5 Must-Have Spanish Guitars That Are Worth Every Penny

Spanish guitars are a particular type of guitar that has been around since the 1700s. They are highly popular for their beautiful sound and appearance and their history and cultural impact. They produce an articulate, balanced sound that has been used in classical music for centuries.

There are many options out there, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re looking for the best Spanish guitars out there, we’ve scoured the market to find the top five options that best meet your needs; so keep reading!

What are the best Spanish guitars?

Raimundo Bossa Nova 3-C/CE NAT

There’s something extraordinary about a solid cedar top. It has a rich, mellow tone that always sounds professional. That’s why we chose to put Raimundo Bossa Nova 3-C/CE NAT as one of the best Spanish guitars, and it never fails to impress!

The Raimundo Bossa Nova 3-C/CE NAT features a Canadian cedar top and rosewood back and sides with warm, rich tones and easy playability with its mahogany neck and ebony fretboard. The golden finish hardware matches the high gloss of the natural finish.

It also has pre-installed Fishman Classic III pickups, an upgrade from previous versions of this Spanish guitar model. They allow you to amplify its tone without needing any extra equipment or special effects pedals while maintaining a pure acoustic sound that’s perfect for intimate performances.

This guitar’s deep, rich tone projects well while flexible for excellent fingerpicking. It’s beautiful in appearance and sound, making it ideal for new players who want to improve!

Amalio Burguet 2M Spruce

Amalio Burguet 2M Spruce is the perfect guitar for any player with a discerning eye for quality. It is made of solid spruce and rosewood, has an even response, a balanced sound, and an excellent response to the touch of your fingers.

The Dalbergia latifolia wood has been used for this guitar’s back and sides for its attractive appearance and tonal qualities. The 650 mm scale length makes it easy to tune while also giving you enough room to play with your fingers without feeling cramped. The 52 mm nut width makes it easier to move between chords and is excellent for beginners.

The saddle and nut are made from bone, which gives them an attractive appearance and helps enhance the tone of your guitar. The bone material has a nice consistency that makes it easy to work with and provides your instrument with excellent sustain. A case is included with your purchase to keep your guitar safe from dings and scratches.

Amalio Burguet 2M Spruce is an excellent choice for professional players who want a traditional sound without sacrificing the finer details of contemporary craftsmanship.

Alhambra 1C

The Alhambra 1C brings together the best parts of a Spanish guitar, with a simple red cedar top and maple binding. This is a classical Spanish guitar that has been refined to be one of the best guitars in its price range.

The solid red cedar top gives you an earthy, warm tone with excellent projection and sustains, while the Mahogany neck gives you a smooth feel and even response up and down the neck. The high gloss finish looks incredible and shows off the natural warmth of Red Cedarwood.

This guitar comes with everything you need to play it on day one, including a gig bag and nickel-plated machine heads with D’Addario strings. It also comes with a hardtail bridge if you want to make sure your tuning stays perfect while you play on stage or in other high-energy environments.

The Alhambra 1C is an excellent option for beginners and seasoned players alike, whether you’re looking to play classical or flamenco. It’s a great find at an even better price!

Ramirez Guitarra del Tiempo

When you want a Spanish guitar that captures the warmth and playability of the finest classical guitars, but with the projection and volume needed for today’s music, there’s just one name you need to know: Ramirez Guitarra del Tiempo!

This guitar was developed by Amalia Ramirez, built in the Spanish tradition. Dalbergia latifolia (rosewood) fretboard is comfortable to play, allowing all players to develop their skills. The use of cedar for the top (Cedros) delivers a solid mid-range sound with good projection while keeping the high end open and clear. The bone nut (Bone) and saddle allow rich harmonics to project from the soundbox without any interference, making this guitar perfect for recording or live performances.

Ramirez Guitarra del Tiempo introduces several innovative designs, such as unique bridge and neck design. It also has a high-gloss finish and includes a high-quality Tonträger case. The sound it produces is solid, resonant, and warm, making it easy to play for beginners and experienced musicians.

Paulino Bernabe M15 Spruce

The Paulino Bernabe M15 Spruce is a Spanish guitar that has been in production since the year 1932. Based in Madrid, this second-generation guitar-maker produces air-dried tonewoods stored for an extended period before being crafted into the M15 line.

Quilted spruce has been used to create the top of the guitar, paired with East Indian rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) for the back and sides. The neck is made from cedar, while ebony has been used for the fretboard. Additionally, golden machine heads have been fitted to both sides of the guitar and a finish coated in nitro lacquer for natural high gloss.

Paulino Bernabe M15 Spruce is a favorite among many guitarists that perform classical and flamenco music, but it also performs admirably as an accompaniment to blues or rock music. This model offers an attractive price for such a high-quality product.

Different Types of Spanish Guitars

Cedar wood, rosewood, and mahogany guitars are all famous for different reasons. Let’s break it down:

Cedar wood guitars have a bright sound, making them ideal for recording. They are often used in jazz. They are also suitable for strumming chords. It’s also going to be less expensive than rosewood, so it’s great if you’re starting out!

Rosewood guitars have a strong resonance, making them well-suited for fingerpicking. They have a rich tone that sounds great with some overdrive and distortion.

Mahogany guitars have a full sound, perfect for playing in large groups. It’s also great for rock-and-roll players because it has deep tones and rich overtones.


Overall, it’s essential to be selective and educated when shopping for a Spanish guitar. When searching around, don’t go with the first option you see; instead, play each one before making a purchase decision. Take your time, and be willing to spend a bit extra money to get the guitar that is best configured for your needs. By doing this, you’ll be able to tell which guitar sounds better—and that’s the one for you!