Line 6 POD Go Review

If you enjoy having the most up-to-date technology, you might want to consider purchasing a guitar amplifier. If so, Line 6’s POD GO might just be what you need. Line 6 POD Go is a new amplifier that has been released to the public for purchase.

Line 6 POD Go is worth it for musicians who need portability and versatility. It feels like a well-made device that you can take with you and use anywhere and anytime.

What is the Line 6 POD Go?

Line 6 is well-known for manufacturing some of the most famous guitar amplifiers ever, so it’s no wonder that they have a variety of amp models to select from. Whether or not Line 6 POD Go is worth its price tag and what exactly it offers.

The Line 6 POD Go adds traditional controls to an enormous color LCD to let players interact with virtual amps, stompboxes, and cabs in innovative and creative ways.

The POD Go is a versatile and user-friendly amp modeling device that is meant to appeal to guitarists. It was built to meet all your needs from live effects on stage or studio recording, and re-amping of rich Helix derived tones straight out into an artist’s PA system so they can cut through any mix.

For individuals who have been on the fence about diving into the Line 6 ecosystem, the POD Go is an excellent value floor processor.

The POD Go modeling line is a less expensive option among the Line 6 line. The housing is more plastic than that of higher-end Helix models, so there must be some sacrifices for a lower price. The downside is that the modeling on offer is similarly comprehensive, with 85 guitar and bass amp models, 39 cab sims, and 16 mic emulations.

You may also save up to 128 of your own IRs, either custom or third-party generated, on the machine. There’s a lot of functionality available. It’s not quite as versatile as the Helix models yet. Between presents, you can’t split or merge signal chains. Your signal goes down a chain, gets processed, and then emerges.

Features of Line 6 POD

  • Helix-derived amps and stomps

The POD Go has over 270 Helix and legacy amp, stomp, and cab models from more than 180 brands. It has a wide selection of old and modern sounds. You can stack them in an infinite number of ways to create dream tones that aren’t possible with a regular rig. All versions are built to sound fantastic in a traditional amps-and-stomps guitar chain or on their own, and they’re ready to go straight to a PA or computer.

  • Good Performance

The Go model of the POD amplifier’s features a cast aluminum expression pedal rated to endure life on the road, as well as bulletproof construction and eight tour-grade rugged footswitches. POD Go is light and compact, making it the ideal throw-and-go device for a guitar traveler.

  • Large full-color screen

With a bright, full-color display that shows your complete signal chain at a glance and a strong backlight that’s easy to view even on a dark and hazy stage, the Line 6 POD Go is ideal for live performance.

  • Onboard expression pedal

The expression pedal opens up a wide range of possibilities for the POD Go’s strong amps and effects. It ranges from volume swells and rotary accelerations to achieve the ideal cocked-wah sound. A second expression pedal (also available separately) can be added down the road for additional wah/volume foot control if you want more expression.

  • Recall tones with Snapshots

The Line 6 POD Go offers a variety of features that help you build limitless guitar rigs and recall them in an instant. You may use Snapshots to access the various tones of a song in real-time, as well as set verse, chorus, and lead tones. Snapshots are excellent for moving from a rhythm tone to a lead tone while maintaining the core of your sound, and they’re very helpful in removing overdrive from one part while keeping it on another.

  • USB Audio Capabilities

In stunning 24-bit/96kHz hi-fi, you may hear and monitor guitar parts as they come from your DAW. You may also expand the POD Go’s capabilities at a later date by monitoring your parts dry and utilizing its re-amping abilities for further tonal variation.

  • Third-party IR support

It has support for third-party guitar cabinet impulse responses (IRs). It means you can mix and match whatever closed- or open-back cabs you desire with any speaker combinations you can think of. With the leaps and bounds that today’s IR manufacturers make in-cab tones, this one feature will undoubtedly keep the Line 6 POD Go in your setup.

Pros and Cons of Line 6 POD Go


The Line 6 POD Go is the perfect compact and easy-to-use wireless guitar amplifier. It offers a great range of tones, with 128 users preset to choose from and a great value for the price. Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to take your music on the go or need a quality amp that won’t take up too much space in your studio, the POD Go is the perfect solution.

Additionally, Line 6 PODs come equipped with a wide variety of virtual effects and amps (many modeled after vintage versions), which no other competitor currently offers with a compact and portable design.


There are certain tradeoffs to be made. The Go has half the processing power of the LT and only four fully assignable blocks (out of 10), whereas it features just one effects chain and less looping time, among other things.

Other Line 6 modelers offer more flexible signal chains, allowing the player to create far-out sounds that are hard to recreate in traditional ways. It could be a deal-breaker for guitarists looking for emulations of older guitar amplifiers.

The Line 6 POD comes with many great features that some people need, but it’s also expensive. The regular POD Go has all the same features minus wireless capabilities. If you do not need the wireless capabilities, you may opt for wired models to save some money.

The Final Verdict

The POD Go is a beautiful device with a lot of processing power and excellent sounds, whether or not it has wireless functionality. The actual wireless performance is excellent, with a powerful signal and sparkling transmission. However, if you want the treble loss from utilizing a long cable, there’s an adjustable HF roll-off option. The signal was adequate, and the sound quality was excellent.

If you’re only going to have a one-floor pedal and the Helix pricing is prohibitive, the POD Go could be a good option. There’s less versatility, but it is also simpler to operate, with a compact, easily transportable design and built-in treadle.

POD Go is a simplified, lighter, and less expensive Helix LT alternative that delivers the HX sound quality of the Helix LT. The Line 6 essentials are all here: a color LCD display user interface, blocks of amps and effects laid out visually, footswitches color-coded to the type of effect, and Snapshots that allow you to transition between tones without audio dropouts seamlessly.