Blue Yeti Review: The Top Microphone?

Hearing about Blue Yeti is overwhelming for those who will buy a microphone, and we know that. This article will help you with all your queries about the Blue Yeti.

For the last few years, the music and broadcasting system have seen a lot of uprisings with modern gadgets. But in the past, the condition was not like that. Talking about the Blue Yeti, loyal and reliable for many years, it has still held its position among the other top USB mic systems. It still attracts buyers with its unimaginable classic features.

Blue Yeti Review

The Blue Yeti is a USB microphone and recorder first introduced by the American music company Blue Microphones. Its initial purpose was to target pro, semi-pro, and singers and musicians. Thus the introducing price was budget-friendly, and one could avail it for 130 US dollars.

The product got immense instant popularity and is still helping people with its affordable price, high-quality recordings, and beautiful design. Logitech acquired the Blue Microphone company in 2018. Since then, they made other blue Yeti models but continued the older version for its demand.

Design of The Blue Yeti

Talking about the design of the blue yeti, one cannot deny its multifunctionality. It is sleek, handy and lightweight. It comes with a bottom pad and desktop stand. So you can place it anywhere with little space. It can also be used over the head as headphones; you can put it in front of your face by attaching it to your head.

The height of the microphone is also placeable as it is 12 inches tall and about anthropomorphic in structure. You can see the video here for a better understanding.

Features of the Microphone

Blue Yeti is loaded with a lot of features. Let us see the unique features that stand it out among the crowd.

  • Polar Patterns

One of the salient features of the Blue Yeti is that it has a changeable four triangular microphone array. It allows the user to change between the polar patterns. As a result, you can pick up the best sound for you. Let us see the four different polar.

Cardioid Mode. The pick-up pattern of this cardioid mode is in the front. This mode is best suited for gaming, webinar, streaming, calls and podcasting. Other similar works can also be done in this mode.

Omnidirectional Mode. The answer is already in the name. In omnidirectional mode, the microphone covers all the area. This mode is specially designed for conference recording where multiple voices are put.

Bidirectional Mode. The bidirectional mode is amazing for in-person interviews. It will be dangerous to use this mode for other purposes. So if you are recording oppositely then this mode would be perfect for you.

Stereo Mode. Stereo mode is perfect for you if you need a clear distinction between the left and right speaker, and that is the place where this mode works great.

  • Headphone Jack and Volume Control

It is important to have a headphone jack and volume control button on the microphone. It helps you to record easily. The Blue Yeti has a headphone and volume key right on the front.

  • Gain Control

Gain control button in the microphone is incredibly important. It saves you from being overloud! Yes, every microphone does not have this feature. But Blue Yeti has. Gain control button helps you to reset the volume when you are speaking loud. It does not make the mic overload.

Other microphones come with the software, but you cannot make software changes instantly. That is where Blue Yeti helps.

  • Mute Button

The mute button is also an important and necessary feature that helps in emergency time. It prevents you from speaking nonsense. The Blue Yeti comes with this vital mute key that most other usb mic does not come with.

  • USB Plug and Play

The recent mics available in the market do not always have an analog system. This creates a lot of problems when the wireless device does not work. For the Blue Yeti, it is just classic. Apart from the wireless system, it also has a USB plug and plays system. So just put the cord and start recording.

  • Stand

Blue Yeti comes with a solid and strong stand. So you can place it easily. But, as the microphone stays near the mouth during recording, you will obviously less use the stand. For that reason, it also has other options like an arm stand or stands attached to the head.

  • Size and Weight

As the microphone comes with many features, it is evident that it will have a countable weight. So don’t be shocked. But it is not like that you cannot pick it up.

  • Blue Sherpa Software

Recently, the Blue Company introduced the software called Blue Sherpa that allows the user to monitor, control and reset the microphone’s settings. It also came up with many updates for the gain, mute and play system.

Apart from these features, the Blue Yeti also comes with some cool accessories. The Blue Yeticaster Bundle comes with a mic. Do not forget to take the shock mount, Blue Compass Boom Arm, and the Pop Filter.

What’s the best way to set up the Blue Yeti?

Connect the micro USB cable to the microphone’s bottom, then ensure your computer’s input is set to the Blue Yeti. Also there is a headphone jack on the bottom of the unit, on the other side of the USB port, if you need to observe your input. That concludes our discussion. You’ve completed the setup process.

What is the price range for Blue Yeti microphone?

The Blue Yeti microphone costs $129.99 (about £100 / AU$180), which is a reasonable price for a high-end microphone considering that a high-end model may cost upwards of $1000.

Is Blue Yeti suitable for newbies?

It doesn’t require an audio interface or a digital recorder to use. This is ideal for beginners, but it might be restrictive for people who want to develop and improve their audio abilities over time. The Yeti is an attractive microphone. It has a solid, durable, and well-balanced feel to it.

Is Blue Yeti microphone the best for You?

If you are looking for a microphone with all the above features yet affordable and branded, you are good to go with the Blue Yeti. The Blue Yeti is a compact device. You have to get all the features in a single device nearly unavailable on other devices.

Whether you are looking for your first YouTuber microphone, the Blue Yeti microphones have become an increasingly important device for recording high-quality audio.

Final Thoughts
Summing up the above facts, it must be said that the Blue Yeti has the potentiality of becoming the number 1 microphone in the market. Looking at its features, it is generally not meant for beginners. You must have the proper knowledge to use the full strength of the device. But that does not mean that a beginner cannot use it.

Here is the amazon link to the product. You can check the review of the verified buyers. And if convinced, then purchase the product.

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