10 Easy Campfire Ukulele Songs

Create incredible moments around the campfire singing along with your family and friends playing a ukulele – even if you’re just starting. This blog post is full of simple yet wonderful campfire ukulele songs, tips and resources to make those nights special under the stars.

Short Summary

  • Sing around the campfire with 10 easy ukulele songs!
  • Learn classic tunes like “Blowin’ in the Wind” and modern favorites like “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.
  • Get tips on strumming, chords, singalongs & more to make your campfire experience even better.

Top 10 Easy Campfire Ukulele Songs

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced artist, these top campfire ukulele songs will make the perfect accompaniment to your cozy fire-side gatherings. Utilizing simple chord progressions such as G, D, Em and C, they are accessible for all skill levels of players alike! From timeless classics to modern hits, there’s something here that everyone can appreciate.

Let’s get started with some of the most popular yet easy-to-learn tunes: “Blowin’ in The Wind”, “Hallelujah”, “Wagon Wheel”, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy”, plus another classic tune which is bound to be recognizable by many: Edelweiss”. Each one boasts a user-friendly melodic progression enabling even beginners to nail them almost immediately – let alone have everybody singing along quickly too!

Blowin’ in the Wind

Bob Dylan’s poetic masterpiece “Blowin’ in the Wind” is an enduring classic that tugs at the heartstrings. This beloved song, played with a sequence of G, D, Em and C chords, can easily be mastered on guitar with some practice and repetition when strumming away around campfires or anywhere else for that matter.

You will soon captivate listeners as you play this meaningful melody while reflecting upon life’s great questions.

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Learning to play this entrancing song, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen on guitar will no doubt create an unforgettable evening. The chord progression for the piece is C, Am, F, G and Em with a soothing 3-2-1 strumming pattern, making it ideal for sharing around the campfire. Once you’ve perfected your fingerpicking technique. You can transport everyone in attendance into another realm of peace and reverence!

The lyrics express themes such as faithfulness, love and redemption that have already resonated with multiple artists enough to record their own versions. Whether singing along or creating a solemn melody through picking away at strings – “Hallelujah” is sure to inspire listeners far beyond words could ever explain!

Wagon Wheel

Learning “Wagon Wheel,” a song popularized by Old Crow Medicine Show and written by Bob Dylan, is quite easy. With tutorials and tabs readily available online, all you need to do is strum the chords G, D, Em and C for an instantaneous cheerful atmosphere at any campfire gathering. You will be sure to have everyone singing along as they tap their feet!

Don’t Worry Be Happy

If you’re looking for a song to add calmness and cheer at your campfire party, Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” is just the one. The tune consists of easy chords – C, Dm and F, plus an enjoyable melody that will provide a relaxed vibe.

For those who want more excitement, why not try out “Campfire Song Song” from SpongeBob SquarePants? It includes faster chord changes, which could make it all the better!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

This classic piece of music, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” popularized by various pop and folk revival singers in the 50s and 60s, is a great campfire tune to learn. Just three chords (C, D and G) needed for this song are easy enough to pick up quickly— soon your group will be humming along with it!

So why not bring some old-time nostalgia to your gathering? Have fun teaching everyone how to play ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ around the fire!

Brown Eyed Girl

“Brown Eyed Girl”, written by Van Morrison, is an ideal song to play at a campfire. Not only does its melody and rhythm sound great around the fire, but it’s also easy for any guitar player with all levels of experience due to just five chords (G, C, D, D7, and Em).

Playing this timeless classic will not only bring about warm memories from your past loves that come bubbling up while strumming away on your strings – you’ll create new ones too!

Take Me Home, Country Roads

The iconic song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver and Bill Danoff is an ideal piece to add atmosphere for a campfire sing-along. Using the chords G, D, Em and C makes it simple yet enjoyable to learn. With its moving words of wistfulness set to such a catchy tune, this classic track can bring instant familiarity with West Virginia home feeling wherever one goes.

The emotion contained within captures what we all strive after: peace amidst nature’s beauty while yearning for our own sanctuary. That sense of belonging on country roads takes us back where we belong, at least in spirit, if not location!

Stand By Me

This uncomplicated tune whose main concept is companionship and solidarity provides a great song to sing around the campfire. All you need are three chords (C, F, & G7) making it simple enough for anyone to join in with their friends or relatives as they strum together.

The result will be an everlasting feeling of unity which can linger even after the fire has been extinguished.


As you strum and hum “Edelweiss,” this piece from The Sound of Music will cause scenes of awe-inspiring alps to appear in your mind. Composed with the chords G, D, Em and C, it has an unmistakably calming melody that fits perfectly by a campfire for creating tranquil atmospheres.

The name is taken after the white flower found growing among these peaks – Edelweiss – which surely adds even more charm as you sing along!

Campfire Songs for Beginners: Tips & Techniques

For those beginning their ukulele journey, mastering the basics of strumming and chord progressions is essential. Simple patterns such as down-up strokes, alternating strums, and three-note chords can be learned quickly. These skills will allow you to play a variety of campfire songs for added fun! If some tunes seem difficult at first, don’t lose heart, patience and repetition are key in order to achieve success with your endeavors. With persistence, eventually all your favorite campfire recipes will come together easily with confidence.

Sing-Along Favorites: Classic Campfire Songs

Creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere around the campfire with classic songs is an excellent way to bring people together. These timeless tunes have simple melodies and well-known lyrics that appeal across all generations – “Let It Be” by The Beatles (C, Am, F & G chords) and Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away” (F, C & G chords).

Strumming these sentimental tracks provides individuals with a sense of connection while sparking cherished memories for everyone present. Don’t be hesitant to break out your ukulele and commence some beautiful harmony!

Fun & Energetic Campfire Tunes

If you’re in the mood to get everyone’s spirits up at your campfire gathering, try some upbeat and high-energy tunes such as “The Campfire Song Song” by Spongebob Squarepants or Johnny Cash’s classic hit “I Walk The Line”. These songs come with catchy melodies that will have everybody singing along while their feet tap away to a faster tempo.

You can tell there is excitement and pure happiness just radiating from within when playing these uplifting numbers – so no matter what level of experience you might have on guitar, don’t worry about it! Even beginners are guaranteed an amazing time jamming out around the fire with friends.

Peaceful & Soothing Melodies

When it comes to creating the perfect campfire atmosphere, slow and gentle songs such as Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and The Tokens’ hit single “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” can help set a peaceful mood. These calming numbers with their tranquil instrumentals accompanied by relaxing vocals bring about an air of tranquility around the flames that will calm even your most exhausted companions after a long day outdoors. Spend some time under twinkling stars while you jam out on these mellow melodies for a truly laid-back evening experience.

Folk & Traditional Songs for Campfires

These classic folk tunes, such as “The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals and Richard Rodgers’ “Edelweiss”, have been carried through generations providing feelings of nostalgia. Their uncomplicated melodies coupled with straightforward chord progressions make them suitable for every musician no matter their level, perfecting crafting a pleasant atmosphere at campfires! Regardless of whether you are introducing these songs to younger ages or cherishing old memories while playing along with friends, they will surely liven up your camping experience in a unique way.

Campfire Songs for Kids

Bringing kids closer to the remarkable experience of campfire music is a great way for family and friends to bond. A famous song like “Puff, The Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul & Mary can be easily learned with simple chords that are sure to spark imaginations in children as well as adults. With such an inspiring tune around the fire pit everyone will surely cherish these memories forever!

All you need now is your ukulele and let’s get ready for some memorable times surrounded by magical melodies. We’ll all get introduced into a world full of wonderful sounds creating lifelong moments of joy together!

Learning Resources: Tutorials & Tabs

Learning campfire ukulele songs can be made easy with the help of tutorials and tabs. Step-by-step instructions, along with visual diagrams, make it easy to get accustomed to new chords or strumming patterns. A wide selection of resources is available online from free websites like Ukulele-tabs.com as well as paid ones such as Ukuletricks.com which will take your playing skills up a notch! So why wait? Start exploring all that fun campfire music today!

How to Choose the Perfect Campfire Ukulele

If you’re looking for an ideal campfire ukulele, there are some factors to consider such as size, strings and sound quality. A smaller instrument is easier to transport, but the right kind of strings can have a great impact on its playability and music production. To maintain its beautiful tone, it’s crucial that your ukulele stays in tune. This also helps avoid any warping issues from happening later on down the line.

By picking out precisely what works best with your musical style and ensuring proper care of your apparatus, you’ll be sure to get perfect results! So why wait? Get yourself onto finding that special something so you can start strumming away at those melodies around every bonfire soon enough!


With the perfect blend of knowledge, resources and some simple campfire ukulele songs anyone can be a master strummer around the fire. As you become more experienced with playing, new things to learn will open up for an enjoyable evening by flameside no matter what your skill level is. So why not lighten up the night? Grab that uke and let yourself get swept away in unforgettable memories as you play along!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is that one song everyone plays on ukulele?

One of the most popular and well-loved tunes to play on a ukulele is “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. It’s an easy song for anyone, whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years. Its uncomplicated chord progression makes it fun and accessible. Experienced players can show off their ability with this tune as well!

This timeless classic brings joy to many musicians due to how simple it is to pick up, learn and master, perfect all those who like strumming away at their uke!