Top 4 Best Sounding Acoustic Guitars

So, how exactly do you know what the best-sounding acoustic guitar sounds like? It may seem like an easy question to answer, but there is a lot to it.

We’re going to dive into every factor of choosing an acoustic guitar-based on the sound it can produce and what makes it do so.

Acoustic guitars generally have a pleasant sound to them, that’s why they are most musicians’ go-to instruments, especially when first learning about music and writing your own songs. Making them the ideal learning gate to the music and composing world.

If you’re new to the world of performing and singing, one important thing to note is that at the end of your acoustic guitar, much like all guitars and many other smaller string instruments, there is a screwed electric amp socket, this socket can be used to amplify, (keyword being amp there and that’s where the term comes from), the sound of your playing.

Depending on what you use your acoustic guitar for, you may or may not already know this information. Either way, now you do!

Much like a singer or performer would use an amp to enhance their microphones, the same applies to an acoustic guitar, and this can often be what makes it sound so spectacular and mind-blowing on stage.

The microphone is what enables a musician to throw their voice across the entire room, regardless of how large or small it is. However, often smaller venues will have the best sound overall with a more intimate crowd.

There have been different methods and developments of creating the best microphones and wires to enhance musical sounds over the years, and some of the oldest developments since the 1950s.

In fact, the standard amplifier that is used today has a purposeful 1950s vintage sound to it to enhance the older sounds of the past into today’s musical instruments and voices.

Amplifiers boost the electric signal so that they can drive the loudspeaker at a specific volume for the audience and performer to hear, this is why most musicians wear earplugs.

In fact, the ear plug’s main purpose isn’t to protect their hearing, it’s to enable the performer to listen in to instructions from the crew and follow the song through their own ears.

If they mess up a section or forget the words momentarily, the song will continue playing through their earplugs.

Told you, there’s a lot more that goes into the best sounds of acoustic guitars!

Yamaha Gig Maker Standard Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Gig Maker Standard Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha always produces quality and sturdy instruments and has done for a long time, their pianos and guitars are some of the most beautifully constructed pieces of equipment in the musical world, despite Yamaha also being a motorbike maker! 

They’re not the world’s largest piano manufacturing company for no reason, you know! The company was established in 1955 as a motor company as well as being able to produce beautiful instruments and was founded in 1887.

A company with a history as long and rich as Yamaha is deserving of the title!

So, why is Yamaha a good acoustic guitar maker specifically?

Well, their reputation exceeds them and musicians have viewed Yamaha as a trusted maker for over 150 years, as time goes on, more musicians spread the word and as long as the company proceeds to keep making instruments with the same impeccable quality, they remain a trusted ally in the music industry today.

The best part about Yamaha acoustic guitars is that they keep to the simple structure and coloring for your own playing pleasure, this particular model is natural and made from spruce wood and Meranti for the black staple material on the guitar body.

The neck is also made from Nato wood, which is sturdy and commonly used in acoustic guitars to enhance their playing sound.

The beauty of purchasing an acoustic guitar that has been manufactured and developed the same way for years is that the sound never loses its touch.

Acoustic guitars should sound the same as they did when they were first introduced to the music world and that’s how we want them to stay.

Granted, with a few minor modifications to improve sound as time goes on.


  • It comes with everything you’ll need – including a tuner to modify the strings as they go through general wear and tear, and a bag to keep the guitar protected.
  • Rosewood fingerboard – and spruce top.
  • Different packages available – depending on what you’re looking for.


  • It may not be the most spectacular sounding acoustic guitar – Yamaha is of a good standard and always will be, however, other manufacturers may have improved sounds.

Also, available at Yamaha USA

Yamaha GigMaker Standard Acoustic Guitar w/ Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap and Picks - Natural
  • The perfect package for beginers with everything you need to get started
  • includes an F325D Natural acoustic guitar, gig bag, digital tuner, strap and picks
  • Dreadnought Body
  • Spruce Top
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

Donner Beginner Adult Acoustic Guitar Full Size

Donner Beginner Adult Acoustic Guitar Full Size

Do you see the main body of the acoustic guitar? The echoing wood that, when you beat your palms on it, creates its own sound?

This is where the main sound comes from within your instrument. That beating drum effect that musicians use on the body of the guitar, creates a beat to work with when writing and playing.

Especially if you’re a musician who performs as a lone wolf, your main beats and bases come from you and the guitar alone, so you’ve got to get experimental with how you can make full use of it.

Many musicians have tried pretty much anything when composing and writing, they’ll even go as far as trading in temporary pots and pans as extra instruments or drum beats to enhance their own creativity.

Some of the most influential and talented musicians out there have had to improvise and improve their own talents to move forward in their careers, that’s what makes an artist, an artist.

So, with this acoustic guitar model by Donner, why not try and get yourself into the mind of the artist to get going?

Ed Sheeran uses a loop pedal and has done for much of his career thus far, he has had to go with what’s popular and work with that and his own style, and it works because he is the same artist he was ten years ago that he is today. That’s loop pedal enhances the sounds that he enforces.

So, why not try a loop pedal for yourself with your next acoustic guitar purchase, this maker is known for making quality instruments and most of the sound quality comes from your playing as a whole.

This guitar has a warm, rich, and clear sound to the drum of the guitar that echos beautifully because of the wood choices.

The balanced tones and full rich frequency is all down to that mahogany wood body and all you have to do to enhance it is play until your heart is content.


  • Bronze string construction – high carbon steel hex core, easy to tune and holds tune well.
  • Well-made – the craftsmanship is made to last a long time, with fret positions marked at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th.
  • Free online course available with the purchase – to aid you as a beginner in learning to play.


  • Few issues with delivery – can be solved with sending back and requesting.

Also, available at Donner

Donner Beginner Adult Acoustic Guitar with Free Online Lesson Full Size Cutaway Acustica Guitarra Bundle Kit with Bag Strap Tuner Capo Pickguard String Picks, Right Hand 41 Inch Natural, DAG-1C
  • Most Complete Beginner Guitar Set: Donner acoustic guitar kit includes acoustic guitar, padded gig bag, strap, digital clip-on tuner, capo, pickguard, extra pack of string, 4 Picks, clean cloth. Comes with all necessary accessories beginners need. Start playing right out of box. Good for beginners, professionals, adults, etc
  • Well Made Craftsmanship: Spruce top, mahogany back and sides with X bracing. 20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 3th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets on neck and top of fingerboard. A solid instrument to last for long time
  • Rich Warm Clear Sound: Spruce top mahogany body brings you richer and brighter sound, balanced tone and full rich intermediate frequency, and prolongs resonance
  • Stay in Tune: Constructed with phosphor bronze strings with High Carbon Steel Hex Core and high hardness bridge saddle and bone nut, Donner guitar is easy to tune and hold tune after first tune-up of strings
  • Playability: Full size 41 inch cutaway body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music. Playability and tone of Donner acoustic guitar is perfect for starter. NOTICE: Recently, Donner upgrade its logo. Due to the difference of production batches, the Donner logo on the product you received may be different. However, the quality, material and craftsmanship of the products are the same and guaranteed as always. We apologize for the confusion caused

Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The sound that we all know and love today from acoustic guitars, has been developed through years of instrument loving musicians, instruments like banjos, ukuleles, violins, and lutes have been played for a long time and many variations of each string instrument have their own cousins and sister instruments from the originals designs.

This development process has aided us in constructing the well-loved acoustic guitar style that we cherish today and encourage amongst hobbies for our children.

Learning an instrument is always going to be a rewarding experience, and it improves skills outside of music. Many dyspraxic and dyslexic children can find improvements to their coordination and understanding through learning an instrument!

Your muscle memory is a fascinating factor in your coordination, and it manages to remember things your own mind alone does not. We tried this model of guitar for ourselves, and the sound was phenomenal when plugged into an amp!

My family watched as I got dragged into the music and I couldn’t help myself from bringing the whole room to light, music truly is a gift to this world and I wouldn’t ever regret learning how to play an acoustic guitar.


  • Walnut bridge and fingerboard – quality materials to enhance the sound.
  • Comes with a starter kit – strap, picks, tuner, strings, and guitar essentials.
  • Beautifully constructed neck and body – with quality materials for every segment of the instrument.


  • The guitar is going to be slightly out of tune – easily fixed with a quality tuner or app.

Also, available at Dreadnought | Fender

Fender FA-125 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Natural Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Strings, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD
  • Dreadnought body
  • Spruce top; basswood back and sides
  • Modern 3+3 headstock
  • Walnut bridge and fingerboard
  • Nato set-neck

Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is probably going to be the best-sounding acoustic guitar that comes in a variety of fun and playful coloration for you to fully customize, the wood colors are exquisite, and the sunburst main choice is beautifully when played during the summer months especially, for obvious reasons.

Sometimes visual people need to customize their guitars and choose more, exciting options, shall we say, to enhance their own creativity while playing and performing.

The color choices may not be the most popular, but for some individuals, this makes or breaks their enjoyment out of the acoustic guitar. If it encourages creativity, why put a downer on something that someone else loves?

Music is up for interpretation, and so are the instruments.

This particular model, along with its fun colored materials, comes full set with everything you’ll need for learning to play, including the strap to attach to the neck and bottom of the guitar, picks for playing, a tuner, a bag to protect the instrument, an amp chord for amplifying the sound, and extra strings for when yours wear down. Which they will trust me.

Nothing worse than having one of the strings snap and hit you in the face.

We tried this guitar for ourselves, and my nephew fell in love with the blue variation! He does have some learning difficulties, however, because he is such a unique thinker, he finds that he gets more enjoyment through colors, in this case, we were thankful for the makers constructing a guitar that had playful aspects to it for him.

If the color helps him concentrate and improve his skills, who are we to tell him he’s wrong?


  • Incredible sound – perfect for beginners and intermediate players, no matter what your skill level. It has an impressive tone overall, and unbelievable sonic’s just waiting to be heard by your peers!
  • Thin line cutaway design – cut away at the neck for better overall access and more comfortable playing.
  • Loaded with upgrades – such as the bronze strings, and ultra glossy tuning pegs.


  • Wood-style may not be for everyone – however, is just as impeccably beautiful as any other model.

Also, available at Ashthorpe

Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package - Premium Tonewoods - Sunburst
  • Incredible sound: Perfect for musicians-in-the-making or advanced players, this guitar features an impressive tone, standout projection and incredible sonics. It's waiting to be heard.
  • Fine hardwood construction: Guitar is made from X-braced, A-grade Spruce wood, known for its resiliency and versatility and Basswood for warmth. Whether playing soft or loud, strumming or flatpicking, the guitar remains responsive and retains its tonal integrity.
  • Thinline cutaway design: The body of this full-size (41") guitar is cut away at the neck for better access and more comfortable playing of the top frets. It's also thinline (3" thick) which creates an unparalleled sound & aesthetic, and is lightweight for burdenless travel and playing.
  • Loaded with upgrades: On-board 4-band pickup/EQ (bass, mid-range, treble, and presence), two sets of upgraded phosphor bronze strings, and an ultra-glossy, tough-as-nails finish with chrome tuning pegs.
  • Complete kit: Bundle includes the Ashthorpe guitar, a soft nylon "gig bag" guitar case, thin, medium & heavy celluloid picks, on-board 4-band pickup EQ, guitar cable, a shoulder strap, an extra set of strings and an owner's manual.

Buyers Guide


The amplifier is what’s going to throw that sound across the room for you, the electric volts through the wiring push the sound further to reach all corners of even the largest venues and buildings. So, make sure when you’re looking into buying your acoustic guitar, that the sound can travel well.

Most guitars are fitted with the means to do this, so this shouldn’t be a concern to worry about anyway, but it may be good to up your knowledge on how the sound travels and works with your buyer before purchasing a final product.

As well as this, the way you play can improve the overall sound of your guitar, choosing to use picks or your nails to play will change the sound alone, so pay attention to how you’re playing and if one method works better for your own satisfaction, as well as your skills set.

Using your nails can create a more raw sound overall because the frequency bounce from your fingers directly is slightly uneven. However, a pick will create a more sturdy and louder sound because the shape always remains the same and consistent.

Wood Construction

The type of wood used to make both main parts of your acoustic guitar can affect the sound too, some companies will use the same material for the whole instrument, and others will; use one wood for the neck, and another for the body of the acoustic guitar.

Researching which wood materials enhance sound the most can help you determine which you’d like your guitar to be made out of, and you can even go through customizations with the company to create your ideal, perfected dream acoustic guitar.

Most woods, however, do make great-sounding guitars so either way, you’ll be getting an outstanding instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Change Your Guitar Strings?

This one is more of a trial and error process until you get the hang of it, there are many tutorials and videos online that can teach you how to do it, and it is fairly straightforward, but the process can be lengthy for a beginner to understand and comprehend how to do correctly.

In fact, I once was playing and the high E string snapped and pinged me straight in the eye, that was my final sign to change the strings over and face my fear!

Granted I did, and while my fingers bled ever so slightly at first because of the sharp edges to the strings, I succeeded! You’re going to need a pair of sturdy pliers to do so, though, and some patience.

Or, you can visit any music store, and they will change the strings for you for a small fee!

What Are The Markers On The Side Of My Guitar Neck For?

Well, these small dotted markers are to help you understand which fret you’re playing. When musicians are playing on stage, they cannot see the fretted fingerboard to know which chords they are playing, most actually go from muscle memory alone when playing, especially if they are singers too.

The dotted markers on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets help to determine where you are on the fretboard when playing because looking down at your instrument is rather difficult.

You’ll learn where you are by the frets because of the handy markers, the more you play.

What Other Benefits Are There To Learning How To Play An Acoustic Guitar?

Other than experimenting with your skills and interests, acoustic guitars can help improve any coordination and development problems recognized from a young age, dyslexia, and dyspraxia are two neurological disorders that can have strong and mild effects on children’s ability to understand, as well as their motor skills.

So, driving maybe something that is challenging to children with neurological disorders, music can help balance this out and improve their struggles over time!

Also, music has been known to serve as a form of communication and general well-being for children regardless of any conditions they may have, it brings us closer together and the ability to learn an instrument is a skill in itself that you will never forget.

And trust me, no matter how long you go without playing, your muscle memory kicks in even years after you last played an instrument, don’t ask me how! All I know is that I can not play for months and come back to my hands recognizing the patterns before I do.

Final Thoughts

Most guitars have built-in sound amplifying features to provide you with a fantastic instrument to last a lifetime, however, you can have some preferences when making the decision complete.

The wood type can change the sound, and the style of plectrum you use to play with can change the sound. Experimenting with different ones will determine what works for you. And don’t forget your amplifier when playing live to throw the sound to the very corners of the room.

Overall, Fender and Yamaha are our favorite brands to choose from due to their history and reputation. Either brand will be an incredible choice to go with.