What is an Otamatone?

Have you ever heard of an Otamatone? If you have not, then this blog post is for you.

Otamatones are a type of musical instrument that originated in Japan and were created by Kazuo Uehara.

Depending on how hard they are squeezed during play, they can be played with the fingers or thumbs to produce different sounds. The word “Otamatone” comes from combining two words- oto meaning sound and mato meaning one’s hand- so it literally means “hand sound.”

What an Otamatone is and some fun facts

If you have not heard of an Otamatone, it is a musical instrument that looks like a cartoonish tadpole with a face and arms. It typically plays two notes that sound together, making it great for beginners because you don’t have to know more than 2 keys to play any song. Many people find Otamatones very fun and easy to learn to play because even small children can produce recognizable music.

Since these instruments look so cartoonish and are designed for smaller hands, they typically range in size from 12 inches tall all the way down to 4 inches tall. This makes them ideal for transporting around without too much fuss, which is why some artists have been known to attach them right onto their microphones when they are on stage. You can also buy them in various colors, depending on how much you want to show off your personality.

Luckily, the Otamatone is not just a musical instrument for adults and children. While it may seem like only small children would benefit from these instruments because of their easy learning curve, that is definitely not true. In fact, many professional musicians have been seen play the Otamatone while they are singing or performing other acts during concerts even though they had too long ago mastered playing regular-sized guitar or piano. This shows that this instrument truly loves all ages no matter what skill level they are at regarding music.

Fun fact about Otamatone

Another fun fact about the Otamatone is that there is some debate over whether or not it is an official instrument. The reason why you may ask? Well, it all has to do with the fact that there are no physical frets on this instrument! Frets are flat pieces of plastic that sit across the neck of a guitar and tell you where your fingers need to go for each note to line up perfectly. This keeps you from strumming too many strings at once accidentally, which can cause noise pollution if done incorrectly.

The Otamatone is played differently than most other instruments because instead of being held firmly in place by your legs, arms, or neck while playing, these instruments are placed directly on top of your knee so that they can slide around as you move. They have grooves carved into them that tell you where your fingers need to go to make a particular sound, but it is not what most people would call an actual fret.

Due to this difference that makes Otamatones more challenging to play than other instruments, some people debate whether or not they are considered musical instruments. However, because of how well-loved and recognized these instruments are around the world, even though they may be challenging to play at first for those who have never played an instrument before, I think we can safely say that Otamatones should be classified as their unique type of instrument made especially for easy entertainment.

How to use Otamatones?

You can use your Otamatone in several ways. First, you can simply use it as an instrument and play music on it to entertain others. Second, you may also choose to use the sound effects that some models make from tweeting birds, cats meowing, or even screaming monkeys. No matter what your preferences are when playing with this instrument, one thing is for sure- you will never run out of new things to do with it anytime soon. If you purchase one for yourself or someone you know who loves music but has yet to learn how much fun using regular-sized instruments can be, an Otamatone is sure to produce hours of fun every single day.

This smaller version is perfect for children interested in learning how to play music but do not have the arm length needed to use regular-sized instruments just yet. This way, they can get used to playing with an instrument while still easily picking it up whenever necessary without having to look for somebody else to help them do so. Since their arms will also get stronger from using these instruments before they advance onto bigger ones when they get older, this is a great way of teaching kids independence through their favorite pastime- playing music.

Another reason this is such a great gift idea for children is that they can learn how to play music while simultaneously learning about the sounds that different objects make. This allows them to understand better scientific principles such as physics and simple mechanics, which come into play when considering what sound will result from playing certain notes on their instrument!
In addition, these instruments help children become more open to expressing themselves through musical means instead of simply dancing along with pre-recorded music in most cases.

Nowadays, too many kids are less interested in actually learning to play a real instrument and would rather use voice or dance alone to express themselves at social events or during school performances. However, with an Otamatone, you get all the fun of making music but with added benefits! Your child will definitely feel more confident while playing an instrument in front of others, so this is a great way to boost their confidence while also making them feel like they are part of something clearly bigger than themselves.

Shine bright with all the colors of the Otamatone!

Buy a Otamatone

If you are looking for a fun new toy to give to somebody who loves music without having to play it themselves, then look no further- there’s nothing else more exciting on the market today!

Otamatones can be used by anybody regardless of age or musical preferences. Although these instruments may not compare directly with regular ones when it comes to sound quality, they provide many benefits which make up for their lack thereof. These instruments are also more affordable than regular-sized musical instruments, so they are perfect for children who want to play music but whose families may not be ready to spend money on an instrument for them just yet.

While purchasing one of these instruments, you might also get lucky and find a version that makes additional sound effects! This can make playing with it even more fun as now there will be three different types of sounds coming from the Otamatone instead of two. In addition, some versions come with built-in light displays during use and flashing screens when idle! This way, you never have to worry about whether or not your child is going to be entertained while using their new toy. No matter what color you choose, your little one is sure to love playing with this fun new instrument.

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for somebody that enjoys listening to or producing music, then there’s nothing better than an Otamatone! No matter what color you choose, everyone will love hearing the sweet sounds that come out of these instruments, which are to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step all at the same time. These instruments are also easy to clean and come with an attachment that allows you to easily hang them on a hook so they won’t take up too much room on a desk or near a bed.


In conclusion, an Otamatone is a wonderful toy to have for anybody who loves music. They are especially great for children since they can play with them to express themselves or learn about sound while also learning independence in the process! This instrument will be sure to promote an interest in playing music directly rather than simply dancing to catchy tunes played by other people, so this is a great way of teaching kids to appreciate all types of different genres, both old and new.