5 Best Keyboard for Kids

Involvement in music can bring incalculable benefits to your child’s development. That’s why you should make it a point to help them learn at least one musical instrument.

The thing is, there are dozens of musical instruments you can choose from. However, one of the simplest yet most versatile instruments you can get for your child is a piano keyboard.

Don’t worry. We’ve already searched through hundreds of options and found five of the best keyboards worth your money.

Best Keyboards for Kids I Recommend

To get your kid started on his/her musical journey, you need a keyboard that’ll give you a bang for your buck. Here are the best ones that’ll help you achieve that.

1. eMedia My Piano Starter Pack

eMedia is a music corporation that specializes in publishing and producing music software programs and applications. They have been around for more than 25 years, and their expertise in the field is often recognized by music legends and various magazines.

Being a trusted brand in the music industry, allow us to introduce you to the eMedia My Piano Starter Pack.


This 49-key keyboard is just a little over two feet long at 26 inches. It has a total weight of four pounds, a thickness of 3 ½ inches, and a width of ten inches.

The eMedia My Piano Starter Pack includes a USB cable and speakers, so everything you will need to play the device is already in the package. As a bonus, eMedia included a DVD consisting of tutorial videos to help your child learn the instrument.

The small and light keys are just perfect for your little one’s fingers, as they are relatively easy to press and don’t hold too much resistance.


  • lightweight
  • compact
  • easy to use
  • includes tutorial videos



2. Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard Bundle

Nobody has probably never heard of Yamaha. Aside from being one of the leading brands in motorcycles, Yamaha is also a manufacturer of some of the highest quality musical instruments.

If your kid is serious about enhancing his/her piano skills, you need to check out the Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard Bundle.


This piano keyboard from Yamaha includes 61 touch-sensitive keys. It’s 51 inches long, eight inches high, and 20 inches wide. The Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard has a total weight of seven pounds, which is a bit heavier than other keyboards on this list.

Don’t worry. Your kid wouldn’t have to carry the keyboard every time since it comes with the traditional X-style stand. Additionally, your child can also practice quietly because a pair of keyboard-compatible headphones are also included in the package.

The keyboard itself has 100 preset songs that your kid can play along to. On top of this, it also comes with a USB cord that allows you to connect the instrument to a computer for downloadable music or keyboard programs.

The Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard also has a recording function. This allows you to record a performance on the keyboard and play it back after.


  • trusted brand
  • comes with stand
  • free headphones
  • 100 preset songs
  • USB connectivity
  • performance recorder


  • size and weight might be more appropriate for teenagers, not toddlers
  • might be a little too advanced for beginners

3. Schoenhut 30-Key Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut is a brand that focuses mainly on the production of miniature musical instruments for children and beginners. This is to introduce them to the world of music early on in their lives.

With their Schoenhut 30-Key Baby Grand Piano, a unique contender takes the spotlight on this list.


Despite only having 30 keys, this keyboard has a length of 75 inches, a width of 19 inches, and a height of 21 ½ inches. The overall weight of the product is an astounding 26 pounds.

So, how can a keyboard meant for kids have these dimensions? Well, it’s actually a miniature grand piano.

Instead of batteries or an electric plug, this keyboard produces sound by using metal rods to strike the chimes inside, almost mimicking an authentic grand piano.

The miniature piano has three legs that allow it to stand on its own. It also includes a small bench, so your kid can sit in front of the piano while playing.

The keys are slightly larger than the usual keys used in small keyboards. This helps your kid transition easier to a regular-sized keyboard with wider keys.

Additionally, the width of the keys also helps your child master hand placement and finger techniques when playing the piano.


  • no electricity needed
  • stands on its own
  • large keys
  • unique and elegant
  • comes with a bench


  • heavy
  • can only produce one set of sounds
  • the sound produced is chime-like instead of piano-like

4. Casio SA-76 Mini Keyboard Bundle

Another brand name you’ve most likely heard in different conversations is Casio. Yes, the company that manufactures calculators, cash registers, G-Shocks, and all sorts of watches.

If you’re not aware, Casio is actually a staple name in the music industry as well. To be precise, they are quite popular in manufacturing pianos and keyboards.

You will see the quality of their products in the Casio SA-76 Mini Keyboard Bundle.


The SA-76 has 44 keys that are significantly smaller than regular keys. With an average of one pound without the batteries, you’d be surprised that this keyboard is 23 inches long, eight inches wide, and two inches thick.

This keyboard lets you choose between piano or organ modes, and it has about 100 tones, five drum pads, and 50 preset tracks. It also includes an instructional book and a piece of a polishing cloth for cleaning.

The SA-76 is a great option for young ones because it’s very easy to carry and play. The mini keys should also help your child play better as the keys are not too far apart.

However, the mini keys may make it more challenging for your child to transition to regular-sized keyboards because of the difference in key width and spacing.


  • versatile
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • includes drum tracks
  • mini keys to help young ones play more conveniently


  • might make it harder for your kid to transition to regular keyboards because of the key’s size

5. Meowsic Toy Piano

The last one on our list is a product from B. Toys. This company manufactures toys that aid children’s development and learning process.

When it comes to enhancing your toddler’s musical intelligence, the Meowsic Toy Piano will help you out.


This product is 19 inches long, two and ¾ inches high, and ten inches wide. It’s powered by four AA batteries which are already included in the package.

Despite its toy-like appearance, the Meowsic Toy Piano actually has real, playable keys with five different sound options. It also includes 20 nursery rhymes, volume control, and record/playback functions.

The toy shuts off on its own when it’s idle for a few minutes. Additionally, it also comes with a retractable microphone so your kid can experiment with music.


  • compact
  • free batteries
  • great for toddlers
  • retractable microphone
  • auto-shutdown preserves battery life


  • design is for young ones only


Keyboards meant for kids are designed to fit their small hands while still being able to imitate a regular-sized instrument and entertain the user. This is our primary basis for deciding which keyboard is the best for your kid.

In our honest opinion, Schoenhut 30-Key Baby Grand Piano is the best option for kids around five years of age. Its overall design will surely keep them entertained while still teaching them how to play the instrument.

On the other hand, the Yamaha EZ220 Keyboard Bundle should be perfect for advanced learners. Pre-teens who wish for something more versatile and authentic will surely love this keyboard.