship and invites us to cherish the moments, both big and small, that we share with those who bring joy and love into our lives.