5 Best Violin for Kids

There are numerous benefits your child can get by learning to play a musical instrument. Aside from acquiring a lifelong skill, children also tend to develop their social, mental, and emotional intelligence through music.

One of the most popular instruments you can provide your child with is a violin. The sheer size of it is perfect for a young one’s small hands and fingers.

However, you must ensure that the violin you purchase is of good quality. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your money. We’re here to prevent that.

Best Violin for Kids

You have multiple options to choose from when looking for a violin. However, why go through all the trouble of assessing them individually? We took it upon ourselves to do that for you.

Here are the best violins for kids you may find on the market today.

1. ADM Acoustic Violin Set

ADM stands for All Days Music, and they mainly manufacture string instruments and other musical tools or accessories. They cater to musicians from all walks of life, both amateurs, professionals, beginners, and experts.

Today, they have blessed us with one of their best deals; the ADM Acoustic Violin Set.


The ADM Acoustic Violin Set is a great option for children who are transitioning from toy violins to real acoustic ones. Its body is mainly made out of maple covered with a dark brown finish, giving it an antique and fancy appeal.

The violin includes a strain plate made out of aluminum alloy, a sturdy but elegant fingerboard, and a chinrest. These features further enhance the violin’s authenticity, considering the lack of a toy-like feel to its build.

This violin falls under the 4/4 category orfull size. Because of this, the ADM Acoustic Violin Set’s main targets range from pre-teens to adults or people with an arm’s length of around 23 inches.

The best part about this product is it includes almost everything your kid will need to practice and play the violin. Accessories and tools from the ADM Acoustic Violin Set include the bow, a tuner, a case, an extra string set, and even a music stand.


  • authentic and solid build
  • wooden, classic violin appearance
  • full kit


  • might be too big for children below ten years old
  • not meant for left-handed kids


2. Cecilio Electric Violin

You may not hear the name Cecilio in every conversation about musical instruments, but they are actually quite good with what they do. The Cecilio company has a deep roster of skilled luthiers that ensure their violins are of top quality.

As a testament to that, we’d like to introduce you to the Cecilio Electric Violin.


Just the appearance of a classical violin can sometimes be too intimidating for a child. However, this ¾ electric violin from Cecilio utilizes a unique shape and design that makes it look slightly different from a traditional violin.

The body is hollow, and its structure is mainly composed of just the outline of the violin. Furthermore, it comes in a dark, metallic black color to complete its avant-garde visual appeal.

It’s a silent violin, which means you can only appreciate its sound when plugged into an amplifier or a headset. This is perfect for kids who wish to practice independently but don’t wish to disturb other people in the house.

It’s powered by a 9V alkaline battery which is already included in the package. Furthermore, the Cecilio Electric Violin comes with a hard case, wooden bow, an aux cable, and headphones.


  • unique appearance
  • silent
  • comes with a battery and headphones
  • computer, speaker, and amplifier connectivity


  • multiple components tend to make the violin a bit heavy for kids

3. Kennedy Bunnel Pupil Violin

Kennedy Violins is one of the leading and most trusted brands when it comes to stringed instruments. They have a wide array of products ranging from cellos, violas, basses, guitars, ukuleles, and of course, violins.

Having been around for more than 15 years, the Kennedy Bunnel Pupil Violin is a culmination of this company’s expertise in the field.


This 1/8 violin is a great option for kids around five years of age or anyone with an arm’s length of just around 17 inches. All of Kennedy’s violins are designed and finished by violinists themselves and professional luthiers. So, you can guarantee that the Bunnel Pupil Violin is made by artists, and for artists, too.

Attention to detail is evidently practiced in the production of this violin, and you can see it in the sides of the violin. Instead of being pressed by a machine, the Bunnel Pupil Violin’s sides are carved.

Additionally, the body of the violin is made with a combination of maple and spruce wood, allowing the instrument to sound smoother than other products. This violin is also covered in satin for a glossy finish instead of lacquer to avoid reducing the violin’s sound quality.

The product comes with an extra set of strings, a shoulder rest, a polishing cloth, and a hard case. Furthermore, the hard case includes a hygrometer that measures the humidity inside. This allows you to prevent damages to the violin caused by moisture.


  • handcrafted
  • attention to detail
  • full accessories
  • hygrometer


  • 1/8 is a bit small for bigger kids

4. Eastar EVA-2 Violin Set

Eastar is a company that focuses on anything and everything related to music. They offer keyboards, drum sets, wind instruments, string instruments, and even audio equipment.

With this Eastar EVA-2 Violin Set, you’re getting more than just a musical instrument but years of expertise in the field.


The Eastar EVA-2 Violin Set makes it relatively easier for your child to learn how to play the instrument. There are eight white points on the fingerboard to assist your kid with finger placement and hand position.

The body and neck are made out of maple wood for enhanced sound and durability, while the fingerboard is made with pearwood. A glossy, dark brown finish gives the violin a classic and vintage look.

You will also receive a wooden chinrest, an extra set of strings, rosin, and a natural Mongolian horsehair.


  • comes with natural horsehair
  • fingerboard points for easy learning
  • great for beginners
  • solid built


  • a bit more challenging to tune

5. LilPals Violin Toy

LilPals is a company that manufactures all kinds of toys for children. So, why did we include a toy in a list that consists of violins? Well, this toy is a gateway for your kid to learn the instrument.

You’ll understand what we’re trying to say once you learn about the LilPals Violin Toy.


All the violins we’ve listed above require at least a brief understanding of how musical instruments work. This can be a bit of a problem for toddlers.

So, if you want to start them young, they first need to know about the fundamental principles of how violins work. The LilPals Violin Toy includes a bow and a violin that has a few keys on the fingerboard.

By pressing the keys, the toy will play different sounds from the built-in speaker. This can teach your child early on about finger placement and shoulder positioning.

The LilPals Violin Toy may not be a string instrument, but it’s a useful stepping stone to get your child started on playing the violin.


  • stepping stone for kids who can’t hold a violin yet
  • durable
  • can play individual notes or songs
  • colorful


  • not a real instrument


We’ve reached the part of this review where we try and determine which product is the best for your kid. Honestly, all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s all a matter of what your child needs and prefers.

Nonetheless, we deemed that the Eastar EVA-2 Violin Set is the best option for kids who have just begun their violin journey.

On the other hand, children who have advanced skills and knowledge about the violin will enjoy the benefits of the Kennedy Bunnel Pupil Violin.