6 Cool Guitar Gadgets to Check Out

Guitarists are always looking for new ways to change up their playing style or sound. After all, playing the same instrument for many years can get a bit boring. The good news is that there are dozens of different guitar gadgets that can make your sound and playing style more interesting.

Let’s look at 6 cool guitar gadgets to check out

1. EBow

Guitarists worldwide have been mesmerized by the sight and sound of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page playing the guitar with a violin bow for many decades. This bow-arrangement allowed the innovative rock guitarist to create psychedelic drone-like sounds on his instrument.

An innovative gadget known as the EBow makes it possible to play such sounds without the use of a violin. The EBow can be thought of as a special type of plectrum. However, instead of strumming, guitarists can create sounds by hovering the device just above the surface of their strings.

This forces string vibrations that produce an angelic drone-like sound with infinite sustain. The EBow’s latest version also includes a special harmonic mode. This produces a harmonic sound higher than the fundamental frequency the device is triggering. This leads to a layered sound that can sound rich when coupled with the right effects. Consider investing in an EBow if you want to add some otherworldly sounds to your guitar playing.

2. Roadie 2 Guitar Tuner and Automatic Winder

Are you sick of attempting to tune your guitar in noisy concert environments? Then the Roadie 2 is the gadget you’ve been waiting for. This handy little device can be placed against your guitar’s tuning pegs for quick tuning.

The Roadie 2 features a built-in tuner as well as an automatic winder with a motor. Guitarists simply need to insert their tuning peg into the winding mechanism and allow the device to do the rest. The Roadie 2 features a pitch detection accuracy of 2%. It also allows you to change the reference frequency of 440 Hz for A to anywhere between 420 and 460 Hz.

The Roadie 2 is perfect for guitarists that want to experiment with alternate tunings, but without the hassle of tuning each string manually. It’s built-in vibration detection also allows you to tune your guitar in noisy environments without worrying about external sounds messing up the process.

3. Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System

Guitarists who are sick of tripping over cables finally have an easy solution to their problem: Going wireless. Wireless guitar systems have been used by professional guitarists in concert settings for many decades. However, this technology was quite pricey when it was first introduced.

The good news is that there are many brands that make affordable wireless guitar systems in the current year. One of the leading ones is the Xvive U2 Wireless Guitar System.

The Xvive U2 is incredibly easy to use. It consists of two small devices with guitar jacks. One of these can be plugged into your guitar, while the other can be plugged into an amplifier or a soundboard. You can then transmit your guitar signal wirelessly for up to 120 feet.

The Xvive U2 runs on rechargeable batteries and offers a decent five hours of play time on a full charge. Consider purchasing this gadget if you perform live often, or simply want to play your guitar through an amp on the other side of your bedroom.

4. Livid Guitar Wing MIDI Performance Controller

If you have ever used a MIDI controller before, you may already be familiar with the crazy possibilities they open up. This is one of the reasons we were ecstatic when we discovered the Livid Guitar Wing MIDI Performance Controller.

This gadget’s name does a great job of explaining what it does. It is essentially a MIDI controller that can be attached to the lower horn of your guitar. The device then allows you to control different functions on your DAW of choice.

The Livid Guitar Wing MIDI Performance Controller is a great choice if you use the built-in effects on a DAW regularly during recording or performances. For example, if you enjoy using a special reverb plugin on Ableton, you can assign the different control parameters such as reverb time, feedback, and cutoff to the MIDI controller buttons and adjust your settings from the comfort of your guitar.

Similarly, you can also assign MIDI buttons to the start, stop, and record functions on your DAW. This can make recording a far more efficient process for guitarists.

5. Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer with a GK-3 pickup

The term “guitar synthesizer” sounds cool enough to pique just about any musician’s interest. However, the Roland GR-55 is unlike anything else out there. This device can essentially be thought of as an effects pedal that processes the signal from a special pickup it is sold with.

This GK-3 pickup attaches to your electric guitar and converts the sound of your strings into a MIDI signal. This signal is then sent to the GR-55 for processing and conversion into different instrument sounds.

If you have ever wanted your guitar to sound like a violin or a vintage synthesizer from the 80s, then the GR-55 and GK-3 have you covered. This innovative gadget has 910 instrument sounds or PCM, 23 guitar types, and 17 bass types. In addition to this, the GR-55 features over 20 types of effects, 14 modulation types, and 42 amp types. That’s a whole lot of options for just one device!

If you’re ready to show off your guitar playing skills with a host of different sounds, consider getting the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer with a GK-3 pickup.

6. Vox Amplug 2 Headphone Amp

Want to practice the guitar without using an amp? Then the Vox Amplug 2 Headphone Amp is just the gadget you need. This small rectangular device features a guitar jack, allowing you to plug it directly into your guitar without the need for cables.

You can then plug your favorite pair of headphones into the device and jam out to your heart’s content. It really is that easy.

The Amplug2 runs on alkaline batteries and offers up to 17 hours of playing time. It also features nine selectable effects such as chorus, delay and reverb.

The Vox Amplug2 also comes in many different variants, each of which simulates a particular amp sound. This includes:

  • AP2AC for a recreation of the signature Vox AC30 sound
  • AP2CR for Classical Rock
  • AP2MT for Metal
  • AP2CL for Clean
  • AP2BL for Blues
  • AP2LD for Lead

Consider trying each one before settling on the variant that fits your music and playing style best.

Final Thoughts

The gifts mentioned in the above list are a great choice for just about any guitarist. So consider looking up the ones that fit within your budget the next you want to get yourself or a guitarist friend a special present. Happy jamming, and keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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