Top 10 Songs About Sisters

If you’ve got a sister, then you know how much they mean to you. She has always been there to support, guide, and help you through thick and thin. Vast distances may separate you, but you’ll always be connected by the heart.

Show your sibling just how much you love her by picking out a meaningful song about sisters. This list features the best contemporary sister songs that will remind you of your special bond.

10 Songs About Sisters

1. “The Mother We Share” by CHVRCHES

Chvrches’ synth-pop song “The Mother We Share” has left many listeners clueless about the song’s actual meaning, other than the hint that it may be about two siblings. This song from 2012 was the electro-pop trio’s debut single from their album The Bones of What You Believe. With the juxtaposition of emotionally-driven lyrics and euphoric chords, this hit is considered the trio’s signature song full of nostalgia.

The band purposely left the lyrics ambiguous so that listeners could attach their personal meanings to the words. Although much of the lyrics are open to interpretation, many fans relate to the song on a personal level, including sisters.

At the core, the lyrics can be interpreted as a relationship between two siblings who share sentimental moments. Between the words, you can interpret it as the love-hate relationship that siblings have. That even though you have been through thick and thin, being fundamentally different as people can be difficult, even if you share the same mother.

2. “Safe Inside” by James Arthur

If you have experienced being a parent to your sister, then the song “Safe Inside” by James Arthur will hit close to home. This emotional song was Arthur’s second single for his second album, Back from the Edge, released in 2016. He dedicated it to his younger sister, whom he took care of growing up. Her dad had abandoned her sister as a child, so Arthur acted as the father figure on his behalf.

In this song, he sings about a parental type of love, where he worries about his sister the same as a normal parent would for their child. This kind of love and care for a little sister is typical of an older sibling, especially when they want to act as a guiding light for them.

In particular, Arthur did not want her younger sister to go to a similar path he took, one filled with regrets and bad decisions. Instead, he wants to keep her safe even if she shows the same resistance to authority that he once displayed when he was younger.

3. “Hello” by Evanescence

One of the saddest songs dedicated to a sister is from the American rock band Evanescence. This song entitled “Hello” was the ninth track on their debut studio album, Fallen, released in 2003. Here, singer Amy Lee remembers the death of her younger sister and sings about what she felt from a child’s perspective.

Lee was six years old when she found out her three-year-old sister had died. She was at school at the time, inspiring the lyric, “Playground school bell rings again, rain clouds come to play again.” The lyrics indicate how Lee has not fully understood the concept of death yet during that particular experience.

This vulnerable song is the one Lee is most proud of, saying it’s the only song from Fallen that can make her cry. Because of the personal story attached, it was the only song from the album that the band never performed live.

4. “Hallelujah” by HAIM

“Hallelujah” is the first song that the American pop-rock band Haim wrote about their bond as sisters. Composed of Danielle, Este, and Alana Haim, this trio wrote the folk ballad as they embraced their own vulnerabilities and love for each other.

The first verse is from Danielle, who sings about their relationship as siblings. It’s about how each one knows what the other will say or do even before they do it. This sibling telepathy is what inspired the concept for the music video.

For the second verse, Este sings about the guidance she got from her sisters in times of adversity, mainly when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 14. The last verse is from the youngest sister Alana who sings about the death of her best friend, Sammi Kane Kraft. Her lyrics tell how her sisters protected and supported her as she suffered from Sammi’s loss.

5. “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” by Taylor Swift

A sister can make the perfect best friend. One way of showing her appreciation for that is by dedicating this Taylor Swift song entitled “I’m Only Me When I’m With You.” This is the twelfth track from the bonus version of Swift’s debut album, Taylor Swift.

This song may not be strictly about sisters, but it still captures the friendship and unwavering bond that siblings share. This track is actually about Swift and her high school best friend, Abigail Anderson. Here, she sings directly to Anderson how she’s only herself when she’s around her.

This upbeat song perfectly encapsulates a solid sisterly bond. The lyrics vividly tell how the singer and the addressee know so much about each other. They feel free to be themselves when they are together, and they can lean on each other at any time. This special bond is present in sisters, making it a fitting song to dedicate to each other.

6. “Grace” by Florence + the Machine

If you have ever treated your sister wrong and want to make up for it, this song from Florence + the Machine can help you convey your apology. This emotional song from singer Florence Welch is dedicated to her little sister Grace.

Here, Welch sings an apology for ruining her 18th birthday. She says she was known for making trouble around the house when she was younger. Welch acknowledges that her sister always looked after her and carried the whole family. Although Welch was older, her sister Grace acted like the bigger one.

When Welch explained the song in an interview at BBC Radio 1, she said her family is riddled with intimacy issues. It was difficult for them to say “I love you” to each other face to face, so she opted to convey how much she loved her sister through a pop song.

7. “Back to the Start” by Lily Allen

Another song of apology to a younger sister is “Back to the Start” by English singer Lily Allen. It was released in 2009 alongside her second studio album, It’s Not Me, It’s You. Unlike Florence + The Machine’s tender ballad, this synth-pop track sounds more upbeat despite the emotional lyrics.

In this tribute, Allen apologizes to her sister Sarah Owen for how she treated her in their childhood. They were not close as children since Lily was jealous of Owen. She praises Owen for being good-natured about it even though Allen treated her cruelly in the past. She promises to treat her sister better in the future.

It’s not one of the most popular songs on Allen’s album. It’s also less traditional than some of her other songs known for social commentary. Nevertheless, this vulnerable song is still considered one of the album’s highlights because of the personal story attached to it.

8. “White Knuckles” by Tegan and Sara

“White Knuckles” is a song by Canadian indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara. It was included in their eighth LP, Love You to Death, released in 2016. Sara wrote this song about the past conflicts between her and her sister.

In the early years of the band, Tegan and Sara encountered fights. In an interview with Glamour, Sara explained that she didn’t necessarily set out to write those songs about Tegan. She just wanted to write about her struggles in her early 20s. In particular, the song was inspired by her desire to be independent and have her own life. It was based on figuring out who she was without her twin Tegan.

When Sara wrote the song, she recalled those moments as a distant era in their band and her own life. It was just interesting for her to reminisce about how far they had come. No matter how bad and challenging things were before, they are in a much better place now.

9. “If We Have Each Other” by Alec Benjamin

“If We Have Each Other” by American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin is dedicated to her sister. This touching song is the opening track to Benjamin’s first full-length mixtape, Narrated For You, released in 2018.

Here, he sings about how being with each other can strengthen us even in bad situations. Through his songwriting, he paints vivid images of what a pregnant school friend is going through. In the second verse, he sings about how his grandparents face troubles together.

Although Benjamin said that this song is a tribute to his sister, her verse comes last. In there, he sings the lyric, “I know she’d never leave me, and I hate to see her cry / So I wrote this verse to tell her that I’m always by her side.”

10. “Personal Best” by Maisie Peters

The last one in this list of songs about sisters is from English singer-songwriter Maisie Peters. The song “Personal Best” is the closing track on her EP, It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral, released in 2019. This song is primarily about Peters’ relationship with her twin sister growing up and entering new phases of their lives together. Even before the EP was released, Peters had already regarded this song as her favorite one from the entire project.

The song starts quietly with Peters’ delicate vocals. It then transitions into a sentimental and harmonious tune narrating her memories with her sister. She refers to her twin as “favorite escape in the city” and her “personal best.” Although the song is full of specific moments from Peters’ personal life, it still doesn’t stop listeners from relating to the music because of its universal appeal. Indeed, it is one of the best songs you can dedicate to a sister as you remind them of your love and appreciation.


It can be hard to find just the right lyrics for sister songs. But when you get a hold of something good, it will speak to your heart, and you’ll know the artist truly understands what you’re going through.

We hope you liked this selection of contemporary songs about sisters! Perhaps you found a new one to add to your shared playlist. If you’d like to get some song ideas for other family members, then check out this list of top songs about family.