Top 10 Best Record Player Stands

If you love vinyl, you already know how important it is to have a good spot to store your records and keep your turntable. When looking for a record play stand, you’ll want to find something that suits your style and storage needs, as well as your budget.

With the resurgence of vinyl records, more and more furniture companies have released stands specifically designed to hold record players. Some have a retro style, reflecting the stands that were popular a few decades ago. Others have a sleek and modern style.

Stands can also have a variety of storage options for records, such as shelves, cabinets, and slots. Some stands have plenty of storage space, while others are meant just for the turntable itself.

Although there are many record player stands on the market, there are a few that stand out in particular as excellent options in terms of design and functionality. Read on to find the perfect record player stand for you.

10 Best Record Player Stands I Recommend

We identified the top 10 record players based on design, function, and affordability. After researching a variety of options, we were able to identify our favorites.

1. Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Players

The Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Players is a sturdy piece of furniture made out of 100% real wood. This classic and compact stand has a clean, simple look, and can hold up to 50 records.

This wooden turntable stand has several benefits worth considering. As a Victrola product, it will already match any other Victrola items you have. In addition, the compact design maximizes space, making it a great fit for a smaller home.

As a high-quality product made out of real wood, the Victrola Wooden Stand will likely last you for many years. This piece of furniture would be a wonderful investment for housing your favorite records.

2. Bush Furniture Midnight Mist Media Stand

The Bush Furniture Midnight Mist Media Stand has a sleek, modular look that will serve as an elegant stand for your record player. The metal and tinted glass design is attractive and certainly elevates the ambiance of the room it is in.

Conveniently, the back panel of the stand is solid, which will neatly hide any clunky cables coming out of the record player. The shelf space on the stand is convenient, but it’s worth noting that the dimensions might not be the right fit for certain vinyl records.

That being said, if you want a record player with a contemporary style, the Bush Furniture Midnight Mist Media Stand is an excellent option.

3. Crosley Furniture Brooklyn Turntable Stand

The Crosley Furniture Brooklyn Turntable Stand is strictly a record player stand and does not have storage space for records. But no matter, because this stand is exceptionally attractive and perfect for displaying an equally attractive turntable.

This unique and durable style features a rustic wooden table with industrial legs that gives a cool vibe, and the forward-facing album slot allows you to keep a few albums on hand while showing off the cover art.

This stand is designed for component-style turntables, so make sure it is the right match for your record player. The Crosley Brooklyn Turntable Stand is both durable and attractive, making it a great choice.

4. WickerWoodWorks Deluxe Vinyl Display Turntable Station

The WickerWoodWorks Deluxe Vinyl Display Turntable Station is ideal for anyone who wants to turn their record collection into a full entertainment stand. This record player stand includes space for a turntable, speakers, and plenty of storage areas for your records.

This turntable station can store around 400 records (that’s a lot!) and has the records facing outward with the album cover art on display, which is of course the ideal way to keep your records.

The WickerWoodWorks Deluxe Vinyl Display Turntable Station will make a beautiful and lifelong addition to your home.

5. Lumiwood Record Player Stand

The Lumiwood Record Player Stand has a unique design with a mid-twentieth-century influence. A stylish oak table sits on sturdy wire legs, providing enough space for your record player and a few of your favorite albums.

A particularly nice design element of this record player stand is the unusual angled shelf space for the records. The angle allows guests to admire the cover art and will make you feel like you are browsing in your very own record store.

6. Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

The Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand is wider than many of the other record player stands on the list, and has plenty of surface and shelf storage space.

You can fit around 200 records in the shelf space, and there are also two drawers for extra storage. The large surface area is perfect if you have extra audio equipment like speakers, or if you just want to play interior designer and arrange some cute decorations around the turntable.

7. I Love Living Retro Clarence Media Console

Another wide record table stand, the I Love Living Retro Clarence Media Console provides lots of extra storage space. This record stand is durable, stylish, and taken right out of the 1950s.

Sporting a classic look, this media console has some handy features. For instance, the sliding door on the shelves helps with protecting your record collection and is an easy solution if you’re trying to neaten up the look of your space.

As a bonus, the stand’s shelves have adjustable heights and the finish is scratch-resistant, making this piece of furniture an excellent investment.

8. Line Phono Turntable Station

The Line Phono Turntable Station is a compact and professional turntable stand and record storage space. The narrow design will allow your record player to neatly sit on top, and the shelves below have ample space for your record collection.

The stand has a minimalist style that will fit with plenty of interior design aesthetics and is available in multiple colors. For an added bit of convenience, the stand’s shelves have grooves on the bottom which keep the records from falling out.

9. Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Stand

The Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Stand comes in a shiny black finish and has a stylish design. In terms of storage and versatility, this piece of furniture is sturdy and tough, making it work well for storing lots of records or miscellaneous items.

With a curved shape in the legs and some charming detailing, this stand would be an attractive home for a mid-size record collection—the shelves can hold around 100 albums.

10. Crosley Everett Record Player Stand

The Crosley brand has some fantastic record player stand designs, and the Crosley Everett Record Player Stand does not disappoint. The mid-century modern style is extremely pretty and will look stunning in your home.

Sporting a vertical design, this stylish stand would be a wonderful option for someone living in a smaller home. The vertical design maximizes storage (around 70 records) and the solid door will help protect your record collection from damage. The shelves also include wire stands for keeping your albums organized.

Aesthetically, this record player stand strikes the perfect balance between retro style and subtlety. Between the compact storage space and attractive appearance, this stand might be irresistible to a vinyl lover.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a full entertainment station or a compact table, there is a wide range of record player stands to choose from. When looking for the record player stand that is right for you, consider your style preferences, the size of your record collection, the type of record player you own, and the space constraints of your home.

Record player stands are a cool and useful furniture item to have, and it is worth spending the money to get the one that’s the best fit for your needs. Happy shopping, and enjoy the music!

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