Blue Spark Mic Review – To Buy or Not to Buy?

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blue spark mic review There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you’ve worked hard at your musical skills and finally feel ready to start recording your own music!

Whether you play the drums, shred on the guitar, or express yourself through vocals, you’ve probably heard at least a couple of people suggest the Blue Spark mic for your home studio.

Let’s go over some of the key details that make the Blue Spark SL XLR Condenser Mic unique so that you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

How does the Blue Spark Mic sound and look? Is it good quality?

To put it simply: This microphone sounds incredible!

The sound is crisp and clear, and this mic puts through enough resonance for your recordings to sound rich and natural. Your audio will also sound more defined and detailed with the Spark SL, which does a surprisingly good job of preserving the feel of your environment.

Many artists report being able to get a sense of space around their voice, adding to the natural and “real” feeling of the audio. This mic also pics up a full range of sound without making the recording sound “compressed” in the way that many dynamic mics do.

Blue has made a name for itself with microphones that sound great and feel as high-quality as they sound. You won’t find anything on the Spark SL XLR that looks or feels cheap.

The metal structure of the Spark SL feels solid, and the Blackout version’s matte black finish and anodized accents will lend a modern, elegant look to your studio space. When you hold this mic and set it up for a session, it will feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth!

As if the microphone itself weren’t already impressive enough, Blue goes the extra mile by including a matching shock mount for when the mic is in use and a sleek, wooden storage case for when it isn’t.

The wooden case looks classy and contains your mic safely in case you need to travel with it–not to mention the fact that it makes the whole user experience feel more luxurious when you take your mic out of the box!

The shock mount that comes with this mic has a matte black finish to match the microphone itself, which many artists consider to be a nice touch.

In addition to looking elegant, the shock mount provides some practical advantages as well.

When you record after setting your mic up with a shock mount, you’ll get recordings that sound cleaner and better.

The shock mount reduces vibrations caused by your movements as well as those that travel through the surface that the mic is mounted on. It serves to reduce mechanical vibrations as well.

This, in turn, reduces unwanted background noise for a much better sound! You won’t have to worry about holding yourself back if you like to move around and really get into the music while you’re playing and recording.

The Spark SL XLR is also quite reliable and sturdy despite its surprisingly lightweight construction. Even though this microphone weighs in at just a little under 0.75 pounds, most users state that it feels sleek rather than flimsy.

Don’t worry: Even if this mic lacks any unnecessary bulk, it still holds up well under regular use. Additionally, the shock mount is equally well-constructed, performing its job well and offering consistent stability.

Who is this Blue Spark mic best suited for?

This dependable Blue mic is good for anyone from indie musicians to podcasters and streamers!

Vocalists and guitarists alike will agree that this microphone does a great job of preserving all the important nuances of their work while providing a clean, crisp recording.

Nothing goes flat when you record through this mic, allowing you to express yourself fully through your voice or instruments.

This microphone is also especially well-suited to artists who are just getting themselves started in the recording world and don’t want to break the bank. The Spark SL is pretty affordable compared to its competitors, and its audio quality is above what you’d expect from the price tag–which generally falls around 200 dollars.

When it comes to the professional-sounding audio, beautiful construction, and overall value that you get for the money, this mic is hard to beat!

Is there anything that I should be aware of before buying?

One of the things you should note about this microphone is that it’s intended for use in well-contained spaces.

The Spark SL XLR is a cardioid condenser microphone, and any mic of this variety is bound to pick up ambient noise if there’s any to be found. The tendency for this highly sensitive mic to pick up small background noises is somewhat counteracted by that cardioid polar pattern.

However, most users still report that the high level of sensitivity is a noticeable difference between the Spark SL XLR and other mics they’ve used.

Now, that’s not to say that this is a bad thing!

The sensitivity of this mic is a double-edged sword which can be wielded in your favor: You’ll need to make sure you have a quiet and contained space in order to get a clean recording, but the quality of the sound that this mic picks up is beyond impressive.

It’s also worth noting that the sensitivity of this mic will be more of an advantage than a problem for anyone who’s set aside a designated recording room, especially if they’ve set up acoustic foam.

If you don’t have the space to dedicate a room to recording or haven’t gotten your foam set up yet, then you can minimize any future need for editing by reducing ambient noise before you get started.

Either way, you’re bound to find that the sound quality you can expect from this mic is well worth whatever prep work is necessary!

What are some other key details I should know about the Blue Spark SL XLR?

This Blue mic is very user-friendly and comes with switches that will make it easy to take full advantage of its capabilities.

For instance, the handy -20db pad switch is there to help smooth your recording over and keep it crisp if things get too loud while you’re working. The mic also comes with a 100Hz high-pass filter that helps to counteract any rumble you might encounter during your recording sessions.

These onboard controls make it convenient for you to go with the flow and adjust your settings as needed.

Another handy perk of the Spark SL is that it comes fitted with an XLR connector, but offers USB compatibility as well. This versatility is a huge perk for anyone who doesn’t want to have to choose between professional-level XLR recording and the ability to hook their mic up to the computer.

The Spark SL is also constructed with Blue’s Class-A JFET electronic components, which are known for their dependability and top-of-the-line performance. The richness granted by these electronic components pairs beautifully with the condenser capsule and large diaphragm to create clear, detailed sound.

Blue put plenty of thought into the practical details of this microphone in order to create a satisfying product, and it shows!


After putting in the work that it takes to become a skilled vocalist or musician, you deserve to record with a mic that will allow the fruits of your labor to truly shine!

Just about any microphone you get from Blue is bound to please, but the Spark SL XLR condenser mic just might be one of their best.

With user-friendly controls, a durable and elegant design, and refreshing audio quality, this microphone performs beautifully and delivers better sound than you can expect from its competitors.

If you want professional-tier recordings that sound as clean as a whistle without a huge price tag, then this microphone is a great buy.

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