Sony a6600 Review: Why I Bought it

Are you looking for a camera with the kind of durability and versatility that you can take on the road along with image and video quality to match?

Maybe you’re in need of a good camera upgrade that’s perfect for vlogging as well as for capturing priceless memories.

If so, then keep reading this Sony a6600 Review — this Mirrorless camera might be just right for you.

It’s understandable for you to want to research as thoroughly as you can before dropping your money on a good camera, so let’s take a detailed look at the Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera–that way, you can rest assured that you’re making a solid purchase!

sony a6600 camera review

A Deep Dive on the Sony A6600 Review

Overview of the a6600’s basic features and key specs.

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you pick up the Alpha A6600 is that, despite its compact design, it absolutely does not feel cheap. This camera owes its solid, quality feel to the magnesium alloy body that encases its components and keeps them thoroughly protected from weather and travel alike.
The Sony Alpha A6600 also provides users with one memory slot and USB charging capabilities. Additionally, this camera can connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

The Alpha A6600 is 4.7 inches wide with a 2.7-inch height and depth, boasting a greater size than many of its compact counterparts.

The camera’s body also features an ergonomic and comfortable grip beside the lens which many photographers appreciate.

Since the Alpha A6600 is larger than its sister cameras from the Sony line, the size of the grip pad has also increased in order to keep the camera manageable and easy to use.

The lens mount on the Alpha A6600 is positioned a comfortable distance away from the grip, leaving enough room for most people’s fingers to rest and operate the camera without feeling crowded or restricted.

This camera is built to fit with Sony’s E-mount lenses, such as the Sony 10-18mm, and others–but more on that later!

In terms of resolution, you’ll be looking at a 24.2MP APS-C sensor for still images and 4K resolution for video, which shoots at either 24fps or 30fps.

This high-resolution video is recorded in Super 35mm format, which is a cinematography industry standard. That means that you won’t be skimping on professional-level quality with the Alpha A6600!

And, if you choose to dial back the resolution to Full HD, you’ll have the option to play around with the 120fps slow motion capture capabilities that the A6600 has to offer as well.

The 24.2MP APS-C image sensor and the BIONZ X image processing engine have been working together through several incarnations of Sony’s Alpha mirrorless cameras to provide a reliable level of quality for years. These key components continue to delight photographers and videographers with a wide sensitivity range, superior light collection, and low noise–all of which come together for an impressive level of clarity.

Speaking of a wide sensitivity range, the Alpha A6600 boasts a sensitivity of ISO 100-32,000. This feature cuts back on noise and reduces the risk of your captures having a “grainy” look, even in dimly-lit settings where this problem usually rears its ugly head. With the Alpha A6600, you’ll be able to enjoy a clearer picture in settings with a darker ambiance, enabling you to capture some particularly striking scenes. And, just in case you do want to touch up a few details after the fact, the max image size is 6000×4000 pixels so you’ll have plenty of room to fiddle around with minimal loss of quality during the editing process.

Here’s a demo of the a6600’s video quality:

What are some of the Sony Alpha A6600’s most popular features?

Incredible tracking technology

One of the most impressive features of the Alpha A6600 that just about everyone seems to love is its real-time tracking autofocus capability. This awesome feature enables you to take superior video footage by automatically tracking objects and continuing to focus on them while they move.

The Sony Alpha A6600 is also the first APS-C camera to include eye autofocus for video recording. With this feature, the camera is able to automatically recognize eyes within the frame and use them as an anchor point for its real-time tracking autofocus. This enables it to do a superb job of tracking faces in particular, a bit of intelligent design which many users love. And, if you want to use the Alpha A6600 to photograph pets or wildlife, you’ll be happy to know that the eye autofocus works on animals as well! You can also use the touch-screen on the back of the camera to select what you’d like the camera’s autofocus function to track–a feature that comes in handy if you have multiple subjects within a single frame.

To top it all off, the object tracking, face detection, and eye tracking features switch between one another very gracefully when necessary in order to maintain uninterrupted focus. For example, if you’re shooting a home cooking video and need to turn around or lean off-camera to reach something, the Alpha A6600 will switch from eye tracking to object tracking when your face leaves the frame. Then, it will seamlessly transition back to eye tracking once you’re back on screen to talk to your viewers. That means that if you’re using this camera to create content for your YouTube channel, you’re likely to spend less time on additional takes because you’ll stay in focus the first time!

Impressive stabilization capabilities

Another incredible advantage of the Sony Alpha A6600 is its built-in image stabilization feature. If you’re going on a road trip and want to quickly capture a memory, you won’t want to either risk finding out later that your seemingly charming shot came out blurry or spend extra time and storage space on duplicate photos just in case. And, thanks to this nifty sensor-shift in-body stabilization feature, you won’t have to!

This powerful camera boasts 5-axis image stabilization that offers a level of reliability that’s surprising for a device this size. Another added perk is that the stabilization technology in the camera itself is effective enough that you won’t need to specifically seek out a lens with its own optical stabilization for added clarity–something that many people have begrudgingly had to do with competing models.

The image stabilization function of the Sony Alpha A6600 is one of several new additions that set the A6600 apart from other models of the same line, such as the preceding A6400 and A6500. Fans of the older models are sure to appreciate this upgrade alongside another big perk: the complete lack of recording limit!

Unlimited recording time

That’s right: While previous models from Sony capped off at around half an hour, there’s no limit to how much video footage you can capture in one take on the Alpha A6600. For some users, the 30-minute recording limit was no big deal, but for people who like to consolidate their footage into single, longer files this feature can prove to be invaluable.

If you like to vlog casually or share genuine chats with your viewers, preferring to edit out unwanted clips later instead of following a script too closely, then the lack of recording limit is sure to streamline your process. If you’re more likely to use this camera to capture family birthday parties, weddings, or other longer events, then this feature is still certain to come in handy.

Between the unlimited video length, the automated tracking, and the stabilization features, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the moment and less time fiddling with settings to make sure you’re getting a good capture. The video footage that you get will have really good sound quality, too, thanks to the integrated microphone socket and its ability to provide superior clarity.

Extended battery life

Another area where the Sony Alpha A6600 surpasses preceding models is battery life. In fact, it’s got more than twice the power to offer! The battery in the Alpha A6500 could hold enough charge for approximately 310 shots but the more powerful Alpha A6600 can handle a whopping 710 shots!

Sony proudly states that this greatly improved battery life makes the A6600 the longest-lasting APS-C mirrorless camera in its class. Previous models with shorter battery limitations often required users to have multiple backup batteries on hand, but the battery power of the A6600 blows its siblings out of the water and makes things much more convenient.

Let’s be real: It’s always a wise idea to keep extra backup batteries on hand, especially if you’re attending a one-time event or pulling off something tricky in hopes of going viral. But, when you upgrade to the Alpha A6600, you won’t have to dip into your backup bag nearly as frequently.

Speaking of backup batteries and other accessories: Depending on how you order, you’ll have the option to bundle this excellent camera with some must-have extras on Amazon. The bundled vlogger kit includes an ergonomic handheld grip that can be altered into a tripod and a 64GB SD Card that are sure to make your shoots easier!

Image quality and expressiveness

Obviously, no camera-related discussion would be complete without some extra attention paid to image quality. And, fortunately for potential users like you, this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about with the Sony Alpha A6600. As stated earlier, the professional-level resolution offered by this camera reaches the cinematography industry standard. However, there are some more subtle aspects of the Alpha A6600’s image quality to appreciate as well.

In a world of highly competitive, cutting-edge smartphone cameras, extreme sharpness and brilliant colors have become the norm for many photographers and videographers. But, while the radiance of these images may be beautiful, it can look almost overblown or exaggerated at times. The colors can look a bit too saturated, and the contrast can get almost sharp enough for your captures to look hyper-edited before they even touch your post-production software.

The colors and contrast offered by the A6600, however, are somewhat softer and more delicate. The captures you’ll get from this camera are no less expressive or beautiful, and many users actually prefer their realness over the alternatives. There’s something more organic, expressive, and natural about the way this camera captures light and color, and not an ounce of detail is lost in the process. If you feel strongly about capturing and preserving the mood of the original setting, then you’ll love the images that the Alpha A6600 can produce: The captures from this camera will make you feel like you’re really there.

Are there any details that I should be aware of before buying?

One thing that can bug some photographers is that the Sony Alpha A6600 does not come with a built-in flash. However, there is still a hot shoe built into the camera body so that you can purchase a flashgun that matches your personal preferences and attach it with ease.

Another slight gap in the Alpha A6600’s arsenal is the lack of an in-camera panorama feature. Some photographers find themselves missing the panorama feature when faced with a particularly gorgeous landscape. But others find that the camera’s burst capabilities, stabilization, and high resolution make up for it by making post-shoot panorama editing a breeze!

Most of the other nitpicks that some users find with this camera are both small and subjective. For example, the touch screen only activates to allow control over the autofocus function and doesn’t carry over to menus or other settings. The size and shape of the grip are also less desirable for some users, depending on their hand size. Additionally, some photographers dislike that Sony continues using an older, tried-and-true sensor instead of coming out with something snappier. If you feel like spending more money, you may be able to find other cameras with sensors that are more cutting-edge. However, most of these issues detract only minimally from the overall experience.

All in all, while there are admittedly a few areas where Sony chose not to go above and beyond with this model, it’s important to remember that no one camera can be the best at everything. However, the Alpha A6600 absolutely knocks it out of the park in other areas such as stabilization, tracking, unlimited video length, image quality, and a highly sustainable battery life. Just about everyone who gives this camera a try reports back before long that the pros vastly outweigh the cons!

What are some good lenses that I can use with this camera to really take things to the next level?

While the Alpha A6600 comes with a few different bundle lens options on Amazon, such as the dependable Sony 18-135mm, there are a couple of other reputable lenses that are worth taking the time to consider.

Firstly, the Sony E 10-18 mm F4 OSS lens is highly popular thanks to its ability to help you take cleaner, clearer shots than ever before! The Sony E 10-18mm lens has a maximum aperture of f/4 and a minimum aperture of f/22, allowing for plenty of control. The aperture of this lens is also round instead of polygonal, resulting in less blurring of your light sources. This key feature will help to keep your images even crisper and help you retain more detail as you refocus.

Landscape and scenery photographers are sure to love this wide-angle zoom lens and enjoy playing around with the way it can place a powerful emphasis on perspective. This snazzy lens also comes with built-in Optical SteadyShot (OSS)–not that you’ll need it much with the great features that the Alpha A6600 already provides!

If you feel like branching out a bit from the Sony brand, the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens is a great option as well. This lens also has a big, bright f/1.4 aperture that allows for great light capture and makes it a wonderful choice for anyone who favors low-light environments.

The Sony Alpha A6600 already performs beautifully in dim lighting, but this lens from Sigma will definitely help you play up those strengths even further. If you’ve always dreamed of capturing some amazing, emotive shots at twilight, then this wide-angle lens might be just right for you!

Photographers who use the Sigma 16mm lens report that it’s streamlined and powerful, boasting enough size to get the job done without going overboard in terms of bulk. The size of the lens, while a bit surprising at first for some, is said to actually afford better handling and greater control that makes it possible to line up the perfect shot. Nearly everyone who uses this lens has to rave at least a little bit about how smooth it feels to operate! The autofocus motors are quick to adjust and relatively quiet, too. Overall, this lens from Sigma would be another great addition to your Alpha A6600.


No one camera can do it all, but the Sony Alpha A6600 can do an awful lot! This camera will deliver crisp, clean, authentic-looking image quality, both in still images and in video clips. This camera’s greatest features are undoubtedly its superior tracking, stabilization, image quality, unlimited video length, and highly sustainable battery life.

You’re sure to appreciate the ability to use the touchscreen to fine-tune the autofocus tracking while you shoot your next videos, and the highly effective stabilization tech is sure to blow you away. Add in the enduring battery life and limitless recording time, and you’ve got the freedom to enjoy shooting photos and video like never before. The professional-tier image quality and resolution are incredibly rewarding to look at when you’re done, too!

All in all, the Sony Alpha A6600 mirrorless camera is a smart buy for anyone who wants quality, durability, and a streamlined user experience!

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