Best Mini Electric Guitar You Should Check Out

Do you love travelling? Are you searching for a starter instrument for your budding musical talents? Do you have exceptionally tiny hands and find it difficult to play full-size guitars? In such cases, investing in the best mini electric guitar might be the perfect option for you!

While not suitable for everyone, mini guitars are a perfect option and offers plenty of advantages in various situations. Here are our top picks for the best mini electric guitars!

1. Ibanez GRGM21BKN ¾ Size Mikro Electric Guitar

We start off our list with a renowned brand that has recently entered the arena for ¾ scale guitars.

The guitar is incredibly high-quality, with the same setup and materials as the full-size GRG and GRX models. This means you get a mahogany body, maple neck, and basswood bottom and top.

For a guitar in this price range, the pickups are quite nice and are going to last a while before requiring an upgrade.

Like with other guitars in this price range, you will want to upgrade your string and adjust bridge height and truss rods when you get it. You can even replace the neck nuts to ensure the guitar stays in tune.

2. Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar

Fender makes some excellent guitars, and their Vintage Modified Stratocaster is the best pick for people who have tiny hands as it is smaller than a regular Telecaster. There is a volume, selector, and tone switch for the pickups.

The guitar also features a 9.5 fretboard radius and 21 jumbo frets. Thus, it is quite comfortable to play with, and the entire neck is made with maple. This guitar offers excellent tones and has humbucking pickups instead of single coils that are found in regular Telecaster guitars. Therefore, the guitar is perfect for blues, rock, and even metal sounds. You even get an F-hole, so the guitar can produce both acoustic and electric sounds. The bridge is a hardtail which allows for easy string changing.

3. Epiphone Les Paul Express Electric Guitar

The Epiphone Les Paul Express captures the sound and power behind the regular-sized version. It’s made as an exact copy of the regular Les Paul with a mahogany body. Nevertheless, the neck is made with hard maple. This modification in the neck’s design offers brighter tones to the mini electric guitar.

This instrument also offers the comfort that younger players need. The completely-adjustable fixed bridge allows for an easier time changing strings. The string tension is loosened because of the shorter fret scale, and the recessed bolts that safeguard the neck make the upper fret more easily accessible.

The Epiphone Les Paul Express is available in two finishes – Ebony and Vintage Sunburst.

4. Hofner Shorter Electric Travel Guitar

Hofner has been manufacturing electric guitars since the 1980s. Its features entail basswood back and top with a rosewood fingerboard and maple neck. It has great pick up and tones. There are 22 frets, and both the frets and neck are full-scale length at 24.7 inches. The overall body of this guitar is small enough for a young musician.

Nevertheless, as the frets and neck are full-scale, some younger kids (below the age of 8) might have some trouble stretching their fingers across the neck. Moreover, the body might be a little too compact as you might have to use a strap to prevent it from moving around.

At a price of $179.99, the Hofner Shorter Electric Travel Guitar makes for an amazing travel guitar. It also comes in great finishes of Red, Blue, or Black.

5. Rogue Rocketeer RR50 7/8 Scale Electric Guitar

The Rogue Rocketeer RR50 7/8 is a decent starting guitar for young players. It comes with a built-in master volume control, which is always a great addition. The neck is maple, whereas the body is basswood. The RR50 is an amazing, economical mini guitar for novice players and even professionals who are looking for a compact and portable guitar.

However, due to the placement of the frets, it can have some intonation issues that can make it sound out of tune even when it is not. The strings of this guitar aren’t the best. However, if you do replace them, the guitar will play effortlessly and fast. It has some great finishes (Red, Black, Wine Burst, and Red Burst), and it also comes with a cable, a strap, picks, and both a gig and carrying bag.

6. Jackson JS1X

Jacksons JS1X is a distinct, eye-catching electric guitar with a smaller scale size. If you are looking for a guitar that captures attention and finds it difficult to play full-sized guitars, this might be the perfect pick for you.

Even though the brand has sacrificed on design when designing the JS1X, they surely haven’t compromised on character. Loaded with a pair of high-output humbuckers, the instrument produces a number of energetic tones, perfect for metal and heavy rock.

The short-scale electric guitar features 24 frets. It is a little bigger than a 3/4 -sized instrument and this additional room are valuable for playing chord inversions or fast runs up and down the fingerboard.

The maple neck is reinforced with graphite rods, making it stable and solid. Compared with other types of necks, this reinforcement prevents movement and promotes durability. The body of the JS1X is poplar, which is known for its enhanced resonance. In addition, the inclusion of Jackson sealed tuners allows for tuning stability.

7. Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special

Next on our list is an excellent travel guitar from Fender – Jaguar Special. This is an excellent guitar that offers a lot of versatility and great potential. It even comes with a deluxe gig bag, so you can easily carry your guitar around.

When it comes to looks, this guitar is a true beauty, regardless of which color you choose. The colors you can pick from are Olympic White, Fiesta Red, Candy Apple Red, Metallic KO, and 3 Vintage Tone Sunburst finish.

In addition, this electric travel guitar has a pretty awesome crisp and clear tone that’s suitable for several genres and can be modified with various pedals.

It is safe to say that you can hardly go wrong with the Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special.

Get Your Hands on the Best Mini Electric Guitars

We can safely conclude that there is really a guitar for everyone out there, no matter how small your hands are. If you found a couple of guitars that you like from our list but feel a little hesitant about which one to go for, note them down and head over to your nearest music store and ask to test play them. This will definitely help to make things clearer. Keep in mind that comfort is the most important thing apart from the sound of your guitar.

Pro tip – Electric guitars already have smaller fretboards as compared to acoustic guitars. Thus, they are generally more suitable for people with smaller hands.

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