Top 15 Best Gifts for Singers

You’re searching for the perfect gift for a singer.

Singing is central to the life of that special person on your gift list, and you want to impress with a supportive gift.

Some singers need encouragement. Some long for a nice new piece of recording gear. Some just want to have fun and will appreciate any gift related to their artistic pursuits. You won’t have trouble figuring out what are the best gifts for singers.

You’re certain to find something perfect among these 15 gift ideas for singers.

Best Gift for Singers I Recommend

1. Shure Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

If the singer on your gift list performs live, then a dynamic microphone is a great idea. Dynamic microphones are best suited to live performances. Singers can always use an extra microphone, and this one from Shure will be a welcome addition to the gear bag.

The PGA48-XLR model presents a classic microphone with a sleek black handle and silver mesh ball. The entire design keeps the focus on the singer’s voice while filtering out background sounds. It comes with a stand adapter and an On-Off switch.

2. Personal Humidifier with Mirror and Light

A dry, scratchy throat is the bane of any singer. A personal travel humidifier brings soothing moisture right where a singer can inhale it. The device uses ultrasonic vibration to break water into tiny floating molecules that are ejected out the top. An ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, and the included light keeps it visible on the dark wings of a stage. This personal humidifier operates on power supplied through a USB cord or with batteries.

3. Vocal Warm-Ups: 200 Exercises for Chorus and Solo Singers

Singers like to try out new ideas for vocal warm-ups. The author presents over 200 warm-up techniques organized for a variety of purposes. The methods presented here educate singers about what exercises support different song styles.

4. iRig Pro I/O Compact Instrument/Microphone Audio Interface for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Gadgets for singers can be confusing to those who don’t know much about audio recording, but anyone can quickly learn how to use this plug-and-play device. iRig has created a portable preamplifier that connects studio-quality microphones to Apple phones, tablets, and computers while capturing high-quality audio. It enables people to process audio on their mobile devices without sacrificing anything. The tool is also great for singers who record at home and want space-saving recording equipment solutions.

5. PreSonus AudioBox 96 Audio Interface Full Studio Bundle

When searching for gifts for singer on Amazon, you might want to go big. If you know that the singer in your life wants to start recording, a home studio bundle provides everything. You’ll get an analog mixer, software for a digital audio workstation, microphone, pop filter, Bluetooth monitors, and cables. Overall, the bundle is an efficient way for a singer to build skills and produce good audio files.

6. Essential Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary

One of the best gifts for a singer songwriter is the ability to find just the right word. The answers to even the toughest poetry problems lay within the “Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary.” The 15,000 entries can guide a songwriter through the most troublesome word problems.

7. LyxPro VRI-20 Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foam Isolation Portable Microphone Shield

Singers and musicians are justifiably fussy about unwanted sounds when recording their work. This foam sound shield includes a microphone stand connection. Acoustic insulating foam surrounds the microphone and front of the singer to isolate song vocals from external noise. By reducing problems associated with audio wave bounce back, the shield improves recording quality.

8. Keep Calm and Sing On Water Bottle

If you’re unsure about how to pick out technology gifts for singers, the singer’s water bottle presents a great choice. All singers need to sip water frequently. Hydration is critical for keeping vocal cords moist and working at their best. This could be the best gift for singer girlfriend or the best gift for singer boyfriend. It’s not a gendered gift but still shows that you understand what a singer wants from a gift. The “Keep Calm and Sing On” message identifies the bottle as belonging to a singer. The aluminum bottle includes a standard cap and a drinking spout.

9. Ross-Simons Sterling Silver Musical Note Stud Earrings

When you want to pick out jewelry for singers, you should go with a musical theme. This set of 3 sterling silver stud earrings includes designs for the treble clef, eighth note, and beam notes. The earrings are 1/4 inch wide but have plenty of sparkle. The gift comes with a jewelry box for an attractive presentation.

10. Breathing Fitness Exerciser Device

At first glance, this device might look a bit intimidating. It looks like something a paramedic might pull out during a medical emergency, but actually it’s one of the best gifts for singers. The breathing fitness exerciser allows a singer to build greater breath control and lung capacity. The user opens or contracts the air valve while using the medical grade silicone mouthpiece. By adjusting airflow while doing breathing exercises, the user increases strength of diaphragm and intercostal muscles.

11. GLEAM Sheet Music Stand – 4 in 1 Dual-Use Desktop Book Stand Metal with Carrying Bag Folder

Is your friend or loved one struggling with an old sheet music stand that has seen better days? Put an end to that headache with this versatile sheet music stand. The bar adjusts between 35 and 55 inches in height. It includes a clamp to keep pages secure, which would be great at breezy outdoor venues. Everything packs up into a nice carrying bag for maximum convenience.

12. Singer’s Soothing Throat Spray

Busy singers must take good care of their throats. When the throat starts to hurt during a rehearsal or performance, a few quick spritzes of spray will relieve the pain. The pleasant honey-lemon flavor pleases the palate while lubricating the throat. Although it’s a small gift, throat spray is one of the gifts for singers that delivers big rewards.

13. Zoom V3 Vocal Processor, Vocal Effects Pedal

Personal artistry and technology meet in this vocal effects pedal. As a professional-quality preamplifier, it includes 16 effects. Singers love that it has separate knobs for controlling echo, reverb, and compression. The harmony function lets you add two back-up harmonies. You can mount it on a desktop or a microphone stand.

14. Pitch Pipe Tuner A Precise 13 Note Chromatic C Scale

It comes in a velvet-lined case and looks like an ancient magical device. That’s because the tuner will work magic on a singer’s voice. This singer’s gift helps people correct their pitch and delight their audiences.

15. Novelty Socks Warning I May Randomly Break Out In Show Tunes Socks

When in doubt, go with socks. They are the reigning monarchs of practical gifts. People always use them, and you have to admit that pulling on a brand new pair of socks is a mood booster. Across the bottom of this pair of socks is emblazoned the message “Warning I May Randomly Break Out In Show Tunes.”

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