Sennheiser e835 Review: A Top Contender in the $100 Range

It’s likely that everyone picks up a microphone at least once in their life.

Whether it’s for a karaoke, live speech, presentation, or a concert. Everyone does it.

The outcome of the speech, the song, or the musical performance, will largely depend on the quality of sound.

Terrible sound can ruin an otherwise great song or talented performance.

Would you enjoy a show or concert with bad sound? Probably not.

I mean, I even change the radio station the moment audio messes up.

Sennheiser e835 review: Surprisingly Great Sound

If you ever wanted to create a platform for yourself and expand your voice you would need a quality microphone.

That’s important especially for those who are interested in the likes of streaming or podcasts. You wouldn’t want to get just any microphone especially when it might not even fit your desired frequency range.

It’s an important decision and should be your best.

There are a large variety of microphones so it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you but this review is written to save you the trouble.

A Durable Dynamic Microphone

Microphones capture energy released by vibrations of sound which are then converted into electrical signals that can be recorded.

When you think of your favorite artist performing on stage or the funniest comedian doing stand up, they usually use dynamic microphones.

Dynamic microphones are made with less electrical wiring so they are less sensitive. This gives them the advantage of withstanding large amounts of pressure and volume. 

Sennheiser and Their e835 Model

For over 70 years, Sennhesier has specialized in the consistent production of quality professional microphones.

Bestowed by the pursuit of perfect sound, they have released and delivered with the Sennheiser E835 dynamic microphone.

Tailored for its clean and clear sound, the Sennheiser e835 is the standard for the vocal microphone.

It has all the appropriate highlights to make a quality and affordable microphone.

Not only is the Sennheiser e835 excellent at rejecting feedback, but it also has a frequency response of 40-16000Hz.

Frequency response is often presented as the range of frequency that the microphone can listen and reproduce. It also has a sensitivity rate of 2,7 mv/pa which basically means that it maximizes the frequency of your voice.

This same feature can also help save your voice in the long run.

Their construction even allows them to handle extreme conditions and weather.

It gives professionals and nonprofessionals alike the experience of high quality and sound.

Sennheiser E835 Details Before You Buy

Out of the box with a sharp black exterior, the microphone comes with an XLR cable for a straight to the point experience.

XLR links carry mic-level signals which implies that they don’t amass electrical commotion over significant distance.

You can simply turn the on switch and let your voice carry the night. Your friends should see how well you can you sing outside the shower.

Something you will notice while using the e835 is the minimal proximity effect it has. This allows the microphone to detect your voice’s sound even as you move a bit further away from it so you can really hit those high tunes and not think about it too much.

The E835 will make very good use of your performance that I’m sure your viewers will enjoy.

What is the cost, and is it worth it?

The cost at $99 makes this microphone a decent alternative because it works well with extended lows, offers rich mids and has a high end boost that makes it sound warm. It also responds well to EQ.

Sennheiser made the microphone very durable, and sturdy, with replaceable steel mesh that will minimize damage if dropped.

Take it from me, this is awesome because sooner or later they all fall so you do not have to worry about the occasional fall.

One possible let down for some could be its frequency response because it doesn’t go below 40 Hz. In that case I would suggest looking at the next models in the series.

But the fact that you can use it with such an extensive set of equipment makes it the simplest choice to have in the toolkit of your recording studio. The microphone comes with an artistic cardioid pick-up pattern which advances its modest look and helps to block out noise.

It may not be as light as you are used to weighing in at 330 grams but that shouldn’t be an issue unless you are holding it all day. Overall, the Sennheiser E835’s versatility is remarkable yet simple, made for both beginners and those experienced.

East To Use Microphone

The Sennheiser e835 is easy to use and sounds great on everyone making it the perfect choice of use for any occasion.

It has an XLR connection which has the advantage in that the  cable has two channels for the separate flows making them balanced. This helps counteract any unnecessary noise which is vital for your work.

Performing with your band? E835! Find yourself leading the worship team? E835!

Designed as a lead vocal stage mic, it was created to perform under pressure. It has the ability to handle 150 dB SPL and comes with a built in shockmount that reduces handling or mechanical noise. SPL stands for Sound Pressure Level, you can see a video explaining what it is here.

It allows the e835 to reject all the mayhem noise around you making sure that your voice is never lost and always highlighted in the blend. This is critical and very important for when you are playing around a roaring bass or a cranked guitar amp.

These impressive features are what make the e835 the ideal choice for even the largest of crowds and audiences. Such quality this brand offers at an affordable price is simply convenient when compared to other microphone brands.

It is definitely one of the best quality microphone you can get at an affordable price.

To Recap:

If you are reading this review it means the time has come for you to buy a microphone and offer your talents to the world.

I am a fan of the Sennheiser brand and I like the e835 and what it has to offer.

The outstanding quality of this mic gives me confidence that it will get the job well done.

Whether you find yourself hosting for guests, performing for a crowd or even interviewing people, the fine audio of a Sennheiser e835 is a great tool to take your sound to the next level.