Best 13 Gifts for Guitar Players Under $50

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We all know what it feels like to have a gift-giving occasion on the horizon, but no idea what to buy!

If you’re friends with a guitarist and want to make their day, but have no idea how to shop for them on your current budget, never fear: This selection ranges from practical tools to fun, quirky novelties–and all of them are under $50!

No matter how familiar you are (or aren’t) with the world of guitar playing, you can rest assured that any of these gifts are sure to please the guitarist in your life!

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My Picks of Gifts for Guitar Players Under $50

1. A Dependable Guitar Stand

You might be surprised by how many guitar players would be thrilled to get a good guitar stand: No matter how many they already have, it always seems like they could use just one more!

This handy stand is an excellent gift purchase if you’re unfamiliar with the different types of instruments that the guitarist on your mind might prefer. The sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum frame is adjustable and can support acoustic or electric guitars, ukuleles, banjos–you name it! Buyers are happy to report that all points of contact are gentle and well-made with the instrument’s finish in mind, with silicone pads that reduce the risk for scuffs or scratches.

By the way, that aluminum frame makes this stand very lightweight as well! The stand also folds up nicely into a compact bundle that will be easy for your buddy to take on the road. For mid-gig interludes or practice session breaks when a musician wants to set down their instrument temporarily, this stand is perfect. It’s nice for displaying a treasured guitar in the music room, too!

2. GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer

If the idea of a portable stand is appealing but you’re looking for something more all-inclusive that your gift recipient can use on the go, then you’ll definitely want to consider this Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer from GIGMate. This is an especially good buy if you know a perfectionist guitar player who’s always tweaking and fiddling with the hardware on their guitar!

Where to begin? This kit has it all: The carbon steel string cutters can be a lifesaver anytime a musician needs to replace a string last-minute before a gig. The Stainless Steel String Action/Set Up Gauge is ideal for any guitarist who needs to have everything just right before they start playing. The string winder and bridge pin remover are sure to come in handy, as are the 2-in-1 Screwdriver and the five Allen Wrenches that come in just the right sizes for most standard guitar saddles.

This incredible little compact kit also comes with labeled pockets where a guitarist can keep spare strings and grab exactly what they need at a moment’s notice. There’s room to store extra picks, too, and the kit even includes two AAA batteries in case your musician’s clip-on tuner quits on them right when they need it most.

3. Pickbandz Necklace Silicone Guitar Pick Holder

If the guitarist you’re shopping for has been playing for quite some time, odds are that they already have a lot of the classic extras such as stands, backup strings and picks, and the like. So, if you’re looking for something a little more creative to give as a gift, then this guitar pick necklace could be the perfect solution!

Now, don’t be fooled: This isn’t one of those necklaces where the guitar pick is suspended on a ring and purely there for looks. There’s nothing wrong with vanity jewelry, but this necklace’s clever design offers a whole new level of practicality, too! The surgical-grade silicone will hold up to plenty of wear and tear while providing enough room for your favorite guitarist to display any two standard picks at once.

The picks are easily removable from the flexible silicone holder, and the minimalist design allows all the good looks of their favorite guitar picks to take center stage. So, on top of being incredibly useful if a musician drops or forgets their pick, this necklace will look great, too!

4. Nomad String, Body, & Hardware Cleaning Tool

Now it’s time to consider a gift option that any serious musician is sure to appreciate. Keeping one’s instrument clean is a more important task than you might expect since it can affect both the tone and feel of a guitar. And, there’s no better way to show a guitarist that you really care about their passion than by giving them a tool to make that job way easier!

This Nomad guitar cleaning tool is aptly named since it’s so compact and will fit into any gig bag or backpack on the go. The sturdy, comfortable handle sports a microfiber cleaning pad on one end and a natural fiber brush on the other.

The fine, washable microfiber pad is absolutely perfect for cleaning under the strings, removing fingerprints from the body of any guitar, and tidying up hard-to-reach parts such as the guitar’s pickups and the space underneath floating bridges. The microfiber can even reach all the nooks and crannies on pedals!

The soft brush end of this awesome tool is perfect for spiffing up the hardware of any guitar or accompanying instrument, as well as for keeping the knobs and switches on amps, speakers, and other electronic equipment dust-free.

5. The Ultimate Guitar Reference Poster

Maybe you’re in a unique position where the guitarist you’re shopping for is not only a musician but a music teacher as well! Or, perhaps they’re a student who’s just starting out on their own journey with the guitar. Either way, this amazing guitar reference poster is the perfect finishing touch for any practice room! This poster is affordable, well-designed, visually pleasing, and easy to use.

At 24 by 36 inches, any musician will be able to glance at this poster and quickly get a refresher on various chord formulas, scales, and other basics during a practice session. Various musical keys are laid out cleanly so that guitarists have a clear guide for beginner chords as well as more advanced chords that will get their hands moving across the fretboard and help them grow.

6. Licensed Marshall Jack Rack Key Hanger

Everyone’s bound to have misplaced their keys at least once, and anyone who has knows just how frustrating it is! You can lend any guitarist a hand by presenting them with this Marshall Jack Rack Key Hanger, where they’ll be able to “plug in” their keys without a second thought.

This cool key hanger mounts right on the wall using four screws, making installation a breeze, and comes with four separate jack keyrings. This sleek-looking piece is sure to add a classy touch to any home or studio with its realistic texture, which is made from actual black amp fabric. Additionally, the gold brushed metal faceplate and genuine plastic Marshall logo make for a delightfully authentic feel. It even comes with a built-in amp handle on top to complete the look!

If you need a witty yet practical gift that will show that you appreciate quality when you see it, this Marshall Jack Rack is the way to go!

7. Neboic Wooden Guitar Wall Hanger Set

Speaking of display pieces to spruce up the walls, a guitar wall hanger is always a solid buy when you want to give a useful gift: And this set of three black walnut mounts from Neboic are an absolute steal.

A lot of musicians who live in smaller quarters are acutely aware of how valuable floor space can be! You can help out your fellow guitarist free up floor space for amps and pedal switches by gifting them this high-quality set of guitar wall mounts that will allow them to display their most beloved instruments with pride.

These sweet wall mounts come with all the screws and hardware needed for installation, and they’re built to last. Buyers are consistently impressed by how sturdy the mounts are, and the rubber-coated arms reinforce support without threatening the finish on the neck of the guitar. If the musician you’re shopping for is looking to get their guitars off the ground, then you can do no better!

8. WINGO Guitar Capo

Ah, the capo: Invaluable to so many guitarists for the ability it provides to raise the pitch of the instrument and greatly increase the range of musical expression. If you’re shopping for an ideal gift to please a guitarist who plays folk or flamenco, then this is an especially good choice! However, just about every guitar player will be able to make use of a capo at some point. And, when they do, they’ll have you to thank for this stylish addition to their kit!

This nice accessory from WINGO sports either a silver or faux wood finish, depending on your choice, that’s layered over a sturdy aluminum alloy. This piece is lightweight but reliable, and it’s built with an ergonomic design that makes it extremely easy to add, remove, or reposition on the fretboard. Musicians also tout the fact that it has just the right amount of pressure to keep the strings from buzzing. And, on Amazon, this trusty capo also comes bundled with a set of guitar picks that are always handy to have!

9. SUNJIANG Maple Wood Guitar USB Flash Drive

Maybe the guitar player you’re seeking out the perfect gift for already has it all. Do they already have a complete set of gear, backups of all the essentials, and enough musical skill to design a how-to poster themselves, leaving you at a loss for how to surprise them? Well, you’re in luck!

Give that special musician in your life a gift they’d never expect with this quirky little wooden guitar USB flash drive. Whether they’d prefer to use it for song samples or completely unrelated personal data, they’ll be able to put the 32GB of space on this thumb drive to good use.

People just love the attention to detail that’s displayed in this product: The little wooden guitar comes in a proportional wooden box filled with shavings to mimic the experience of unboxing a real guitar. The bottom that opens up so that you can plug the drive in also has a little magnet to keep it safely closed when not in use. Talk about a memorable gift!

10. Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch Gift Pack

In the guitar world, picks are like pens and pencils: Every time you turn around, it seems like you’ve misplaced one! Fortunately, you can save the day with this Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch. The punch itself comes in several different colors on Amazon: Black, white, blue, and red. Plus, the plastic starter strips that come bundled with the punch provide even more visual pop alongside some freedom of expression.

The plastic starter strips that come in this gift pack are of the standard thickness, so they’re bound to hold up over time. And, with 15 of them to choose from, you can make around 100 picks! There’s even a little guitar-shaped emery board to smooth the edges of the newly-punched picks so that they’re extra comfortable to hold. And, besides the pick materials and punch, this kit also comes with a leather keychain that will hold up to 10 picks at once, ensuring that no one in the band will have to go without.

11. D’Addario Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter

If that special someone you’re shopping for is all about utility, then they’re sure to love this multi-functional guitar restringing tool. This beast can handle the workload of three different tools: It embodies string clippers, a peg winder, and a bridge pin puller, all in one! And, it does so while fitting nicely into a gig bag or home studio drawer and taking up minimal space.

The clippers are crafted from hardened steel so that they’ll stand up to the wear and tear of long-term use. The entire tool has a nice, ergonomic shape and is consistently reported to make wrestling with pins and pegs a thing of the past. Additionally, it can help remove even the most stubborn bridge pins without damaging the pinheads or any other part of the guitar. Whenever it’s time for a musician to re-string their guitar, they’d be happy to have the D’Addario Pro-Winder by their side!

12. Guitar And Music Note Mug

If the company you keep likes a touch of whimsy now and then, you might find that this guitar and music note mug is the perfect gift for any upcoming occasion! After all, what musician doesn’t wake up the morning before a big jam session wanting a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea?

This artsy mug can handle a full 12 ounces of liquid and will hold up just fine in either the microwave or the dishwasher. The design of this mug is nicely thought out, too: There’s plenty of attention to detail evident in the music painted on the sides and the curved guitar handle. Additionally, while some buyers were initially concerned about the durability of such a delicate-looking handle, this mug proved itself by withstanding the test of time.

Even if you aren’t sure whether the person you’re shopping for is a big coffee or tea drinker, this mug still makes a great pencil or candy holder–its looks alone make it perfect for a variety of uses in a studio setting!

13. New Bee 20-foot Guitar/Amp Cable

Every electric guitar player hates it when they put in the time and effort to practice and hone their skills, only to find that a noisy cable interferes with sound quality when they’re ready to let their musical prowess shine. Luckily, you can help them out by providing them with this high-quality cable from New Bee.

This cable’s center conductors are made from 22AWG oxygen free copper, resulting in superior signal transfer and much better sound preservation. This cable also utilizes PVC insulation to further preserve sound integrity, resulting in a clear sound with no crackling or popping! The cable sports a straight connector on one end and a right-angle connector on the other, increasing convenience and freedom during setup. The flexibility of this cable is also reported to be far superior to rubber, and it’s said to be extremely durable as well. All in all, this cable is a must-have for any guitarist who wants to preserve their best sound and retain plenty of mobility on stage.


Each guitar player out there is as unique as the music they create, so it’s understandable if you’re struggling to find a gift that’s just right!

However, any of these awesome items are sure to go over well.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who enjoys all things cute and quirky or someone more utilitarian who needs to save space on the go, you’ll be able to find something for them here.

And, with every item on this list falling under $50, you might even be able to get them a couple of items to pair together!