What is a condenser microphone?

These days anyone can pick up a phone and record themselves singing for fun.

So many electronics have small microphones that are consistently being improved with each new smartphone or laptop model.

However, if you are considering dabbling in professional recording, you need to be prepared with a good microphone.

Condenser microphones have been a favorite option among professionals for years and years. A condenser microphone has a long history as the optimal microphone for recording studios.

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Audio-Technica AT2020 (A Top-Rated Mic!)

In a time when everything is changing, there are still some things that can be relied upon — such as a solid microphone.

One thing that will always be true is that people have a strong drive to create, connect, and share with others.

A clear demonstration of this has been the significant rise in new podcasts as well as home recording studios in the past year.

Would-be on-air personalities and home-based producers are taking advantage of what could be considered a golden renaissance for creative endeavors.

With time on their hands and a little extra cash in the bank, many artists are beginning to invest in their own craft.

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