10 Gifts for Musicians and Music Lovers

If you have a musician in your life, they most likely have instruments and equipment that highlight their passion for their craft. So, what can you get for people who live and breathe music? Musicians are picky about their gear, and you may not know their preferences. Even if you do, the instruments they like may be out of your budget.

However, there are many other gifts for musicians you can buy instead. Whether it’s for a pianist, drummer, or guitarist in your life, these gifts are sure to impress. We also know that everyone has a different budget. That’s why we’ve included everything from small tokens to more expensive items. These creative and original gifts for musicians will strike a chord!

Gifts for Musicians That Will Hit the Right Note

Serious musicians already have quality instruments and recording software. Instead of spending money on gifts they may not use, opt for creative items they’ll love. The following gifts for musicians don’t play it by ear – they appeal to musicians’ creative side and are noteworthy options.

1. A Luxurious Guitar Strap

Most guitar players won’t hesitate to splurge on their equipment but don’t always spend money on premium accessories. Because they’re unlikely to take the plunge themselves, you can do it for them, making this one of the best gifts for musicians. You can opt for a premium leather guitar strap for the musician in your life – we love this artisan-crafted leather strap by Fender.

If the guitar player in your life doesn’t use leather, there are plenty of luxurious vegan options to choose from, including faux-leather straps and velvet guitar straps.

2. Build Your Own Ukulele Kit

Do you know a musician who’s dying to learn something new? Maybe it’s a drummer looking to expand their skillset or a guitarist who has always been interested in ukuleles. Either way, a Build Your Own Ukulele kit is among the most creative gifts for musicians. In addition to spending time building their instrument, they can hang it up as décor or even learn to play the instrument afterward.

The Kraftex Build Your Own Ukulele kit includes different parts, comprehensive instructions, and a blank canvas so the music lover in your life can make it their own. Any ukulele beginner would be delighted with this original gift.

3. A Great Read

One of the best (and most affordable) gifts for musicians is a good book. Something that’s a must-read for every musician and music lover is “This Is Your Brain on Music” by Daniel J. Levitin. This exciting and thought-provoking read is sure to enthrall any music lover.

Alternatively, you can gift the music lover in your life a book by their favorite musician. Whether it’s Dave Grohl’s “The Storyteller” or “The First 21” by Nikki Sixx, you’ll give them a chance to delve into their heroes’ worlds. If you’re looking to inspire the musician in your life, this is definitely one of our top picks for gifts for musicians.

4. Subscription to MasterClass

MasterClass is an online platform with a large catalog of courses for creatives. Whether it’s singing, drumming, guitar, piano, or music production, there’s something for everyone. A MasterClass subscription is one of the best gifts for musicians since they can learn from the best in the business.

The music-obsessed person in your life can learn about drumming from Ringo Starr and electronic music production from Deadmau5. If they’re interested in guitar, they can explore the instrument’s intricacies with Carlos Santana. There’s even a class from Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer on creating scores for movies.

These are just some of the amazing classes offered on the platform. A subscription can give the musician in your life the chance to learn from some of music’s elite.

5. DIY Guitar Pick Maker

When you’re thinking about gifts for musicians, you may have considered a custom guitar pick. We have something even better. Why gift someone a guitar pick when you can gift them the ability to make their own whenever they want?

Pick-a-Palooza is sure to be a hit with any guitarist. While it comes with 15 starter strips, the beauty of the machine is that music lovers can make their picks out of anything they have lying around, including old credit cards, key cards, or even expired gift cards. Whether they’re in a pinch and without a pick or just want something personalized, they can fashion themselves a custom pick with the study stainless-steel blade of the Pick-a-Palooza. The kit even includes a pick holder keychain for them to carry around their creations.

6. High-Fidelity Earplugs

Some of our gifts for musicians are limited to specific instruments. This one, however, appeals to every musician and music lover you know. Whether they’re playing live or listening to live music, hearing protection is the most valuable gift you can give them. Instead of settling for disposable earplugs, gift them Vibes’ High-Fidelity Earplugs.

Since they’re reusable, you’ll be helping them reduce waste. Additionally, these earplugs don’t just reduce volume and help protect your ears. They’re also great for hearing music more accurately. This is especially important for musicians since they’ll be able to understand their sound with more clarity and improve their craft.

7. Waterproof Shower Speaker

When you’re shopping for a musician, you know better than to get them a Bluetooth speaker. Chances are, they already have one that they guard with their life. However, this is precisely why a waterproof shower speaker is a practical gifts for musicians.

No musician wants to take their precious Bluetooth speaker into the shower and risk ruining it. That’s where waterproof shower speakers come in. Since they’re made to be used in the shower, they’re completely waterproof. This INSMY C12 speaker is IPX7 waterproof and has a suction cup so your loved one can attach it to the walls and jam out in the shower.

8. Quick Access Multi-Tool for Guitars

Do you know a guitarist who is always on the go? Get them the Ibanez Quick Access Multi-Tool for Guitars. This affordable piece is among the most practical gifts for musicians. No matter the problems they have, they can address them quickly. The multi-tool comes with six hex keys, a tube spanner, a ruler, and three screwdrivers. All the tools fit neatly into one small container, making this an excellent gift for emergencies on the stage.

9. Old-School Turntable Suitcase

Are you searching for gifts for musicians that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing? Get the music lover in your life a Victrola Bluetooth Turntable Suitcase. This piece of décor will give their room or studio a retro feel and allow them to play their vinyls in style. However, this nifty item also has an aux cable and Bluetooth speakers, so the recipient isn’t restricted to vinyls. They can blast other songs as well.

10. Headphone Amplifier

A portable headphone amplifier is a must-have for any musician. If you’re looking for gifts for musicians, you may have passed on this because you think its only purpose is to make the sound louder. This could not be further from the truth. A high-quality portable headphone amplifier like the FiiO A3 brings out the details in sound and can completely transform one’s listening experience.

Final note

Within this selection of creative gifts for musicians, you’ll find something for every music lover in your life. Whether it’s last-minute Christmas shopping or a loved one’s birthday coming up, we hope this guide helped!

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