11 Songs About Sarah: Melodies that Sing Her Name!

Today, we’re diving into a topic many of us can relate to: songs about Sarah.

Whether you’ve got a Sarah in your life, know someone named Sarah, or maybe you’re even a Sarah yourself, this one’s for you.

We’ll stroll down the melodic memory lane to explore some catchy tunes that bear the name Sarah.

Top 18 Songs About Sarah

1. “Sara Smile” by Hall & Oates

“Sara Smile” is an absolute classic from the ‘70s that still resonates. This soulful tune starts with silky smooth harmonies and groovy rhythms that instantly transport you to a world of warm nostalgia.

As Daryl Hall’s velvety voice croons about a certain Sarah’s smile, you can’t help but feel a burst of joy and an irresistible urge to sing along. This timeless masterpiece is like a warm hug for your eardrums, leaving you with a lingering smile and a melody that sticks around all day.

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2. “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac

Ah, Fleetwood Mac, the epitome of musical enchantment. Their ethereal track “Sara” takes us on a poetic journey through layers of intricate instrumentation and Stevie Nicks’ hauntingly beautiful vocals.

This spellbinding ballad captures the essence of a Sarah who’s searching for something more, yearning to break free from the confines of her world. With each verse, Nicks weaves a tapestry of emotions, vividly depicting Sarah lost in her dreams and desires. 

3. “Sarah” by Thin Lizzy

“Sarah” by Thin Lizzy is a heartfelt song by Phil Lynott, dedicated to his first daughter. Lynott collaborated with Gary Moore on this track, where Moore skillfully recorded seven distinct guitar tracks, blending them to create a rich musical backdrop. If you listen closely, you can discern the layered guitars.

The lyrics vividly depict a captain, his vibrant hair shining in the sun, riding his horse to see Sarah. The innocence of schoolboy eyes and the purity of love are expressed, along with imagery of whispers carried by nature, connecting the name “Sarah” to a sense of enchantment. 

4. “Sarah” by Tyler, The Creator

“Sarah” by Tyler, The Creator is a song that delves into themes of obsession, fame, love, and violent fantasies. The lyrics paint a disturbing portrait of a twisted and violent fixation on a woman named Sarah.

Tyler’s words depict a dangerous attitude towards women and relationships, reflecting a disturbed mindset. The song serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of carefully interpreting and analyzing its content.

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5. “Sarah Smiles” by Panic! At The Disco

“Sarah Smiles” by Panic! At The Disco is a love song featured on their album Vices & Virtues. Lead singer Brendon Urie penned this heartfelt track dedicated to his girlfriend, Sarah Orzechowski.

In an interview with Spin magazine, Urie admitted that the song is about his relationship with Sarah and her impact on his life. He shared that he wrote the song to impress her and express his infatuation. “Sarah Smiles” is a testament to Urie’s affection for Sarah and their enduring bond.

6. “Sarah Yellin'” by 3 Doors Down

“Sarah Yellin'” by 3 Doors Down is a powerful song that tackles the difficult subject of abuse within a family. The lyrics revolve around a young girl named Sarah who endures mistreatment from her father.

Seeking support, she turns to her mother and brother for help. However, as the song progresses, Sarah takes matters into her own hands, ultimately resorting to extreme measures to end the abuse. 

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7. “Sarah” by Eskimo Joe

“Sarah” by Eskimo Joe is a sad and reflective song that captures the longing for connection and the struggles within oneself. The lyrics paint a picture of a protagonist yearning for the attention and affection of someone named Sarah.

Amidst the waiting and uncertainty, the singer expresses vulnerability and a sense of falling apart. The repeated mention of an “emergency” highlights the internal turmoil and the fear of losing the fight. 

8. “Sara” by Bob Dylan

“Sara” by Bob Dylan is a deeply personal and vulnerable song that stands out as one of Dylan’s most poignant works. The track is a departure from his usual practice of disguising the identities of the women he sings about, as “Sara” is a heartfelt tribute to his then-wife, Sara Lownds.

Autobiographical in nature, Dylan bares his emotions and exposes his vulnerability in this intimate portrayal of their relationship. As one of the standout tracks on Desire, “Sara” showcases Dylan’s ability to create profound and emotionally resonant music.

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9. “Sara” by Starship

“Sara” by Starship is an emotional ballad that explores the complexities of a fading relationship. The lyrics convey longing and regret as the narrator acknowledges the need to move on and not dwell in the past.

The song reflects on the uniqueness of the connection they once shared, emphasizing the challenges they faced as contrasting forces. The repeated mentions of Sara’s name highlight the intensity of their bond and the storms brewing in her eyes. 

10. “Sarah Minor” by Keaton Henson

For those seeking a more reflective and delicate tune, “Sarah Minor” by Keaton Henson is a perfect fit. Henson’s fragile vocals and intimate guitar work create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.

This heartfelt song paints a picture of a Sarah who’s undergone hardships yet still possesses a resilient spirit. It’s the song that pierces your soul and leaves you in awe.

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11. “Sarah” by Ray LaMontagne

To wind down our list, let’s bask in the soulful warmth of Ray LaMontagne’s “Sarah.” This heartfelt folk tune embraces the timeless beauty of Sarah and the way she brings light into someone’s life.

LaMontagne’s velvety vocals and poetic lyrics create an intimate atmosphere that will have you swaying and smiling in no time.


There you have it—a collection of songs that tribute the many Sarahs. Whether you’re a Sarah yourself or appreciate the power of a catchy tune, these songs will surely resonate with you. They remind us that music has a special way of capturing the essence of people, moments, and emotions that touch our lives.