The 5 Best Karaoke Machines 

There isn’t anything quite as fun as enjoying a few drinks with your friends and singing your heart out in front of an at-home karaoke machine.

Home karaoke machines have come a long way from the bulky, speaker-like unit that used to take up closet space when the party was over. Nowadays, we have a variety of karaoke machines that come in fun colors, flashy light systems, Bluetooth features for streaming, and more.

A great at-home karaoke machine should suit your individual needs, while also remaining easy to use and set up. In addition to producing a great sound, it should also play your music easily and come with the necessary equipment, so you don’t end up singing into a spare hairbrush.

Let’s take a look at the five best karaoke machines available and get you on your way to belting out that Adele song that’s been stuck in your head for days.

Here’s the Best Karaoke Machines I recommend

Best Overall: Singing Machine SML385 Bluetooth Karaoke System

Whether you’re new to the karaoke game or simply wanting a machine to entertain folks at your next birthday party, Singing Machine’s SML385 Bluetooth Karaoke system is the best choice overall.

This unit is compact and portable, so you can store it or take it with you wherever you go. It supports two microphones, so duets are easy to accomplish. Each microphone comes with its own audio controls as well.

It has some pretty flashy light features as well. The SML385 has a LED display with 54 lights that you can dim as you like to help set the mood, as well as a built-in CD player. This is especially helpful if you’re ever in a place that doesn’t have internet and you are unable to stream your music.

The big draw of this machine is its Bluetooth pairing feature, which allows you to stream digital music from a variety of compatible mobile devices. Simply hook up the RCA cables to your TV so the lyrics can scroll and hit play.

It won’t break any windows or cause too many complaints from your neighbors either. The sound doesn’t get super loud. However, it does feature several controls so you can enhance the balance and echo of your microphone.

Overall, this karaoke machine is the best option for those who aren’t super serious about singing but want to indulge in a song or two at their next party or event.

Best for Parties: Singsation All-in-One Karaoke System & Party Machine

This karaoke machine is a sleek, all-in-one system that would be a great addition to your next house party. It is 20 inches tall and features an adjustable mic stand that goes up to six feet tall. It only weighs 7.55 pounds, so no matter what height you place it at, it’s light enough to easily maneuver.

The majority of this karaoke system is located at the base of the mic stand. The stand has two speakers and a built-in disco light with varying multi-color light modes such as party and pulse to help liven up your party’s ambiance. All of the audio controls, sound and voice effects, and volume are also present in the base.

The unit comes with one microphone with a 10-inch cord, so if you’re hoping to sing with your friends, you’re going to need to purchase additional mics. It has a small stand in a pentagon shape that is the perfect size for phones and iPads to sit.

Finally, this party karaoke system has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can stream any music you like with an internet connection.

If you’re looking for an affordable karaoke machine that will add ambiance and entertainment to your next party, this is a great option.

Best Built-In Screen: Karaoke USA GF842 Karaoke Machine

When it comes to karaoke, sometimes you don’t want to do a lot of plugging in and connecting to various TVs and screens. A GF842 karaoke machine is a modern unit with plenty of bells and whistles that also has a large, 7-inch built-in screen for lyric scrolling.

At the top, the machine has a universal cradle that fits smartphones, tablets, and other handheld mobile devices. It has an auxiliary input that can accommodate a wide variety of music players and gaming consoles as well. This makes it easy to quickly record the songs you sing.

The digital screen works well with the karaoke machine accompanying CDs, which features over 300 simple songs.

Additional features that make this karaoke machine a must-have include a wireless Bluetooth speaker, two wireless microphones with individual volume control.

Best for Bad Singers: 2nd-Gen Singtrix Party Bundle Stadium Edition

If you’re a practicing singer or even if you’re just dreaming of becoming one, you may need a karaoke machine with a little more oomph. If you don’t mind spending a little more cash on your karaoke machine, the Singtrix Party Bundle Stadium Edition is an excellent option that will have you sounding like a professional in no time.

The stadium edition includes a mic stand with an adjustable boom arm. It also comes with a 40-watt stereo and a built-in subwoofer. Additional corded and wireless microphones can be purchased for an additional fee.

For lyrics, the machine works well with programs like Lyrics Tracks and Youtube Karaoke, as well as smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can use everything from karaoke apps to streaming your song library.

One of the best parts of this machine is the 400 preset effects that can be accessed with the press of a button, including natural pitch-correction, reverb, delay, and 4-part harmonies to help give the effect of backup singers. You can also add voice morphing effects for a hilarious change of pace.

This machine can make even the worst of singers sound like Freddy Mercury or Mariah Carey. Although it is rather large, it is portable and versatile enough to be usable for at-home concerts, church choirs, or band performances.

Best Value: ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) Professional Karaoke Machine

This karaoke machine is the best bang for your buck. In addition to a high-quality speaker, rechargeable battery, and access to AM/FM radio, this machine is affordable and produces high-quality sound indoors and out.

The Ion Block Rocker has a sleek design and comes with an easy-to-use display and audio controls. It’s a decent size and features a 50 watt, 8-inch speaker that produces rich, high-quality sound. The bass quality is outstanding, and even the loudest of volumes won’t distort the music.

Users can travel up to 100 feet away from the karaoke machine, which makes it perfect for speeches or public speaking events as well as a brilliant karaoke performance. It pairs well with Bluetooth-enabled devices, as well as Android and IOS smartphones and tablets. The USB port on the speaker can even be used to charge these devices as well.

No karaoke machine is as mobile as the Block Rocker. The unit is battery-powered and can last up to 50 hours on a single battery charge. It is also easy to transport, thanks to its telescoping handle and two wheels.

From its affordability and high-quality sound to its mobile-friendly maneuverability, the Block Rocker is hands down the best product for the best value.

The Wrap Up

There are a few key factors to look out for in a karaoke machine. A mobile-friendly machine is good not only so you can take it from place to place, but so that you can store it easily. Plug and play options like the Singing Machine SML385 are great for this.

The best at-home karaoke machines are great pieces of entertainment as well. The Singtrix Party Bundle can turn the worst singers into full-blown professionals, and the Singsation All-In-One has a built-in disco ball for party light ambiance everyone will enjoy.

Out of the hundreds of karaoke machines available to choose from, these are the five best.

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