What Are The Best Guitar Tuner Apps?

The microphones in our smartphones have improved significantly over the past couple of years. While certain phones can even record ASMR audios, you can use any contemporary smartphone to put that microphone to good use and tune your guitar. If you are a guitar enthusiast, here are some of the best guitar tuner apps you can download.

Best Guitar Tuner Apps I Recommend

1. GuitarTuna

GuitarTuna is a free multi-faceted app that you can use to tune your guitar automatically or manually.

A great thing about this app is that it also offers tuning settings for several stringed instruments other than a guitar. This is quite a handy feature as several guitarists even play ukulele, bass, and even banjo.

In addition, there is also a chord library, a built-in metronome, and a couple of chords and exercises that will help you learn how to play the guitar.

In short, GuitarTuna is extremely easy to use. Plus, it offers accurate results with added features.

2. Fender Tune

Fender Tune is a feature-filled app from the popular guitar manufacturer Fender to tune your guitar. The app has four different tuning modes, including manual mode, auto mode, pro tuner mode, and chromatic mode. You can select from a number of tuning presets like Drop C, Open D, Drop D, Open G, and standard (EADGBE).

The app also has a digital signal processing algorithm that can pick up the lowest bass frequencies quite efficiently. This is extremely useful, as a decent bass tuner, particularly a free one, can be quite difficult to find.

Naturally, Fender’s improved pitch detection works well with acoustics, guitars, and banjos as well. So, this app is quite varied when it comes to tuning stringed instruments like an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, etc.

Note that this app is free to download and use. However, you might need to make in-app purchases for tutorials.

 3. Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Chromatic Guitar Tuner is one of the most popular guitar tuner apps available on Google Play.

It works very well because of a sophisticated algorithm that improves the ability of the microphone to pick up your guitar’s pitch. This way, musical notes can be interpreted swiftly, with higher precision as compared to the previous versions.

Another excellent feature of this app is the chromatic tuning system it offers. Thus, you can tune to a B or CDEFGA and every flat or sharp in many octaves.

Moreover, the app’s bright, clear display screen makes it very easy to read as well. It indicates how far you are from the note you want to get.

In addition, there are many different tuning modes and presets that come with the application. The app supports several instruments, including banjo, bass, violin, ukulele, and guitar. It also includes a digital tuning fork for users who prefer having one.

Even though Chromatic Guitar Tuner is free, it contains plenty of ads that can get pretty irritating. Apart from that, the app works quite well!

4. Pano Tuner

Pano Tuner is another free and simple guitar tuner app that is best suited to beginners. It is essentially a chromatic tuner featuring a precise detection system.

Pano Tuner even allows users to see the notes as Do Re Mi or as letter notes. Because of the app’s adjustable sensitivity settings, you can tap into the most effective microphone setting for the best responsiveness. You can also choose from a number of different temperances to modify your guitars consonance.

Pano Tuner can also tune non-stringed, orchestral instruments like piccolos, trumpets, bass, along with acoustic and electric guitars.

All in all, Pano Tuner is an excellent choice because of its basic layout. Even though the app doesn’t have a lot of extra features, several users support the developer’s choice to keep the application simple.

5. BOSS Tuner

BOSS Tuner is a free Android and iOS app that makes uses of chromatic tuning for stringed instruments and offers visual feedback while tuning the guitar. Plus, the apps tuning range is quite vast. Nevertheless, one of the best things about this app is that you don’t need to deal with the annoyance of in-app purchases.

The automated tuning fork on this app is easy-to-use and convenient. You can tune every instrument in a number of ways to get the preferred tone.

Additionally, there is a bass chromatic option along with an option to tune via separate modes and strings that work with other instruments such as brass and violin.

When it comes to reliability, the BOSS Tuner software works with an accuracy of +/- 1 percent, which is quite great!

In conclusion, the BOSS Tuner app is perfect for those who wish to play their guitar and other instruments like a true professional.

6. gStrings

The gString works as a dial-type, chromatic product. What makes this app different from the others is its customization ability.

You can adjust the microphone’s sensitivity to pitch for better tuning. Moreover, you can also apply various temperaments such as meantone, comma, and Pythagorean.

This can be particularly useful if you play music styles, such as renaissance, baroque, or gothic pieces. It can even be helpful if you use various instruments, like harpsichord or organ, along with a guitar.

The gStrings application allows the users to define and adjust the frequency settings to facilitate orchestral tuning and even allows you to save your custom tunings.

This might all sound very complicated, but you don’t need to worry as the application is actually quite easy to understand and use, thanks to its simple design and clear screen.

Our verdict is that because of gStrings ability to modify temperament; it is more suitable for artists who like playing classical forms of music.

7. Guitar Tuner Pro

Guitar Tuner Pro allows you to accurately tune your bass, ukulele, or guitar. The software is perfect for starters, intermediaries, and high-level guitar players who wish to learn how to tune their instruments.

Using this app, you can choose between automatic or manual mode. The best thing about this app is that it offers more than 2600 chords so that you can play and experiment with various musical notes.

All in all, Guitar Tuner Pro is an intuitive application with a simple interface that makes it faster to use as you tune your instrument.

8. Cifra Club Tuner

Cifra Club Tuner is another guitar tuner application. The app has a contemporary app and even features musical games to help you play the guitar better. Even though the app supports a number of instruments, you are restricted to just one guitar in the free version.

You will have to buy a yearly or monthly subscription to Cifra Club Pro to access tunings for other instruments, noise filters, and precision. The premium subscription even removes banner advertisements viewed on the app’s home page.


Tuners are absolutely essential for guitarists at every stage of their journey. They are one of the primary things you need to purchase when you purchase a guitar. The guitar tuner apps discussed in this blog are quite dependable and accurate.

We hope you liked this list and find a good guitar tuner app from here!

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