Top 5 Best Ukulele for Kids

There are numerous benefits your kid can get from learning and playing a musical instrument. However, one common problem children face in this subject is that their fingers are still too small to accurately press down on keys or strings.

Thankfully, there are quite a few instruments that are perfect for kids, and one of these is a ukulele. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best ukuleles for kids to help them start their musical journey.

Best Ukulele for Kids

We checked some of the best ukuleles for kids that you may find in the market today, and here are the best contenders we found.

1. AKLOT Soprano Ukulele

AKLOT produces a wide range of musical instruments ranging from guitars, drums, banjos, violins, and kalimbas. Of course, they didn’t forget to manufacture a ukulele for all ages.

The AKLOT Soprano Ukulele is a testament to the company’s expertise in musical instrument production, and the features below will prove that.


The soundboard of the AKLOT Soprano Ukulele is made with mahogany, allowing it to produce pure and warm tones while enhancing its durability.

In addition to this, one of the best advantages of using mahogany is that the sound of the ukulele improves the more frequently you play it.

This makes the AKLOT Soprano Ukulele a great option for kids because they can hold onto it even as they grow older and enhance their skills.

You can also check AKLOT’s official website, as they have prepared a number of lessons for those starting to learn how to play the ukulele.

This includes tuning, fretting, strumming, and fingerpicking. The ukulele also comes with an instruction booklet to help your kid navigate the instrument.

Lastly, AKLOT made sure to include all the accessories your kid may need when playing the instrument. The AKLOT Soprano Ukulele comes with a tuner, strap, extra strings, and picks.

With a total length of about 21 inches and an average weight of two pounds, this ukulele will conveniently help your kid develop his/her musical skills.


  • mahogany soundboard
  • sound improvement over time
  • free online lessons
  • instruction booklet
  • tuner, strap, extra strings, picks
  • comes with a bag


  • none

2. Kala Starter Kit Ukulele

Kala focuses mainly on manufacturing ukuleles. They have a deep arsenal of all the different types of ukuleles with various features and a wide range of designs and materials.

As a staple name in the music industry, this list will not be complete without the Kala Starter Kit Ukulele. Here’s why it’s a great option for your kid.


The Kala Starter Kit Ukulele features three different learning features. First, you have the Kala app you can download on your smartphone. Through this app, you can access a digital tuner, some songs you can play along to, and a few beginner lessons to get started.

Secondly, Kala also offers ukulele tutorials on their official website. Simply navigate to the Learn to Play section, and you will find a wide array of lessons like proper tuning and strumming techniques to develop your ukulele skills.

Lastly, the Kala Starter Kit Ukulele also includes a Quick Start Guide. This is an instructional booklet that’ll help your kid learn the ukulele from square one.

Aside from the three learning features, another thing you will love about the Kala Starter Kit Ukulele is its tote bag. With this, it’s more convenient for your kid to bring the ukulele anywhere he/she goes.

Whether your kid is going to his/her lessons, bringing the ukulele to school, storing it in his/her room, and keeping it safe from dust, the tote bag is a rather helpful addition to the starter kit.

Lastly, this ukulele also features a mahogany soundboard. As we already know, this material improves the instrument’s durability while enhancing its sounds.


  • Kala App
  • online tutorials
  • quick start guide
  • free tote bag
  • mahogany soundboard


  • tote bag may be harder to carry than a gig bag

3. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele

Diamond Head is another staple name in the ukulele industry. While all of their products revolve around ukuleles, you’d be surprised at how diverse their selections are because of the different materials they use in making this instrument.

You will see in the features below the Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele deserves a spot on this list.


The first thing you’ll love about the Diamond Head DU-150 is how it combines three types of wood to achieve a sturdy, durable build while providing you with a rich sound.

The soundboard of this ukulele is made with dark, semi-gloss mahogany, while the neck and body are made with maple wood. Lastly, the bridge and the fingerboard are made with dark-stained hardwood, giving the ukulele a vintage and collectible look.

The frets on the fingerboard are also quite low, preventing it from hindering your fingers when you’re playing. The strings are also not too high, making it easier to play without hurting your hand.

However, perhaps the best part about the Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele is its guitar-style tuners. This keeps the ukulele in proper tuning longer than other ukuleles because it prevents the tension from loosening the strings.

This ukulele also comes with a free gig bag for easy storage and transport.


  • vintage look
  • rich sound
  • solid build
  • guitar-style tuners
  • comes with a gig bag


  • none

4. Mahalo MR1BU Ukulele (Rainbow Series)

Simply hearing about the name of this manufacturer already gives you an idea of this brand’s expertise in making ukuleles. Having been around since 1999, Mahalo produces a wide range of high-quality but affordable ukuleles regularly.

Mahalo is dedicated to providing customers with unique ukuleles, and theMR1BU Ukulele from the Rainbow Serieswill show you.


Mahalo cares about their customers, which means they don’t just sell ukuleles, earn money, and leave you. That’s why the MR1BU includes a downloadable lesson from theMahalo website. All you need to do is to input the PIN included in the package.

The MR1BU also uses Mahalo’s signature tuners. These dolphin-shaped tuners are not just for the looks as they also help keep the ukulele in proper tune longer than other ukuleles.

Finally, this ukulele combines Italian Aquila strings and a Canadian NuBone XB bridge saddle that enhances the richness of its sound. Nothing says quality like the culmination of superior materials.


  • downloadable video lessons
  • unique dolphin-shaped tuners
  • maintains proper tuning
  • rich sound


  • no gig bag included

5. Lohanu Cutaway Concert Ukulele

Lohanu represents three important words;love, ohana,andunity. This Canadian company is one of the best-selling ukuleles in the USA and Canada. That’s because they develop some of the highest-quality ukuleles you may ever find.

If you want your kid to get his/her hands on this level of expertise, theLohanu Cutaway Concert Ukulelemight be what you’re looking for.


The Lohanu Cutaway Concert Ukulele is equipped with an electric pickup. This means you can easily connect it to an amplifier. Additionally, it also has a built-in tuner for more convenient tuning.

Purchasing this 24-inch ukulele also provides you with a lifetime warranty not just for the instrument itself but also for the accessories. You can even access video lessons from theirwebsiteto get started on playing the uke.

It also comes with a gig bag, strap, plastic picks, separate tuner, and replacement strings.


  • electric pickup
  • built-in tuner
  • lifetime warranty
  • online video lessons
  • full accessories


  • may require regular replacement of batteries


After careful consideration of all the different features of these ukuleles, the time has come for us to choose the best one for your kid.

In our honest opinion, the Cutaway Electric Ukulele from Lohanu will provide your kid with almost all the things he/she needs to learn this instrument.

However, if you think your kid wouldn’t be able to maximize this uke’s features, or the 24-inch length might be overwhelming, the AKLOT Soprano Ukulele is perfect for beginners.

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