5 Best Reverb Pedals You’ll Love

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Is your guitar tone sounding a little flat?

If you’ve been simply ‘plugging and playing’ for years, you’re probably getting bored of the sound. Even if you’re an experienced guitarist with an enviable skill set, sometimes, the jam just sounds better with a few effects thrown in.

Let’s be honest, though; there are so many effects pedals out there that choosing one can feel impossible. Do you really need distortion or overdrive? What about a pedalboard? Is that necessary? Even if you’re only an amateur guitarist?

Thankfully, choosing the right pedals doesn’t need to be a headache. Sometimes all you need is a simple, clean reverb to transform your tone and space and bring your tunes to life.

Are you looking to learn more about reverb? Stick with us to find out some of the best reverb pedals on the market and what you should be looking for in a quality pedal. Let’s dive in.

Donner Reverb Guitar Pedal

Donner Reverb Guitar Pedal, Verb Square Digital Reverb 7 Modes Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio, Mod, True Bypass

Let’s kick things off with the Donner Reverb Guitar Pedal.

This reverb pedal comes with seven modes: room, hall, church, spring, plate, studio, and mod, so you’ll have plenty of creative opportunities to play with!

The full range of chorus effects on this pedal has the potential to add anything from a subtle sparkle or something a little more aggressive if you need it.

When we tested this pedal, we were blown away by its build quality. It’s also incredibly compact and easy to use.

This pedal has knobs for controlling rate, depth, and level, and its LED lights make it simple to determine its working state.

With the decay knob, you can set the duration of reverberation, control the effect level with the E.Level knob, and control the effect tone with the tone knob.

The true bypass switch makes it simple to let your guitar’s signal bypass through a non-electronic bypass line when you’re not using the effects, giving the amp a clean, unaltered sound.

We found this pedal had some notable sustain and compression. However, the level of control is quite sensitive. This can make it tough to get the right sound, as the slightest movement can throw you off.

This pedal works great with electric, electro-acoustic, and even bass guitars! If you want some clean, versatile reverb effects to add to your collection, the Donner reverb pedal is for you.


  • Easy to Use: This pedal only has a few controls, making it simple to use.
  • Seven Effects: The Donner pedal has seven effects. You can use these individually or merge them to create some varied and beautiful effects.
  • Works with Acoustics and Bass: This pedal sounds just as good with an acoustic or bass guitar as it does with an electric.


  • Sensitive Tone Pedal: Unfortunately, the tone pedal is extremely sensitive, making it challenging to get the right sound.
Donner Reverb Guitar Pedal, Verb Square Digital Reverb 7 Modes Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio, Mod, True Bypass
  • 7 Reverb Effect: Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio and Mod.
  • Digital circuit design, true bypass provides transparent tone
  • Whole Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong.
  • LED indicator shows the working state.
  • DC 9V Adapter power supply is not included.

AZOR Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

AZOR AP311 Spring Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal with True Bypass Aluminium alloy case

Next up, let’s look at the AZOR reverb effect pedal.

This pedal comes in a whole aluminum alloy design, which is strong, stable, and holds up well against general wear and tear. Its solid enamel coating and tight knobs feel truly exquisite.

When we tested this pedal, what we loved the most was its natural timbre. Whether you’re home recording or headphone jamming, the tone controls work well to boost your sound and work well at reducing noise from your other pedals, too.

This pedal has a user-friendly design, with just three knobs – the on/off switch, mix, and dwell. With the mix knob, you can control the effect level, and with the dwell knob, you can control the tone.

You also have the in and out plugs at the side, and the true bypass offers an incredibly transparent and smooth tone.

With the dwell knob set at low, you can expect a loud, vibrant tone. This sounds similar to playing guitar in a large room, with lots of reverb and echoey tones. When you turn the knob up high, you’ll get a much springer sound.

This pedal is easy to use and even works well with a bass guitar, making it great for beginners and experienced players alike. The tones on this pedal can be described as a little ‘crunchy,’ so they’d suit players with heavier tastes.

We found the only real issue during testing was that the reverb could be hard to tame. Unfortunately, getting the balance right is tough, and it may be an overwhelming tone for some players.

However, this pedal does come with some velcro, adhesive backs to secure it straight to your pedalboard. Nice!


  • Simple Interface: This pedal has minimal controls and is easy to use, making it great for beginners.
  • Adhesive Backs Included: You’ll get free adhesive backs with this pedal, which is a nice little extra!
  • Strong, Sturdy Body: This pedal is of above-average build quality, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily.


  • Tricky Reverb: Unfortunately, the reverb can be tricky to tame.
  • Heavier Tone: The tone is crisp and clear but definitely heavier. This may not be to everyone’s tastes.
AZOR AP311 Spring Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal with True Bypass Aluminium alloy case
  • 🎸【Spring reverb】- Spring Reverb circuit design,Similar to analog the reverb effect of the spring of the amplifiers
  • 🎸【Classic Design】- Whole Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong. true bypass provide transparent tone
  • 🎸【Mini style】- Small, light weight and exquisite.Enduring, light-weighted
  • 🎸【Power source】- 9V DC adapter center negative(no power adapter included)
  • 🎸【One year warranty】- All AZOR Pedals have a one-year warranty

Available at: eBay

J. Rockett Spring Reverb Effects Pedal

J. Rockett Audio Designs Tour Series BOING Spring Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

If you’re a more experienced player looking for something perfect for live music, look no further. Let’s take a closer look at the J.Rockett Spring Reverb Effects Pedal.

This pedal was developed with the live music scene in mind. The pedal has two knobs; the on and off switch and the reverb control knob that’s large enough.

You can work it with your foot! If you want a truly hands-off pedal for busy jamming sessions or live events, this pedal is perfect.

When we tested this pedal, the power (and simplicity) of the knob blew us away. We simply had to turn it one way for more reverb and the other way for less. It has good sustain and compression, with a nice, rich drive.

The main drawback of this pedal is that the reverb has no tone control and no control over the length, which may deter some users.

However, this pedal will truly add one of the most classic reverb sounds to whatever rig you’re using. It even sounds good on an acoustic!

Pair this with a smooth delay pedal for some ethereal, spacey sounds.


  • One Dial Control: For a simple, hands-off approach.
  • Versatile: This pedal will work well in plenty of pedalboard setups. It can add a classic tone to heavier or softer genres, and it even sounds good on an acoustic.


  • No Tone or Length Control: You only have one dial with this pedal. This is great for a smooth user experience, but you will have less control over the sound.
J. Rockett Audio Designs Tour Series BOING Spring Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Developed with the live club in mind
  • Part of the Tour Series created around simplicity in design and ease of use
  • A reverb which was specifically designed to cut through the mix and give your tone some atmosphere
  • A simple, one knob recreation of the classic Deluxe Reverb, and the knob is extra-large to easily use with one's foot
  • Can be powered by a 9V battery; battery is NOT included

FLAMMA FS02 Reverb Guitar Pedal

FLAMMA FS02 Reverb Guitar Pedal Stereo Digital Effects Pedal 7 Storable Preset Slots 7 Reverb Effects Room Hall Church Cave Plate Spring Mod True Bypass Trail On

If you’re looking for more control over your tone, take a look at the FLAMMA FS02 Reverb Pedal.

This pedal comes with five control knobs: level, hi-cut, lo-cut, decay, and pre-delay. This gives you plenty of headroom to work with, so you can create some truly unique, beautiful sounds.

You’ll also have seven classic reverb effects to choose from: church, room, hall, spring, plate, mod, and cave.

When we tested this pedal, a few features really stood out to us. First, we loved the trail on function, which allows your effects to fade out naturally rather than with a jarring ‘pop’.

The true bypass also works well at reducing signal loss!

The shell also feels incredibly sturdy and seems to offer good protection against general wear and tear. Its sound is atmospheric and warm, and you can make each sound as subtle or as powerful as you like.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem we found with this pedal was the lo-cut option. We tested this pedal on several guitars and found that the lo-cut option doesn’t do much with bass guitars in particular.

The lower, deeper bass notes are significantly affected by the reverb rather than the higher frequencies, which may not work well for some players.


  • Trail-on Function: This allows your effects to fade out naturally when you turn off the pedal, avoiding that jarring ‘popping’ sound.
  • Seven Effects: You won’t just be limited to one effect with this pedal. You’ll have seven to choose from, and you can use the controls to change the sound of each one.


  • Temperamental Lo-Cut: We found the lo-cut feature doesn’t work too well, especially with bass guitars.
FLAMMA FS02 Reverb Guitar Pedal Stereo Digital Effects Pedal 7 Storable Preset Slots 7 Reverb Effects Room Hall Church Cave Plate Spring Mod True Bypass Trail On
  • 7 classic reverb effects: Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring, Mod. Each of them is also a storable preset slot that can used to edit and save as your own sound.
  • High-quality stereo input and output.
  • Storable preset slot for each effect.
  • True bypass reduces signal loss.
  • Trail On function allows effects to fade out naturally.

SONICAKE Digital Reverb Effects Pedal

SONICAKE Reverb Pedal Reverb Guitar Pedal 3 Modes Room Hall Plate Guitar Effects Pedal Digital Reverb True Bypass

Last on our list, we have the SONICAKE reverb effects pedal.

This pedal comes with three reverb effects: hall, plate, and room, which suit smaller spaces and larger ones. Like any good pedal, this one comes with a simple user experience in mind.

Unfortunately, you don’t get as many reverb effects as some of our other pedals, and the control over each effect is minimal. This is the biggest con we found during testing.

This reverb pedal is advertised as true bypass, and we found this to be true during testing. We experienced no signal loss or change of tone. Don’t expect a supersaturated reverb effect with this pedal, though.

Its subtle tones are perfect for the dabbling guitarist or the live performer.

Unfortunately, one of the only things we didn’t like during testing was the lack of decay. We wanted to see if we could achieve a super fast decay with the SONICAKE, but this wasn’t possible.

However, this won’t be a problem if you don’t mind a reverb effect that drags on a bit.


  • True Bypass: With this pedal, you’ll experience no change to tone or signal loss.
  • Several Reverb Effects: Although you won’t get as many effects as other pedals, the three provided with this pedal give you plenty of scope to play with.


  • Lack of Decay: It’s hard to achieve super fast decay with this pedal. However, if you don’t mind an echoey sort of decay, you’ll like this one.

Available at: eBay

SONICAKE Reverb Pedal Reverb Guitar Pedal 3 Modes Room Hall Plate Guitar Effects Pedal Digital Reverb True Bypass
  • Easy-to-Use One Knob Reverb easily add Dimension and Spaciousness For Guitar Reverb Pedal
  • 3 Reverb Modes from a small Session Room to a Vast Space: Room, Hall, Plate on this Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Analog-Dry-Through keeping Tonal Clarity for the reverb pedal
  • True Bypass Footswitch keeps a clean Signal Path on the reverb guitar pedal
  • Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply(Not Included) For The Reverb Guitar Pedal

Buyers Guide

Now we’ve given you a taste of some of the best reverb pedals on the market, it’s time to take a look at things you should, and shouldn’t, be looking for in a reverb pedal.

If you’re new to reverb pedals, remember: there are PLENTY of options out there. Some reverb pedals are do-it-all magic boxes, and others only have one or two effects.

Some pedals give you classic, simple reverb, and others can deliver more complex sounds with more controls.

Before you start looking for a new reverb pedal, do you know what kind of reverb you’re looking for? Traditional? Do it all? Something more adventurous? If you’re not sure, take a look through our buyer’s guide.

Traditional Reverb Pedal

When we say ‘traditional reverb’, we mean that distinctive and unmistakable reverb sound. If you’re not familiar with this, think of it as a ‘spring-like’ tone.

The exact sound your spring reverb pedal produces will depend on the physical properties of the spring inside the pedal, such as length, thickness, tension, and so on.

Most spring reverb pedals will have more than one spring inside; each spring will give a different delay and decay time which can help you build up that all-important illusion of space in your tone.

You’ll most often hear spring reverb in blues and surf guitar sounds, and it gives a nice, clean springy delay to any guitar.

‘Do It All’ Pedals

If you want more than just spring reverb, you could opt for a pedal with different effects such as plate, church, hall, and so forth.

This also saves you building up a pedalboard with various effects pedals (which can get expensive), and it’s an excellent choice for beginners who aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for but want to play around and find the right tone.

Plate reverb is one of the most common reverb effects featured on a ‘do it all’ or multifunctional pedal. Plate reverb sounds are often used to color the guitar and drum sections of a song to make it sound brighter.

With plate reverb, the difference in arrival time between high and low frequencies is more pronounced – as a result, we hear the high frequencies slightly before the lower ones, giving this effect a brighter but still crunchy sound.

You may also see other effects on a multifunctional reverb pedal, such as church and hall. These effects do pretty much what their names imply, which delivers the illusion of these spaces in their tone.

When you use a church or hall reverb effect, you’ll sound as though you’re playing in a much larger space than you actually are.

What Is True Bypass?

You’ve probably seen this name come up a lot. True bypass is simply a straight wire that travels from the input to the output of the reverb pedal. These pedals have unique switching that routes signals directly from input to output.

The result is that the circuitry is completely cleared, which keeps your signal fully intact, so when it passes through the effects pedal, it won’t pick up any nasty distortion, humming, or buzz.

True bypass pedals are a good buy if you want your reverb effects to be completely clean and unaltered.

Do You Need a Pedalboard?

If you’re looking to play exclusively with reverb effects, then no, you won’t need a pedalboard. It’s much better to start off with a multi-effect reverb pedal or a pedal with just the one reverb effect you want to try and go from there.

If you develop a taste for pedals and you want to start adding more effects, you can get a pedalboard later and add other things such as loopers, overdrive, distortion, wah, and so on. These aren’t necessary if you’re just using reverb, though.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve searched for ‘guitar pedals’ on google, you’ll know that the number of options out there can be overwhelming.

From overdrive and distortion to loopers and fuzz pedals, it can be tough to know where to start.

If you want to keep things simple and find a clean, ambient, and easy-to-use sound for your guitar, a reverb pedal makes an excellent addition to any guitarist’s collection.

Just remember to do your research, and have an idea of the type of reverb you’re looking for. Not every reverb pedal sounds the same, so don’t be afraid to play around with the effects to find your sweet spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get A Delay Or Reverb Pedal?

Delay pedals are great for the more experimental guitarist. They’re particularly good when playing solos and can give the illusion that you’re playing faster than you actually are.

If you want something more natural sounding, reverb pedals are better.

What Does A Reverb Pedal Do?

Reverb pedals simply exaggerate or simulate natural reverberations. This creates a complex echoing sound. They give your guitar a natural-sounding ambiance that can give you that ‘live music’ sound wherever you are.

Is Reverb Good For Guitar?

Reverb pedals can create depth, fill space, increase variation, and make your guitar sound more natural. It’s a simple effect that can completely transform the tone of your guitar and the sound of the space you’re performing in.