Samson Technologies Q2U Microphone Review

If it’s time to get a microphone or upgrade to a new one, you might be wondering if the Samson Technologies Q2U Microphone is the right choice for you.

This microphone is a solid choice with many features that comes in very handy.

It can easily be hooked up to your computer for recordings, podcasts, Zoom meetings, or even to your camera (via audio interface).

It also can be used for remote recordings or use it connected to your favorite musical instruments during a night of jamming.

Badly damaging this mic is not so easy with its die-cast construction with heavy gauge mesh grille — which is a great thing.

I think you’ll also like the resonate sound that this microphone produces.

A Look at Samson Technologies Q2U

This Samson Technologies dynamic microphone is particularly remarkable in situations where you may get a lot of reverb.

This is particularly true in larger rooms where the amount of reverb noticeably increases because of the large number of surfaces for the soundwaves to bounce off of in many cases.

You will love this microphone’s cardioid (unidirectional) pickup pattern.

It is more sensitive to sound that is in front of it.

Therefore, depending on how you position it, you can hear one speaker sitting around a table a little louder than the others, or you hear the lead singer a little louder than the instrument that they are playing and the backup singers.

When you perform with a group, it is also the perfect mic for hanging overhead near the drums or using with guitar amps.

While this Samson Technologies Q2U mic is unidirectional, it works best when used within about five inches of the sound source.

This mic is about 6 decibels louder in the direction that it points toward than to the sides.

This ruggedly constructed mic has a high-quality A/D converter with a 16-bit, 48kHz sampling rate.

This sampling rate is excellent regardless of whether you are trying to create a good quality video or perform the next musical hit. While some will try to convince you that you need a higher sampling rate, there are significant disadvantages to those.

For starters, your file size will at least double. You will be using more of your computer’s processing power. Finally, you will find that many tools and plugins will not work with microphones having a higher sampling rate.

You are giving up a little bit depth compared with other choices on the market, but keep in mind that some have a much higher price tag. Unless you are making professional-grade videos and recordings, you will not be able to tell the difference in your signal to noise ratio.

This mic has a 50Hz–15kHz frequency response rate. This frequency response rate allows the microphone to reproduce sounds between 40 Hz to 15,000 Hz effectively.

Except for songs, like a select handful of country songs, you will have no trouble with the frequency response rate.

The human voice has a range of about 85 Hz to 255 Hz, so it effectively covers it.

The lowest pitch that the human ear can hear is 20 Hz, so you are giving up almost no ground. The highest pitch that the human ear can listen to is about 20,000 Hz, so you give up very little there.

Plug and Play Technology

This Samson Technologies Q2U Microphone has the accuracy and detail that you need to enhance your digital workspace. There are no drivers to install.

This Samson mic comes with the ability to be plugged into your favorite devices via the USB port. You can use it with Mac or PC. It is compatible with all versions of iPhones and iPads without needing any downloads. It is also compatible with Android devices.

Additionally, it has an XLR output. This output is an excellent feature because it allows you to hook it directly to most PA systems. It is also likely the type of cable needed to connect this microphone to your mixer.

Since an XLR cable is always balanced, you can run this mic with a very long cable if required. It is even easy to hook shorter cables together and plug them one end into this microphone to give you the exact length you need.

If you are using it at a gig or another place where your equipment may get bumped, this connection will not come undone.

Since this is a dynamic mic, you do not need phantom power when using it.

You can use the USB and the XLR simultaneously, which is an excellent plan because you will always have a backup.

The ability to use both simultaneously can be especially nice if you often record on-the-go because you will not have to carry extra equipment.

This Samson microphone has an on/off switch for both the USB port and the XLR port, so you can even hook it up to both and switch between the two.

It also has a 1/8″ (3.5mm) headphone output so that you can easily use it with your favorite headphones, which is particularly a great option for those who may use this microphone while DJing. This mic has zero-latency monitoring, so you will never hear a distracting echo when you are talking or playing.

The USB and the XLR output are both on the bottom of the microphone.

You will also find a sturdy button to adjust the volume up or down depending on your needs.

The microphone’s front contains the on/off switch so that you can quickly turn it on and off without the noise often caused by turning a microphone upside down.

Easy and Fast Setup

You can quickly and easily set up the Samson Technologies Q2U Microphone without being a technology nerd. If you are using this microphone with your computer or smartphone, plug one end of your cable into the USB port and the other end into your device.

Then, open your recording software, and it should automatically show in your list. Tap on the connection, and you are ready to use your mic. Depending on your device, you may need a connector, which you may already have or is easily obtainable.

Alternatively, if you are using this mic with your interface, use the XLR port. You can then plug the USB cable into its opening and run it through your computer if desired or connect a pair of headphones through the headphone jack.

What You Get With the Samson Technologies Q2U Microphone Recording and Podcasting Pack

If you decide you want to get the bundle that is ready for recording or podcasts, there are handy accessories you’ll get with it.

The first one is a desktop stand that allows you to set the microphone on your desk if you record a podcast.

If you are like many people who talk with their hands, then this is a great feature.

The rugged desktop stand may also allow you to put this mic near your business’ PA system for easy access by anyone needing to use it.

This Samson mic setup also comes with a pop filter designed to eliminate microphone popping sounds when you speak or sing into the mic. It also helps stop saliva from getting onto the microphone.

Another accessory that you will love if you plan on taking your microphone to a remote location is the windscreen. This accessory stops wind noise from being heard in your recordings.

Finally, you will get USB and XLR filters. Unlike some companies that try to skimp on their cables’ length, the ones included with this microphone are 3 meters long.

Final Thoughts

Especially at less than $70, the Samson Technologies Q2U Microphone is an outstanding microphone for many uses.

You can easily use the USB cord to connect it to your favorite electronic devices and the XLR cord to connect it to your mixers.

Its plug-and-play technology makes it easy for even a complete novice to set up and use.

This dynamic microphone offers you the ability to use the XLR and USB ports simultaneously so that you can back up your recording.

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