Top 10 Songs About Ice Cream

Ice Cream is one of the best, if not, the best dessert to have after a meal. With different flavors to choose from and even more concoctions to sprinkle onto your desired taste, the bounds are only limited by your own imagination. With dessert being so close to our hearts, it’s no wonder why so many songs have it too.

10 Songs About Ice Cream

1. “Ice Cream” by Blackpink

Who’s in your area? Blackpink’s in your area. If you don’t know this popular K-POP girl group, that’s fine, because now, you do know them, and you should check them out.

Released last 2020, the song is a banger and having Selena Gomez on it was pretty great. It was also fun seeing how different the lighting style was for both countries with Korea’s Blackpink having a very bright yellow sun feel to America’s sort of diluted sunny look.

It’s a chill song, literally, although there was a small backlash due to Blackpink’s Jisoo having the fewest lines in the song; but as it was written in English and her not being great at the language, it’s understandable.

2. “Ice Cream Cakes” by Jeff Beck Group

This song from 1972 reminds a lot of Frank Zappa, with a long instrumental intro that feels like a grunge rock song. The connection of love and ice cream will always be there and to have someone love you so sweetly, that’s the bees knees.

The story is pretty straightforward and how most of us feel when we fall, a burning passion just builds up inside and even though the title of the song contains a dessert, there’s no chill when it comes to the lines, I’ve got this burnin’ desire / It just set my soul on fire / You know you filled me through and through Lord / I just want to be with you girl.

3. “Ice Cream” by Sarah McLachlan

Imagine this: a coffee shop, you’re drinking your favorite espresso, it’s raining outside and you have the table all to yourself. That’s what this song feels like. Kind of like a warm hug on a cold, cold night. The best word to describe it would be, relaxing.

Released last 1994, the song has a very easy vibe that everyone can all get along with. It’s also worth noting that she finds love to be better than ice cream; while that may be true for some, others may find that ice cream can sometimes be better than love.

4. “Ice Cream Van” by Glasvegas

From a coffee shop, we now find ourselves in our room. Alone. It’s dark. No one is there with you. Melancholy surrounds you. This is that song.

The ice cream in this 2008 song seems to be the only source of happiness for the artist. As they keep waiting for it to come. Without it, the future looks bleak and painful. No kidding, this is the darkest song on the list as it also delves into government oppression besides the usual heartbreak that comes with sadness.

The song title of this one is completely opposite from the song’s feel, but it’s still a good listen.

5. “Ice Cream Man” by Tom Waits

I’ll be clickin’ by your house about two forty-five / sidewalk sundae strawberry surprise / I got a cherry popsicle right on time / A big stick, mamma, that’ll blow your mind. Thought it would be best to start with those lyrics first, yeah.

Released in 1973, this song pushed the boundaries for innuendos and honestly, it’s very witty. The song revolves around an ice cream man that basically gives away free ice cream, as long as you “smile” for him.

Now we know that smiling is inexpensive, although he may be thinking of some other smile.

6. “Ice Cream Man” by Blur

A very catchy electronic song, Ice Cream Man by Blur sounds like an opening theme song to your old Super Nintendo games. Definitely one of those types of songs that you can just nod your head to.

The story is of another ice cream man, but this particular one has a magic whip. Not sure why a guy selling ice cream needs a whip, but if it’s magical, I guess we can let it pass.

Or do they mean, “whipped cream” that froze once topped on ice cream? Now, that’s something that actually existed in 2015 and is a great play on words.

7. “Ice Cream” by The Wombats

Released in 2018, this song makes driving down the highway with your head out the window sound so good. One song to add to your driving playlist.

One of the more intricately written songs from the list as the story revolves around pride within relationships. In any relationship, there’s always a point that you fight; but who’s taking the high road, and who’s going to go after low-hanging fruit?

With social media as a huge way that some people let off steam, part of the song mentions that the singer will take it offline, signaling that he will never badmouth his or her partner in public.

8. “Ice Cream Girl” by Lloyd Cole

How far are you willing to go for the love of your life? Would you endure any hardship and keep pushing yourself to the edge while your partner ridicules you?

From 1990, the song sounds like regret in a nutshell. How one can leave his or her emotions out for anyone to crush while at the same time, regretting that you let that person walk all over you.

Another song of angst while the title is pretty much rainbows and peaches, the pain is obvious when he says, “Maybe I’m a little outdated / Maybe a little out of time / To believe your heart is in the right place / Despite what you’re doing to mine.” This hurts.

9. “Ice Cream” by New Young Pony Club

Hey, there’s no shame admitting that you danced to this song as the first riff plays. The vocalist takes a very monotone voice as she basically sounds like she’s reading the lyrics instead of singing.

This song creates an illusion of how much you want her, and that you can’t resist ice cream, in this context though, you can’t resist her allure.

Released in 2009, it would still be a sure hit when you bring it to any house party that you go to. Just make sure to bring some ice cream to be safe.

10. “Ice Cream Party” by Modest Mouse

Speaking of party in the house, Ice Cream Party, released last 2019 is actually a pretty sad story. When we were young and just addicted to sugar, our parents were the ones to control how much ice cream we actually ate.

Ice Cream Party is mostly about divorce and how the kid can have ice cream parties anytime now because his dad’s not around, and that no one is going to mind if anyone comes over to his house. Another song that you should probably prepare yourself for as it’s a little dark, but the sound is still addictive, although you shouldn’t focus on the lyrics.

Final Words

As we can conclude from this list, ice cream isn’t just about sprinkles and marshmallows, there’s a sadder side to ice cream. Remember how movies portray it as the last resort of happiness? Ice cream makes getting over heartache and pain just a little easier, and we hope that you never have to eat ice cream with tears in your eyes.