6 Best Gigging Bass Amps

In plenty of gigging situations, you will be connecting your bass guitar into the in-house PA system, so you can simply use a small bass amp as an on-stage monitor.

But what do you do if there’s no PA system to use?

After a lot of research, we have curated a list of the best gigging bass amps. Whether you’re playing in a small club or a large theatre, this equipment will surely serve you in the best of your interests. Let’s get started!

Best Gigging Bass Amp I Recommend

1. Fender Rumble 800 v3

The Fender Rumble 800 v3 makes for a great first stage-ready bass amp. Fender has included several features that allow you to dial in a solid bass tone and utilize unique switching for various voices.

The knob set is practical with four-band EQ, Gain, along with a Master knob. There is an Overdrive section with its own Level and Drive knobs that you can activate with a footswitch. In addition, there are three switches on the right – Vintage, Bright, and Contour – that function as pre-EQ shaping options. Vintage is tube emulation, Contour is mid-scoop, and Bright is a high-end boost.

The back panel features DI out, dual speaker outputs, effects loop, aux in, and a headphone jack. These are extremely loud, but lean towards the muddy side. Thus, the additional EQ shaping options will prove to be quite useful. There is surely going to be a useful sound for a number of bassists and players in this gigging bass amp.

2. Markbass Standard 104HF

For large gigs, you need something that can reach everyone in the audience with minimal effort. The Markbass 104HF Cabinets 800-watt speakers are sufficient for the job.

It is very loud, and pairing it up with the Markbass Little Mark Tube 800 Amp Head creates an unmatchable combo!

The incredibly lightweight speakers have an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Thus, it’s not a hassle to carry the whole thing around from one gig to another.

The Standard 104HF bass cab is manufactured using premium-quality, multi-ply poplar and has protective corners along with a grill to safeguard it from mishaps during traveling.

The sound quality of this gigging bass amp can be described as vintage.

3. VOX PB10

Next on our list, we have the VOX PB10 Bass Combo Amp. It’s perfect for those bass players who attend gigs regularly, practice in the studio, or even rehearse at home. The black-colored amplifier has treble and bass-tone shaping control. In addition, it has a bright switch to improve the upper harmonics.

Besides that, the drive controls offer a mild, smooth bass distortion to build up the sound. The speaker that’s dual 5-inch bulldog is powered by a 10 Watt amp. This allows air to travel around for improved bass sound.

Last but not least, this combo bass amplifier is perfect for individuals who are just starting to learn how to play the bass guitar and use an amplifier. You can use your favorite headphones to practice late at night.

3. TC Electronic BH800

The 800 watt TC Electronic BH800 combines all of TC’s tech advances into the compact bass head game. The best thing about this gigging bass amp is the two TonePrint slots that you can adjust independently using the two knobs on the right. Using the Switch-3 pedal, you can turn them on or off separately.

Thanks to the TonePrint slots, you can load up compression, chorus, octave, drive, vibrato, and flange effects. Plus, you can even edit them comprehensively on your computer or laptop to generate an entirely customized sound.

Other controls include Master Volume, Gain, and a four-band EQ. There’s an in-built tuner on the front of this gigging bass amp, along with a Mute switch so you can tune in silence. The EQ is either set to cut or boost frequencies, and the DI out can either be set post or pre.

If you don’t need the 800 version, you can go with their 550-watt or 250-watt versions as well.

4. Aguilar Tone Hammer Bass Amplifier

This device is available in a small design, and it’s extremely lightweight too. It weighs almost 4 kg, so you can fit it inside your gig bag. It is actually the best compact amp for musicians who like performing in several different locations.

This compact bass amp is the perfect pick for bass players in particular. It features a ¼ inch input jack which is compatible with all types of passive and active basses. The device is totally adjustable. Plus, its drive control features a proprietary Aguilar design known as “Adaptive Gain Shaping.” It helps in offering XLR balanced outcomes with post/pre-EQ along with ground lift switch. The unit features a -10dB switch that facilitates active pick-ups.

5. Orange Crush Bass

The Orange Crush Bass 50W Bass Guitar Combo Amp is a great amp for practice and gigs. Both, the power and sound quality are top-notch.

This bass amp can be used with several different types of music, and the bass is punchy and clear. It’s a very versatile amp that we recommend to individuals who like to focus more on the bass aspect of their sound while playing music or playing in bands that usually play for an audience.

We recommend getting the combo amp if you want something that’s easy to carry around as it weighs nearly 54 pounds, which is quite heavy for most amps. However, it is not too bad given it has plenty of features.

You should also get the footswitch that’s compatible with this amp if you want something that’s easy to carry around.

6. Genzler Magellan 800

This dual-channel amp allows for a number of different tones. Even though some amps are purely focused on clean power, this one allows you to dial in sounds just as you want.

Controls on this gigging bass amp include Drive channel Volume and Gain, Clean channel volume, four-band active EQ, Master Volume, Mute switch, along with a -8.5 dB Pad switch. The Drive channel boosts the harmonics and diminishes the highs and lows for a sound that’s mid-focused driven.

In addition, there is a contour control set with a shape knob that controls two curve options. Curve A boosts lows and cuts the mids as you turn up the Shape. On the other hand, Curve B lessens the highs, boosts the lower mids and rolls of the low end. Curve B mimics the vintage-sounding amps. The curve you are using is signified by amber and blue LEDs.

The back panel features an XLR out with Line or Mic Level, Ground Lift switches, and Post or Pre EQ. There is also a footswitch that allows you to control the channel, a tuner out, effects loop, headphone jack, aux in, and, not to mention, the speaker outs.

Last Few Words

An amp is an important device for any musician who wants to be able to reproduce their sound, and we hope this article helped you pick the best gigging bass amp according to your requirements.

Irrespective of which gigging bass amp you choose, you need to pay special attention to watts, types of output connectors, speaker size, power, and other essential features.