Top 9 Best Guitar Wall Mounts You’ll Love

top best guitar wall mounts

As any musician or avid music fan knows, it’s important to treat instruments with the respect that they deserve!

Whether you’re looking to showcase an autographed guitar that once belonged to your greatest inspirational figure or simply want to store your own beloved instrument in an artistic, elegant way, it’s important to find a quality guitar wall mount.

Any of these trusty mounts are sure to keep your guitar safe and secure while tastefully allowing it to take center stage in any room’s decor!

1. String Swing CC01K Guitar Hanger

This guitar mount boasts a number of winning features that you can easily notice and appreciate right off the bat, such as an elegant hardwood mounting block that will sit firmly against your wall. The String Swing CC01K wall mount is sturdy and durable with the capacity to support everything from delicate ukuleles to heavy bass guitars when properly installed.

This mount is available with several different types of hardwood to give you the look that fits just right with the rest of your decor: You’ll have Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry, and Oak to choose from. Additionally, each wooden piece is handcrafted with care in order to provide the best possible quality. Many people who use this mount appreciate the opportunity to select a finish that works well with the existing look of their home and report that it blends tastefully into the background as well! This mount gets the job done without pulling too much attention from the instrument it’s meant to showcase.

Additionally, the yoke on this mount is extra sturdy and features a special type of curve that provides added security. You’ll have to deliberately lift your guitar up a couple of inches before it will be free of the yoke which greatly reduces the odds of it getting knocked out of place. The yoke is also well-padded to avoid scratching or scuffing your instrument.

The yoke on this mount pivots and gives you the freedom to tweak it to just about any width, which means that it’s almost guaranteed to work well with the proportions of your guitar. The only exception is the occasional wide-necked classical guitar which would be better paired with a similar variety of wall mount: The original String Swing CC01. Fortunately, the CC01 is reported to be just as good!

2. Hang’em High Angled Guitar Wall Hanger

Not everyone is particularly impressed by the idea of a simplistic wall mount that only allows their guitar to hang straight up and down. For people who would rather be able to mount their guitar in a way that really sets off the curves in the instrument’s design and complements the arrangement of their home: Enter the Hang’em High Angled Guitar Wall Hanger!

This guitar hanger is great because it provides two different support points for any guitar with a maximum body thickness of three inches. Since the wall mount comes in two pieces it provides a great deal of freedom when it comes to choosing the angle at which to display your guitar. Any angles between 15 and 90 degrees will work fine and provide plenty of support, making it easier than ever to find that sweet spot where your instrument looks its best.

Another key perk of the two separate support pieces that make up the Hang’em High Angled Guitar Wall Hanger is that it offers a superior level of strength and support. Mounting with two supports instead of one spreads out the weight distribution and increases the possibilities of which instruments you can securely and safely display.

Additionally, the two mounting points that support both ends of your guitar will prevent your instrument from ever touching the wall. This is a huge benefit when it comes to avoiding scuffs, either on the wall itself or on the back of your guitar. The sturdy red oak blocks also sport hefty hooks with a rubber coating that protects the surface of your instrument as well, making it an especially good choice if you have a guitar with a nitrocellulose finish.

3. Hercules GSP38WB Auto-Grip Wall Hanger

If you love the simplistic look of a vertically-mounted guitar but find that flimsy-looking yokes make you squirm with concern for the safety of your instrument, then the Hercules GSP38WB Auto-Grip Wall Hanger might be just what you need to finish off your studio. This mount looks and feels sturdy, making it a satisfying product for those who play heavier instruments and want to keep them safe.

The yoke on this mount swivels nicely, allowing gravity to do its job in finding the perfectly-straight alignment that you’re looking for. This mount is also compatible with the Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment accessory, or NINA, which allows the yoke to tighten enough to accommodate smaller instruments such as mandolins and banjos if needed.

The only con that some buyers point out is that they don’t love the extra hardware that comes with the hanger itself–especially the drywall screws. So, while the wall mount itself is reported to be of great quality, you might want to look into purchasing some extra drywall anchors and screws to give yourself some added peace of mind.

This wall mount is rather industrial in its look and feel and is less cushioned than many other mounts are. Many people with a soft spot for a good nitro lacquer recommend using a small, soft cloth in between the guitar and the Hercules GSP38WB, just to be safe. Keep in mind that the primary focus of this mount is its ability to support hefty weights and that less focus is placed on delicacy as a result! Either way, this mount is well worth buying and making a few adjustments for since it will provide the superior level of security that your heaviest guitar needs.

Here’s a video showing how to use drywall screws while setting up your hanger:

4. RawRock Horizontal Guitar Wall Hanger

This excellent mount from RawRock is another great choice for anyone who wants to mount their guitar horizontally or at a striking angle. Come to think of it, the two pieces of this wall hanger are perfect for reducing the stress placed on the neck of your guitar even if you do choose to mount it vertically, making it a smart buy for anyone who really prefers to handle their instrument with a delicate touch.

Alongside being extremely versatile in terms of secure display angles, the yokes on this wall mount can accommodate instruments with body depths of up to five inches. The improved weight distribution provided by the two separate pieces and the roomy depth of this mounting kit will allow you to display even your largest, heaviest guitars with confidence.

Another great quality of the RawRock Horizontal hanger is the signature padding that makes the yokes safe for any type of guitar finish! Between the effective padding and the ample yoke room, this mount is sure to keep your guitar looking as pristine as ever.

The solid wood backing block gives the mounting kit an elegant, stylish look without distracting from your guitar. Additionally, this guitar mount is available in a variety of finishes so that you can be sure you’re getting studio or home-ready hardware that won’t clash with your existing look.

One detail to take note of is that the hooks stick straight out from the wooden block. This means that, with no curve to encourage the guitar to rest away from the mounting block, there’s a slight risk of scuffing if you have a guitar with a more susceptible type of finish. The good news is that this wrinkle is easy to smooth out with a bit of cloth or felt padding, and the sturdiness and versatility of the mount are still worth it!

5. String Swing SW5RL-K Multi-Guitar Wall Rack Hanger

Another great wall mount from String Swing, this beauty provides the opportunity to display a whole collection of instruments at once! After all, why should you have to settle for showcasing just one favorite for the world to see?

The String SW5RL-K Swing Multi-Guitar Wall Rack Hanger is a great choice for anyone who’s especially concerned with practicality, too. This wall mount can support up to five guitars at once, making it a lifesaver if you’re looking to free up some floor space in your studio. Standalone multi-guitar racks that sit on the floor certainly get the job done, but they won’t look as refined or elegant as this wall mount will.

This rack will hold acoustic, electric, or bass guitars without any trouble with its solid, 48-inch mounting board. The adjustable yokes can be altered to fit just about any guitar headstock and the cradles can be switched around to accommodate smaller instruments like ukuleles and mandolins as well.

Another interesting feature to note about this rack is that the yokes extend further out from the wall than those of wall mounts intended for single instruments. This allows each guitar to hang from its swiveling yoke at just the right angle without bumping into its neighbors or scuffing against the wall.

Additionally, there’s a satisfying level of thoughtfulness to the design and installation method of this wall mount: The mounting board, which is available in a couple of different colors, comes without any pre-drilled holes. This will enable you to install it right where you want it and screw it securely into your studs without worrying about any ugly, useless holes left behind thanks to a poor fit.

6. Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger

Available with mounting boards in every color from black to cherrywood to satin chrome, this Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger is ready to display just about any type of guitar you might have! This mount is designed to accommodate guitars with either straight or angled headstocks and comes with rubberized padding that greatly reduces the risk of scuffing.

The swiveling yoke and sturdy construction of this mount grant it the versatility that it needs to support acoustic, electric, or bass guitars with no issues to speak of. The longer standoff that enables it to accommodate different headstocks also offers just the right amount of room to keep your instrument from hitting against the wall when mounted.

The wooden mounting panel also comes with a bit of foam padding on the back. You won’t see much, if any, of this foam once the mount is installed, but it serves to provide some extra grip and traction against uneven surfaces. This makes it an especially great choice if you have textured walls.

One detail to note is that this hanger is not recommended for every type of guitar finish out there. A standard polyurethane finish should do just fine, but vintage finishes and nitro lacquers may be put at higher risk. Depending on the instrument you favor, this may not be an issue for you at all. Plus, if you have a more delicate finish but can’t part with the sleek looks of this mount, a spare bit of cloth or leather can provide some added protection!

7. Guitar Thrones Gothic Cross Design Wall Hanger

Some guitarists simply aren’t interested in modern, low-profile guitar mounts and crave something with a more interesting look. If your tastes lean more towards gothic or alternative styles, then this wall mount from Guitar Thrones might give your home or studio just the type of edge you want!

The design of this wall mount is distinctly different, both in shape and in construction, from the plainer varieties that you’ll find more commonly on the market. The gothic cross-shaped mounting panel is custom-crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it sturdy and reliable as well as striking. The metal surface is anodized black and the edges are shaved away to create a very eye-catching, high-contrast look with plenty of sharp personality.

This mount isn’t just about the looks, either! The deep yoke and curved cradle will keep your guitar steady and prevent excess wobbling, and the yoke is easily adjustable. The cradle’s arms are also well-padded and are safe for even more finicky and easily-scuffed guitar finishes such as nitrocellulose or vintage finishes.

Another high point of this mount is that people are usually pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to install. The single piece of aluminum that makes up the cross-shaped back of this mount provides plenty of structural integrity without the need for any added frills, making installation a simple task.

8. GuitarGrip Studios Guitar Hanger

Are you interested in another quality guitar mount that provides visual interest, but looking for something more surreal? If so, then you may be delighted to know that the GuitarGrip Studios Guitar Hanger stays true to its name by taking the shape of a literal, life-sized hand reaching out of the wall to grip your guitar!

Perhaps the best thing about this wall mount is that the GuitarGrip brand carries the hand concept across plenty of interpretations, from standard human hands to those that look like they belong to skeletons, mummies, or even tree monsters. The human hands also come in stocky, strong-looking varieties along with much more delicate and feminine alternatives, and all mount styles are made with both left and right hands.

It’s understandable to wonder about the sturdiness of a guitar mount alongside its good looks, and GuitarGrip Studios doesn’t disappoint! This mount is sturdy and reliable since it’s built to handle plenty of weight without giving out, meaning that it can handle the weight of just about any guitar. Just remember that you’ll have to install it in a stud–drywall alone won’t support this mount. The thumb and forefinger of each hand are also padded with a rubber grip to firmly secure the guitar without slippage and without scuffing even the most delicate finishes.

As is the case with many novelty products, something has to give. In this case, you’ll be sacrificing a level of adjustability for the amazing looks of this mount. GuitarGrip recommends swiveling the hand clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to adjust for different types of headstocks, which most users report as working pretty well. However, you simply will not have the adjustment range with this sculpted hand as you will with the two-pronged yokes of plainer guitar mounts. All the same: If looks are your thing and the proportions of your guitar are pretty standard, then a GuitarGrip mount is a great choice!

9. RockJam Guitar Hanger and Wall Mount Bracket Holder

If you’re uninterested in the decorative appearance of your wall mount and just want something visually reassuring and sturdy-looking, then the RockJam Guitar Hanger is a good way to go. This guitar hanger has an industrial look and feel, with a no-frills wooden back and very well-padded arms that give your instrument the support it needs.

The yoke on this wall mount is reliable and generously-padded. It swivels and provides a unique auto-locking feature as well. The auto-lock functions by allowing the weight of the guitar to draw the yoke’s cradle arms downwards and towards the center once you place your instrument in the mount. This makes for a much more stable grip on your guitar, which is a huge perk for anyone who gets anxious at the thought of their cherished instrument slipping! The yoke also swivels, allowing the guitar to swing from side to side when bumped instead of holding it rigidly so that it gets struck with full force.

Another advantage of the auto-locking, swiveling yoke is that it provides superior adjustability for various instruments. It’s padded all the way around the yoke rather than just on the arms, making it great for an acoustic guitar. It can also accommodate straight or angled headstocks and support even the heaviest guitars without any trouble.

Keep in Mind:

Shopping around for the best guitar wall mount can be tricky. Each product offers something a little bit different, and there can sometimes be a lot of overlap that makes it difficult to choose!

The best course of action will always be to compare the selection of available wall mounts with the instruments you have to figure out which one will be the best fit for your studio. Don’t forget to account for the size and style of your guitar, how adjustable you need the yoke to be, and your own personal style. For anyone who needs something reliable and sturdy, any of these wall mounts would be a smart buy!

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