Top 10 Songs About Candy

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Sweet confectioneries are often considered perfect for describing how we are feeling. Sweet, honeyed, sugary, bittersweet, or even sour, there are plenty of candy flavors for every mood.

It comes as no surprise that various famous artists make ‘candy,’ ‘sugar,’ or ‘chocolate’ references in their hit songs. They manage to express how they feel, all thanks to candy.

So, today we have also compiled a sugarlicious list for you of some of the best songs with ‘candy’ in it.

From recent hits to oldies – we are presenting ‘The Top 10 Best Songs About Candy’ to scintillate your ears as well as your tastebuds!

Song # 1: Sugar by Maroon 5

Sugar was released in 2015 by the extremely popular American band, Maroon 5. There have also been remixes launched by the band of the song, with artists such as Nicki Minaj.

The song is about a lover whose heart has been completely broken by his lover. As he is heartbroken and down, he asks his lover to come back to him and give him some ‘sugar.’

He compares his lovers’ sweetness to the ‘sugar’ that he needs in his life right now. It is an upbeat and heartfelt song.

Special mention of the amusing music video where Maroon 5 crashes different weddings to surprise the groom and bride. The surprised look on their faces is truly heartwarming!

Song # 2: Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Sweet Child O’ Mine was released in 1987 and stayed on top as the number 1 hit for quite a long time.

The song is indeed quite sweet. It talks about an extremely innocent and pure girl with almost a child-like innocence. The band plays tribute to this lover and compares her to a sweet child who must be protected, nurtured, and loved.

The question that arises in this song is: ‘where do we go from here?” because the band is confused with what to do for the feelings that are felt for their sweetheart.

Song # 3: Sugar Daddy by The Veronicas

This song was released in 2015 and is about a young girl who needs some sweetness from an older man and is asking for this man’s affection.

The girl is described as being ‘pretty as candy,’ and she knows it. The main message behind this song is that she asks this man to be her sugar daddy and give her nothing but sweetness and love.

Check out the behind the scene video of the song to relive sweet memories from the past.

Song # 4: Candyman by Christina Aguilera

Candyman was released by Christina Aguilera in 2007 and is a song that is riffled with sexual innuendos and is about a man she describes as “a sweet talkin’ sugar-coated candyman” that she wants to spend all her time with.

The song is about a man she meets and spends the night with, who she says is the ‘candyman’, and she spends an unadulterated night away with him, and he is sweet just like candy.

Song # 5: Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down by Fallout Boy

This song was released in 2005 and accurately captured the love/hate attraction that is often felt by two people who knew each other and were once in love.

In this song, the band mentions the ‘push/pull of attraction that is often so hard to get rid of and ignore and manages to perfectly express a very emotional and saccharin kind of love.

The song is very nostalgic and sentimental in nature and explores the complicated side of love, where love and hate sometimes collide with one another eventually.

Song # 6: Candy Shop by Madonna

Released in 2008, ‘Candy Shop’ is quite an explicit song in which Madonna accurately manages to tell her lover to come and visit her one-stop candy store.

Full of sexual innuendos, this song is not meant for young ears. Adults, however, can find their own meanings in this up-beat, catchy song. It is further enahnced by Madonna’s sass and sensual appeal, making it a favorite (and even a guilty pleasure) for many.

This was an early 2000’s classic song, so do give it a listen.

Song # 7: Sugar On My Tongue by Talking Heads

This song is a classic from 1977. It was written and described a very simpler time, where people would often borrow a cup of sugar or other sweet things from their neighbors.

At this time, it was easier and common practice to have a back-and-forth relationship with your neighbor. In this song, the man describes how he feels while devouring and indulging in his neighbors’ sweet confectionary desserts.

Song # 8: Sugar Mama by Beyoncé

This song was released in 2006 by Queen Bey, and it describes her role as ‘Sugar Mama’. In this song, she talks about how she wants to be a ‘sugar mama’ to a man younger than her, buying him whatever he wants.

She puts herself in a dominating role, and talks about pulling out whips, and making the man do whatever she wants so she can remain the domineering one in the relationship.

In the song, she makes references to a lot of different confectionery items such as jolly ranchers, or waffle cones. She talks about how she would like to buy them for the man.

Song # 9: Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

One of the Eurythmics’ biggest hits, ‘Sweet Dreams’ was released in 1983.

This song captures the setting perfectly, about a man who has traveled all over the world in search of something, only to realize he has had it all along.

It is a very emotional and sentimental song in which he describes how everyone is searching for something different in the world and not being able to find it. His search is for the love that might be in front of him.

Song # 10: Shake The Sugar Tree by Pam Tillis

In this 1992 country classic, Pam Tillis talks to her lover and explains that she does not want the relationship to become stale and monotonous. She warns him that she does not enjoy it and is getting bored with the cooking and cleaning.

She says that she is a young and vibrant woman, and that’s why they need to shake things up to make them work. Otherwise, it will probably not last.

Her lover should really follow her advice and try his best to “Shake the Sugar Tree” in their relationship if he wants to keep her!

Song # 11: Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch by Four Tops

In this 1965 song, the Four Tops sing about a man who is perhaps a fool in love. He is so lovestruck that he keeps looking at pictures of his beloved and cannot seem to help himself fall more and more in love with her- it’s just out of his hands!

The song is heartfelt and emotional, where he is just pouring out his love for his “sugar pie, honeybunch.”

The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading this list of the top ten songs about candy.

If you have any more songs to add to the list, feel free to share them in the comments section below.