What are the Best Gifts for DJs?

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Whether it’s the holiday season or your friend’s birthday is coming up, you want to get them a gift that they’re going to absolutely love. Choosing items that fit their interests is the best way to ensure your gift is a hit. Here are some of our top suggestions for the DJ in your life.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

If your DJ is like most, they spend pretty much all of their DJing time standing. This can wreak havoc on their feet and back. Anti-fatigue floor mats are a great way to reduce the amount of pressure on the body. These mats are available in many different materials, like rubber, wood, vinyl, and carpet, along with an abundance of styles. Your DJ will be able to enjoy and focus on their job without having to worry about the fatigue and pain that comes along with a lot of standing upright.

DJ Headphones

A DJ simply can’t have enough headphones. Whether they’re working on their playlists at home or are on the job, they need headphones that have high sound clarity. Depending on the specific preferences of your recipient, there are a number of different DJ style headphones that you can purchase. Some key features to pay attention to include the amount of padding, frequency response, noise reduction, swivel ear cups, cable length, and overall style.

Spotify Gift Card

Spotify is a very popular place for DJs to stream their music from. To avoid the natural ads that come along with a free Spotify membership, your DJ will need to purchase a premium membership. Instead of them having to spend the money on a premium subscription, you can pay for it with a Spotify gift card. These gift cards allow you to put as much money as you feel comfortable with on an easy-to-use card.

Party Light Projector

To bring things up a notch, a good DJ will utilize party light projectors that showcase all different types of lighting. Some of these include disco lights and strobe lights. You can opt for buying the DJ on your list a party light projector that is capable of a multitude of effect patterns. Make sure that the projector you go with is fully chargeable and comes with an easy-to-use remote control.

Personalized DJ Board Sign

One gift that the DJ on your list will absolutely love is a personalized DJ board sign. These signs are available with different colors of LED lighting and a clear glass background. They’re perfect for being able to see the sign when it’s dark, such as in a bar setting. The best part is that they can easily promote their DJ business without overreaching while they’re working.

Headphone Holder With Charging Station

Whether they’re taking a break or hanging up their headphones for the night, a DJ is going to need a quality headphone holder. However, why stop there? You can find headphone holders with a variety of other convenient features. One of the most useful features is a charging station with multiple USB ports. This gives them the ability to charge their headphones, cellphone, watch, iPad, and other digital necessities.

DJ Booth

If the DJ on your list is just starting out and doesn’t have a lot of equipment, you may want to consider buying them a DJ booth, also known as a facade. These booths can be solid black panels or can be fancier with lighting. Opt for choosing a booth setup that goes along with the style of the DJ you’re buying it for. It’s also important to remember that it should be portable and lightweight so that they can easily transport it from gig to gig.

Cord Storage Bag Organizer

One thing that your DJ likely has is a lot of cords and cables to power all of their equipment. A great gift that they’ll be sure to appreciate is a cord storage bag. These come in many different sizes and styles. All of them have organizers that help to separate and hold various sized cables. If you want to take it a step further, you can enjoy customizing the outside of the storage bag with their business name.

Rhythm Lights

A great way to help your DJ with their job is to opt for getting them rhythm lights. These are characterized as a simple bar constructed with a rainbow of lights. As the beat is played, the lights will move with the rhythm. These can add an extra bit of wow to a DJ’s performance. Rhythm lights are available in all different sizes and styles.

Spill-Proof Tumbler

DJs can put in long hours without a lot of time to step away to get a drink. You can help ensure that the DJ in your life stays hydrated by opting to give them a tumbler. These help to keep drinks cold or warm for an extended period of time. The best part is that you can purchase tumblers with spill-proof tops so that they don’t accidentally spill their drink on their expensive DJ equipment. There are many different styles of tumblers out there to choose from, including DJ-specific styles and personalized designs.

Fog Machine

One great way to boost a DJ’s performance is to add some fog. This will help the lights to amplify their look on the dance floor and give all of the attendees an added wow factor. When purchasing a fog machine, ensure that you purchase one that can run for multiple hours without stopping. Also, you should consider getting them a couple of containers of fog machine fluid, so they’re ready to go.

Wireless Microphone

No one likes trying to scream over a crowd. Get the DJ on your list a brand-new wireless microphone so that they’re clearly heard at any gig they perform at. It’s best to ensure that the microphone has a decent radius so that it can be moved throughout the location without any interference or feedback. You may even want to consider a pair of microphones so that they have a backup in case the first one dies out.

Laptop Stand

It’s highly likely that your DJ utilizes a laptop to do a lot of their music streaming. A great gift to help with their performance is a laptop stand. This will allow them to easily maneuver the laptop to a position that’s easily viewable. It also helps to move the laptop from a traditional table-sitting position so that it doesn’t get knocked over by the dancing crowd.

Power Strips and Extension Cords

Some basic gifts that any good DJ can utilize are power strips and extension cords. Since every different venue is going to have a varying power setup, they never know what they may need until they’re there. Having extra power strips and extension cords can allow them the ability to set up with ease. Consider opting for different extension cord lengths of 6, 10, 15, 25, and even 50 feet so that they have options to choose from.