Top 5 Best Studio Headphones

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Music is endlessly fun and challenging to create. Once the art has been released to the world, it’s there for everyone to enjoy.

However, while people might love music, not everyone is so mad about headphones. At the end of the day, headphones are generally just a tool for us to listen to music privately.

For musicians, headphones can make or break music. To the untrained ear, a pair of cheap headphones simply play the melody with a bit of bass in the background, and the job’s done.

Musicians, however, require headphones to listen to music the way it’s intended to be heard.

Whether you’re a musician, producer, podcaster, or even a gamer, buying a pair of premium quality studio headphones is a necessary investment. Here are my reviews of the best studio headphones!

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones

When it comes to investing in a pair of headphones for studio use, over-ear headphones are undoubtedly the best type of headphones to buy. They are far more comfortable than in-ear headphones, allowing for longer use throughout the session.

These beyerdynamic studio headphones are suitable for professional recording, whether it’s recording music or podcasts.

The over-ear headphones feature large ear cups equipped with velour ear pads, allowing for maximum comfort and to minimize irritation from long-term use. The soft padded covering also makes the headphones wearable for those with glasses.

Likewise, the headband comes with a similar padding to keep the top of the head free from discomfort.

The headband is also easily adjustable to suit a variety of head shapes. The structure of the headphones is hardy and durable for the longevity of the product.

As for the sound quality, these headphones are equipped with a bass reflex system, a wide frequency response (5-35,000 Hz), and an impedance rating of 80 Ohms.

In the simplest of explanations, this means that the headphones don’t need a headphone amp to successfully play every aspect of music in a clear, crisp, powerful, and detailed quality.

When testing this product, I appreciated the 3 meter-long cable that sat on one side of the headphones, as it was long enough to connect to a computer, amp, or instrument with some freedom of movement.


  • Comfortable – Padded ear cups and headband allow for long-term use without discomfort
  • Premium quality audio – Wide frequency response and bass system allows for all aspects of music to be heard with clarity
  • Long cable – 3 meter cable allows for some freedom of movement


  • Price – Slightly more expensive than other studio headphones
beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones in Gray. Enclosed design, wired for professional recording and monitoring
  • Closed over-ear headphones, ideal for professional recording and monitoring
  • Perfect for studio and stage recordings thanks to their pure, high-resolution sound
  • The soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads ensure high wearing comfort
  • Hard-wearing, durable and robust workmanship Made in Germany. Innovative bass reflex system
  • Practical single-sided cable (3.0m cable) . Comfortable fit due to rugged, adjustable, soft padded headband construction

OneOdio Over-Ear Studio Headphones

OneOdio Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Finding a pair of high quality headphones at a budget-friendly price might sound like finding a needle in a haystack – but it’s possible. Enter the OneOdio over-ear studio headphones.

These headphones come with 50 mm driver speaker units, which allows for accurate listening in high, mid, and low tones. Delivering a crisp and detailed professional-quality audio, these headphones are suitable for even the fussiest of sound connoisseurs.

The volume range is equally impressive, wherein the quality doesn’t alter even at the loudest of volumes.

As for the structure of the headphones, this product comes with memory foam-like ear cups that evenly distribute pressure around the ears.

This works to prevent discomfort and heat build-up, thus allowing for long-term use. The shape of the foam ensures for noise isolation by preventing any audio from leaking outside the ear cups.

The adjustable (and padded) headband is also equipped with rotating ear cups. While this can take some time getting used to, this is a handy feature that allows for single-ear monitoring. It also means the headphones can be folded for easy portability.

When testing this product, I liked that the headphones came with two audio jacks. This meant that I could connect them to every device, including cell phones, laptops, TVs, instruments, amps, and more.


  • Affordable – Professional quality at a budget-friendly price
  • Great audio – Equipped with large speaker drivers to deliver crisp audio quality
  • Versatile – Two audio jacks to connect to any device


  • Noise cancellation – While the ear cups isolate noise, they’re not noise canceling headphones

Also Available To Purchase At:

OneOdio Adapter-Free Over Ear Headphones for Studio Monitoring and Mixing, Sound Isolation, 90° Rotatable Housing with Top Protein Leather Earcups, 50mm Driver Unit, Wired Headsets with Mic (Pro-50)
  • 【Hi-res Audio Certified】Hear every detail Japanese voice Coil and Japanese driver diaphragm delivers professional-quality sound to satisfy, even the most demanding audio connoisseur, high-performing with 50mm driver units and noise isolation, Immerse yourself in highly accurate mid- to high tones that are true to the original recording While never losing composure-even at high volume.
  • 【Dual-duty cable】our solution for an adapter-free life--- there are gold-plated 3 5mm & 6 3mm plugs on each end of the audio cable just simply plug in according to your needs and no more trouble finding a single adapter.
  • 【Maximum comfort】The memory-protein earmuffs is made in Germany which designed to disperse pressure and heat build-up combined with the soft leather headband to gives you maximum comfort & superior isolation.
  • 【Single-sided monitoring & foldable design】OneOdio Studio Pro features reversible Housing and a rugged adjustable headband for free-style and single-side monitoring The ear cups swivel to lay flat and also flip upward to fit neatly in your bag or laptop case
  • 【Works with】All devices have 3.5 or 6.35mm audio jack. Bass sound, durability, and comfort. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Sennheiser HD 660 S Headphones

Sennheiser HD 660 S Headphones

If you’re looking for a pair of ultimate professional headphones for the studio, you’re probably going to have to spend more than you’d like. It’s a worthy investment though, especially when it benefits your production in the long-run.

The Sennheiser HD 660 S headphones certainly aren’t budget-friendly, but their quality is directly reflected in the price.

These headphones consist of extra large ear cups equipped with a wide frequency range, 150 Ohm impedance, and top of the game transducers – all of which allow for an exceptional audio response, from the highest of tones to the lowest of bass notes.

As for the design, these headphones are formulated for the most satisfying and comfortable listening experience.

The big elliptical ear cups aren’t just for providing excellent audio quality; they’re also for comfort thanks to the velour cushions that follow the shape of the ear.

The headband is also padded with a soft cushion for extra comfort.

When testing these headphones, I liked how this product comes with two detachable cables and audio jacks to allow for connectivity with any device, including instruments and amplifiers.

Just keep in mind that these are studio headphones, meaning users only reap the benefits of the audio quality when in a quiet environment.


  • Professional quality – Exactly what the experts use in the studio
  • Versatile connectivity – Two audio jacks to connect to any device
  • Long-term wear – Comfortable design prevents irritation and pain


  • Price – Out of budget for a lot of musicians and producers on a budget

Also Available To Buy At:

SENNHEISER HD 660 S - HiRes Audiophile Open Back Headphone
  • Reference class open back, dynamic headphone employing new and improved transducers delivering low harmonic distortion
  • Transducers are hand selected for precise (1 dB) left / right matching tolerance insure exceptional accuracy and presentation of stereo spatial characteristics
  • 150 ohm nominal impedance allows direct connection to home and mobile Hires audio devices. Contact pressure: 6.0 N - 1 N
  • Para aramid reinforced, detachable cables employ high conductive OFC copper to insure signal integrity with very low handling noise
  • Supplied with two connection cables: One with a 6.35 millimeter stereo plug, the other a 4.4 millimeter Pentaconn balanced stereo plug. Also included is a 6.35 millimeter to 3.5 millimeter adaptor. Connectivity Technology: Wired 6.35 millimeter / 4.4 millimeter Pentaconn

Samson Technologies SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

Samson Technologies SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

Semi-open headphones are specifically designed for studio use. Studio headphones shouldn’t be about having a private listening experience, instead, the headphones need to need a speaker system developed enough to provide the most detailed audio.

The Samson Technologies SR850 semi-open headphones are ideal for studio use. The semi-open design allows for enough audio to bleed out the headphones, providing a better awareness of a wider stereo sound.

While they will bleed music out in public, this is ideal for understanding how your music will sound when performed or played to a large area.

The impressive audio quality is also achieved by the 50 mm speaker drivers, which provide a wide frequency range including a booming bass and crisp high tones.

These headphones are equipped with softly padded ear cups for the comfortable and long listening sessions. While the headband doesn’t have this padding, it is adjustable to fit any head shape.

When testing this product, I found that the affordability of the headphones made them an ideal purchase for musicians, producers, and gamers of all skill levels.


  • Fantastic audio quality – Professional sound quality for a low price
  • Long listening periods – Velour padded ear cups allow for comfortable long sessions without overheating
  • Semi-open – Design allows for audio bleeding for wider stereo sound


  • Not for public – Semi-open design bleeds too much music to wear privately in public

Also Available To Purchase At:

Samson Technologies SR850 Semi Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones, Black
  • Professional studio Reference semi-open headphones designed for tracking, mixing, mastering and playback.
  • Proprietary large 50mm drivers with rare earth magnets deliver an extended frequency response and great dynamic range
  • Circumaural, over-ear, design with velour cushioning provides outstanding comfort for long listening sessions
  • Self-adjusting headband for optimal fit
  • 1/4" Stereo Adapter included

OneOdio A71 Hi-Res Studio Recording Headphones

OneOdio A71 Hi-Res Studio Recording Headphones

When it comes to buying a pair of good quality headphones, the key is to stick with brands that are reputable and trustworthy.

OneOdio is among some of the best brands for headphones used by people recording or producing music and audio in a studio.

These OneOdio A71 headphones are no exception. For a remarkably low price, the A71 headphones are equipped with 40 mm speaker drivers with neodymium magnets, which is an ideal combination to provide clear high tones, powerful bass notes, and an overall high-resolution stereo hi-fi sound.

The product is equipped with softly padded ear cups for both the comfort of the user (allowing for long listening sessions) and noise isolation, allowing for minimal bleeding.

The headband is also padded with the same foam cushioning, and can be adjusted to fit various head shapes.

When testing this product, I liked how it comes with two audio jack sizes and a 9.8 foot-long cord, allowing the user to connect their headphones to devices at a long distance.


  • Reputable brand – OneOdio is trustworthy and produces high-quality headphones at a low price
  • Versatile connectivity – Two audio jacks and extra long cord to connect to any device from a long distance
  • Very comfortable – Padded ear cups and headband allow for long listening sessions


  • Break-in period – Requires a break-in period to make full use of the audio benefits

Also Available To Purchase At:

OneOdio A71 Hi-Res Studio Recording Headphones - Wired Over Ear Headphones with SharePort, Professional Monitoring & Mixing Foldable Headphones with Stereo Sound (Black)
  • BASS Sound: Enjoy the clear sound and supreme comfort with the OneOdio Studio FUSION headphones. Large, 40-millimeter speaker unit drivers combined with neodymium magnets; powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones form stereo hi-fi sound
  • Built to Stay Comfortable: The soft padded ear cushions are specifically designed for monitor headphones comfort and noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and stretchable for you to find the desired angle you like to fit in
  • No More Adapter: A long-style 9.8-Foot cord easily reaches from the TV or stereo to your chair. A standard-sized 6.35mm plug and a 3.5mm plug are included. They both are completely detachable, you can plug in the mixer you want to use
  • Single-sided Monitoring: 90° swiveling earcups for single-ear monitoring anytime; self-adjustable and flexible headband delivers a fatigue-free listening experience that can last for hours, perfect for monitering and mixing.
  • Works with: All devices have 3.5 or 6.35mm audio jack. Bass sound, durability, and comfort. These are the headphones you've been looking for.

Buyer’s Guide

Factors To Consider When Buying Studio Headphones

As with buying a monitor and other equipment for your studio, a pair of studio headphones is a real investment. Headphones allow producers and musicians to hear the audio at a more detailed, crisper level – one that cannot be achieved without a pair of studio-specific headphones.

Here are the top factors to consider when buying studio headphones!

Audio Quality

Above all else, the audio quality has to be outstanding for a pair of studio headphones. This is typically achieved by a wide frequency range (measured in Hertz), a large driver speaker (measured in millimeters), and the shape of the ear cups amongst other things.

A good frequency range (for example, 5-35,000 Hz) along with a decent driver speaker size (for example, 50 mm) allows the headphones to reach a range of notes and tones at a crisp, clear quality.

Cheaply made headphones will often create a low, thumping noise at the bass or low notes, or a squeaky pitch at the high notes. Studio headphones, however, need to provide decent clarity for every note.

The shape of the ear cups is also important to the audio quality. You’ve got two options with studio headphones – closed ear cups or semi-open ear cups. Both have their pros and cons, so it mostly comes down to personal preference.

In a nutshell, closed ear cups allow for isolated noise (not to be confused with noise cancellation), while semi-open ear cups allow for a bit of audio bleeding, which is ideal for getting a perspective on the surround sound.


It’s no secret that studio sessions are long, and wearing headphones can make your ears hurt after a while. This is especially true for people who wear glasses, wherein the headphones eventually make the back of your ears uncomfortable.

The key is to only buy headphones that are equipped with a soft, velour-style padding. Some headphones have a memory foam-like padding, which is even better.

These soft paddings are designed to mold around the grooves of the ear to prevent discomfort, thus allowing for extended listening periods.

In my opinion, steer clear of headphones with vinyl-covered ear cups. While they might be padded and comfortable for an hour or so, the vinyl material retains warmth, which can make your ears overheat and become sweaty.

Not all headphones offer this, but I also recommend choosing headphones with a padded headband. The headband will be adjustable anyway to provide comfort and a proper fit, but the padding further helps to prevent discomfort and irritation.


There’s no point in buying a pair of headphones that can only connect to your phone or laptop.

When working in a studio, you’ll need headphones with adequate connectivity versatility to connect to various devices, including amps, monitors, laptops, instruments, stereo speakers, and more.

The key is to look for headphones that come with two audio jacks. The standard audio jack sizes are 6.5 mm and 3.5 mm, which should connect to all the devices in a studio.


Odds are, any pair of headphones are going to get uncomfortable after a while. You’re probably likely to share your headphones with other producers and musicians in the studio.

I recommend looking for headphones with good adjustability to fit all head shapes to allow for maximum comfort.

As well as an adjustable headband, some headphones feature rotating ear cups. This function allows ear cups to rotate separately or together for single-ear monitoring.

This is a handy function for listening to other sounds in the room, such as people speaking or matching a key. Plus, this function allows you to easily fold the headphones into a smaller shape for traveling.

Cord Length

Studios can range in size. Some home studios are in a small garage, while other professional recording studios can be huge.

My advice is to opt for headphones with a long cord that only connects to one ear cup. This means that you don’t have to sit in a certain position to be connected to a device, as you have some freedom of movement to play instruments, change devices, and jam out while recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Brand For Studio Headphones?

Sticking to a reputable, trustworthy brand is the first step to finding the right pair of studio headphones. From my research and experience, I found that these are the best brands for studio headphones:

  • OneOdio
  • Samson Technology
  • Sennheiser
  • Sony
  • Beyerdynamic

Are Beats Good For Music Production?

To put it rather bluntly, no – Beats aren’t good for music production.

Beats is one of the leading brands of headphones in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can use them in a studio.

These headphones are designed for casual listening, such as privately listening to music on public transport or while exercising. They play music in an average way, but the quality isn’t good enough for music production.

When producing music, producers need a reliable pair of headphones that allow every nuance and detail of the music to be heard in a powerful clarity.

While Beats particularly stands out for having a boosted bass (which is good for RnB lovers), this doesn’t allow producers a true experience of what the music actually sounds like.

Producers also need to use more than one set of headphones to accurately understand the music they are producing. One pair of headphones simply isn’t enough to understand the nuances of each track.

Are Bluetooth Headphones Good For Studio?

Bluetooth headphones are undoubtedly handy when it comes to decluttering a studio from wires.

While you can technically use Bluetooth headphones for producing music in a studio, you’ll have a better time with a pair of professional quality wired headphones for mixing and mastering.

This is mostly because wired headphones generally have a better audio quality than Bluetooth headphones (though Bluetooth headphones do make a decent sound).

Plus, you don’t have to worry about charging wired headphones, making them far more useful for long listening sessions.

Plus, while the wireless connection is convenient, it can be flaky. You don’t always have control over when the connection will get lost, but you’ll never have that problem with wired headphones.


So, there you have it! From my experience, I’ve found that investing in a pair of professional quality headphones for producing music and audio in a studio is far more effective than using a pair of regular headphones.