Top 12 Best Vietnamese Songs

There is something undeniably special about Vietnamese songs. From the soulful ballads to the more upbeat tracks, there is a certain charm that captivates listeners from all walks of life.

What is it about these songs that make them so appealing? Is it the unique melodies or the heartfelt lyrics? Perhaps it’s the way they evoke memories of home and family.

No matter what it is, Vietnamese songs are sure to touch your heart in a way that no other music can. The instruments used in traditional Vietnamese music are quite different from those in other countries, giving the songs a distinctive sound.

12 Best Vietnamese Songs

If you have never listened to a Vietnamese song before, we highly recommend you start with this list.

Each song is special in its own way, and they all portray themes of love and life beautifully. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed putting this list together!

1. Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa by Hoàng Duyên and Jsol

Hoàng Duyên and Jsol bring trendy lofi colors with Sài Gòn Hôm Nay Mưa. The singer collaborated with Jsol to express the true spirit of the song.

This beautiful ballad about love and loss sets the tone for an immense flow of emotions. The melody is heartbreakingly sad, complemented by lyrics that pull at one’s heartstrings. Each verse is imbued with love and sadness.

This song depicts a touching story of a person who leaves Saigon after experiencing heartbreak. Throughout the song, he reminisces the time spent with his love and how they had promised to be there for each other through thick and thin.

This song is perfect for anyone who loves music laced with emotions. It is easy to listen to and remember. The chorus is the highlight that makes the song very catchy.

You can listen to the full song here.

2. Trốn Tìm by Đen

This heart-wrenching song about unrequited love is sure to leave you longing for your loved one who may have found a home in someone else’s arms.

The lyrics are incredibly sad, and the melody is beautifully tragic. Trốn Tìm translates to “Hide and Seek” in English. The songwriter has compared one-sided love to a children’s game called hide and seek, in which one child hides and the other finds him, except that in love, the “seeker” may not look for the one hiding.

You can listen to the full song here.

3. Răng Khôn by Phí Phương Anh

Răng Khôn by Phí Phương Anh is a beautiful song about first love. It’s a story of a young couple who had to part ways after years of dating and being in love. Their relationship ended when the man got married to someone else.

You can listen to the full song here.

4. Càng Lớn Càng Cô Đơn by JayKii

Càng Lớn Càng Cô Đơn is yet another sad love song focused on the themes of loneliness and isolation. It talks about how people tend to feel lonelier as they move from one stage of life to the next.

Additionally, this song reminds us how love brings happiness. At the same time, it makes us question why we always end up hurting those we love the most.

You can listen to the full song here.

5. Họ Yêu Ai Mất Rồi by Doãn Hiếu

This love song will become your favourite if you have experienced heartbreak.

Brace yourself for a heart-warming trip down memory lane; the soul-stirring lyrics will make you think of the pleasant memories with someone you love(d) who has now found someone else.

You can listen to the full song here.

6. Sợ Ta Mất Nhau by Châu Khải Phong

Sợ Ta Mất Nhau talks about the fear of losing the one you love. It tells the story of a man who loves a woman deeply or rather is obsessed with her. The thought of her falling for another man keeps him awake at night.

This song beautifully captures the essence of how obsession in a relationship can lead to tragedy.

You can listen to the full song here.

7. Khi Em Lớn by Orange featuring Hoàng Dũng

This melodious song touches on the subject of love but is more about life, in general. It talks about how life changes as we grow older, implying that living as a child is so much easier.

As we step into adulthood, we experience several ups and downs. Life gets tough. One may often be tempted to return home to their parents to feel safe and appreciated. However, they may not want to admit they have failed and lost hope.

The song further talks about how one must stand up after falling because life goes on. It’s not wrong to want to be a kid again and enjoy a carefree life, but reality must not be forgotten.

You can listen to the full song here.

8. Thế Nào Là Tình Yêu by Kai Đinh

Kai Đinh talks about moving on after a difficult breakup in this song. At the same time, he mentions not remembering how it feels to be loved again.

If you have recently broken up with someone and are struggling to move on, this song will remind you that life doesn’t come to a halt when someone leaves. You may grieve for days, weeks, or months but you will move on once that process is over.

You can listen to the full song here.

9. Em Hát Ai Nghe by Orange

This song by Orange revolves around unreciprocated love. It takes listeners on a journey full of tragedy, talking about loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

You can listen to the full song here.

10. Blue Tequila by Táo

Blue Tequila was one of the best Vietnamese songs of 2020. Dominated by string solo and lounge jazz influence, this sad love song paints a narrative most of us can relate to: an unexpected encounter at a bar that sparks feelings that can’t be expressed in words.

There may be moments in your life when you feel there’s a possibility of something more, or you may have had encounters where you could feel the chemistry between you two. Whatever it is – and you may not be able to explain it – but you can’t deny you have experienced it.

With Blue Tequila, Táo paints an impressive picture of that exact feeling/experience/realization in the music video using unique visual elements and a cinematic palette.

You can listen to the full song here.

It’s Time to Trace Your Life With the Best Vietnamese Songs!

Using plaintive melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the best Vietnamese songs touch a chord in listeners. They combine elements of Western and Eastern music styles to create a unique sound that is both hauntingly beautiful and irresistibly catchy. The country’s rich history and culture are evident in the lyrics and melodies of these songs.

If you have never had the chance to listen to Vietnamese music before, we highly recommend doing so!

Listening to a Vietnamese song can be like taking a mini-vacation to Southeast Asia – it’s part of their appeal. So, sit back and prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of Vietnamese music!