9 Best Electric Ukuleles Reviewed

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Perhaps you love playing your trusty old acoustic ukulele, but have recently been wishing that you could put out more volume at outdoor parties or gigs with your friends.

Or, maybe you’re interested in picking up the ukulele fresh but think that the electric version of the instrument just looks too interesting to pass up!

Either way, if you’re in the market for an electric ukulele to help you expand your musical horizons, then you’re in luck: This handy list will help you shop through a variety of instruments and get a good overview of their qualities to see which of them is the best for you! Or if you’re just getting started, my beginner ukulele list will come in handy.

My Top Best Electric Ukulele Picks

1. Cordoba 15CM-E Edge Burst Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele

Cordoba is a reliable brand choice for uke players everywhere, since their instruments are known for being well made yet reasonably-priced. Any uke from Cordoba’s 15 series would make a great starting instrument for any beginner, and a reliable go-to for intermediate players as well.

This trustworthy, Concert-sized ukulele is crafted from mahogany, which is known for its ability to improve the sound and tone of the instrument. Musicians who have already fallen in love with this uke will readily tell you that its sound is rich, warm, and full–even when played acoustically!

That’s right: If you’re still not sure whether you prefer the sound of an acoustic or an electric ukulele, you have the freedom of choice with this little gem from Cordoba. And, if you choose to go the acoustic route when you aren’t playing on stage or in other settings that require the extra “oomph” of the uke’s electric capabilities, you’ll still be delighted by how nice the projection and resonance are.

In terms of looks, this ukulele has nailed it! It comes with a beautiful, satiny modern edge burst finish that features a bright highlight along the edges of the instrument’s body for a little bit of added visual pop. That satin finish feels wonderful to hold in your hands, too!

2. Kala KA-CE Satin Mahogany Concert Electric Ukulele with EQ

Kala is well-known among ukulele enthusiasts, and the traditional design of the Concert-size Kala KA-CE is sure to please! You’ll surely be charmed by your first look at this uke, with its classic satin mahogany finish and that cream-colored binding along the body’s edges that give it a spark of visual interest similar to that of the Cordoba 15CM-E.

But, as any musician knows, looks aren’t everything! This classy-looking uke is said to sound as good as it looks with a full-bodied tone and nice projection. The high notes are sweet, and the lows are mellow, helping you create a warm and comforting sound anytime you play. And, that beautiful, satin mahogany finish that Kala ukes are known for produces such a nice tone that it’s become the industry standard! This particular quality makes it great for beginner and intermediate players alike.

This electric ukulele takes two C batteries to power the built-in electronics, which include an Omega II piezo pickup and a nice preamp. This preamp also features a Chromatic LED tuner and 2-Band EQ. Musicians who have tried this little beauty out report that the electronic components are easy to use, and really help this uke sound great.

Between user-friendly and effective electronic components, a classy wooden construction and finish, and a highly durable nubone nut and bridge, this trusty Kala is sure to find its place in your heart once you start playing!

3. Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23

This Bass Ukulele from Hadean doesn’t mess around! With a durable walnut body construction and a back crafted from basswood, this instrument is perfect for someone who wants to take things to the next level. This uke weighs in at four pounds, and it feels solid without being cumbersome.

This ukulele is another user-friendly choice that offers the freedom to pick between acoustic and electric operation–whichever you’re feeling in the moment. No matter which mode of operations you pick, this uke’s trusty Aquila Nylgut strings are there to hold the instrument’s tune well and feel gentle on your fingers while you play. This ukulele doesn’t offer a ton of projection without being plugged in, leaving the acoustic mode best suited for practice sessions or small, indoor gatherings with family and friends.

But once you plug in this solid uke from Hadean, the tone of the instrument is reported to really shine! The preamp is reported to be extremely effective, offering all the projection you could want, and the helpful built-in tuner is widely appreciated as well. The only potential con that you might want to be aware of is that the tuning machines on this uke can render the neck and, consequently, the overall balance of the instrument a bit heavy for some musicians. However, most players state that this small issue is easily remedied by getting a strap to help even things out–and the playability and tone of this uke are worth it!

4. Cordoba 20TM-CE Mahogany Tenor Cutaway Ukulele

This Tenor-sized ukulele is a great pick for anyone who loves the look of a cutaway body. This uke sports a delightful black and white herringbone design to accent the sound hole on the front of the instrument–and that design is echoed down at the instrument’s bridge, too, resulting in a very cohesive design.

In terms of construction, the Cordoba 20TM-CE features a mahogany sides and a solid mahogany top, delivering all the great sound quality that you’d expect it to have as a result! And, that lovely, natural satin finish does a wonderful job of complementing the cutaway body shape and the rosewood fingerboard.

The rosewood bridge and fingerboard on this uke make for a smooth, comfortable playing experience, as do the reputable Aquila Nylgut strings. Buyers who welcome this ukulele into their lives are happy to report that no part of the instrument looks or feels cheaply made–no corners were cut in the making of this uke! Additionally, the fretboard is nice and wide, making it easier for intermediate players to form more complex chords alongside improving the playability for anyone with large fingers. By the way, the cutaway shape of this ukulele doesn’t just look stylish: Cutaways also make it easier for beginners to access the upper frets with ease.

The electronic components of the uke give you control over the treble, bass, and volume of the sound. You’ll also get 2-band EQ with the built-in Cordoba piezo pickup, making this electric ukulele a joy to play!

5. Fender Fullerton Stratocaster Ukulele

There’s a whole lot to be said for the warm, natural look of a classic ukulele. However, if you’re looking for something dramatically different that won’t compromise any of the basic necessities, then you’re in luck with the Fender Fullerton Stratocaster Ukulele!

While just about anyone who’s spent any amount of time in the music world has heard of the Fender brand and its reliable, eye-catching instruments, brand loyalists are sure to appreciate this uke on a whole new level. The sturdy spruce body of this ukulele is modeled after a classic electric guitar, with a distinctive shape that’s sure to grab some attention on stage. This ukulele just feels like a Fender!

The unmistakable Stratocaster body shape is maintained all the way up the fretboard to the 4-in-line Strat headstock–a structural feature that distinctly differs from that of most ukuleles. In short: When you hold this Concert-sized uke, it looks like you’re playing a mini electric guitar.

While people absolutely love the signature looks and durability of the Fender brand, which are very much present in this ukulele, they have great things to say about the playability and electronic components as well. The full-color LED screen that’s built into the side of the uke is easy to read and reported to be highly accurate. The ukulele also sounds great when plugged into an amp, with plenty of reverb and a nice, clean tone.

6. Vorson FSUK-1 S-Style Electric Ukulele

If you’re looking for a new take on a ukulele with an S Type body, this Tenor-size electric uke from Vorson could be ideal for you! In many ways, it is similar to the Fender Fullerton Stratocaster, but sports a few key differences. This uke’s basswood body and maple fretboard give it a unique look and feel. This beast from Vorson also sports steel strings instead of nylon ones. And, don’t worry: They’re reported to be very easy to maintain and replace. These steel strings will allow you to shred like you never have before on a ukulele, especially once you plug it into your amp!

A few other notable aspects of this uke are the inclusion of built-in strap buttons and its solid body construction. This ukulele really does feel solid when you hold it, and it plays just like a mini electric guitar. You’ll also be pleased to find that this uke features twin solid pickups! All in all, this ukulele has everything you need to start jamming out like a rockstar.

Some musicians do report that, while the sound of this Vorson ukulele can’t quite compare with that of a Fender, it’s still very good, and quite satisfactory for the lower price! Another nice perk is that, when you purchase this high-quality uke on Amazon, it comes bundled with a padded gig bag to keep it safe from scuffs and scratches, as well as a cable so that you can connect it to your amp.

7. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic/Electric Ukulele

This Concert-size ukulele is a perfect option for anyone who plays at a beginner or intermediate level, with the cutaway body shape making it a breeze to access all frets. There’s a gig bag included when you purchase on Amazon, too! Luna is a dependable brand that loves to add a little bit of pizzazz to their instruments, which is apparent in this lovely uke’s design. The design on the front of the ukulele’s body is inspired by traditional Hawaiian tattoo designs, and the fret markers are even triangular in shape to mimic little shark’s teeth!

In terms of sound, the mahogany body of this uke won’t let you down. The finish is beautiful, and the walnut bridge and fretboard make it comfortable for you to bring out the beauty of this uke’s sound. The tone of this instrument is rich and full, and musicians who purchase it are delighted by how lovely it sounds for the price!

The tuning mechanisms on this uke work well, and the nylon strings contribute to the instrument’s mellow sound. If you’re new to the world of ukuleles, just remember: it can take a week or two of repeatedly tuning a new uke for the strings to “settle in” to their tune! Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself having to repeatedly tune your ukulele right out of the box–that is normal. Once your nylon strings settle, this trusty little uke from Luna will sound beautiful. And, then you can have fun playing with the bass adjustment on the built-in electronic components to get a feel for the range of expression that this instrument can offer!

8. Ellen Electric Concert Ukulele With Amp

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who just picked up the Ukulele or you just started playing yourself, then this set from Ellen just might be the perfect fit! The Concert size is perfect for beginners to learn finger placement for various chords or for players of any experience level who have larger fingers.

But one of the coolest things about this buy, aside from the mahogany and rosewood build that offer that rich, cheery tone that ukulele fans know and love, is all the extras you get with this purchase! When you get this classic-looking uke on Amazon, you’ll get all kinds of other things that will help you get started: Picks, a strap and gig bag, a cord, an AC adapter, and a ukulele amp. At just under a hundred bucks in total, a budding ukulele player couldn’t ask for more. More experienced players are bound to enjoy this kit as the perfect travel option, too!

The electronic component that’s built into this Ellen ukulele features an LED screen with a Chromatic electric ukulele tuner and controls to adjust the bass, middle, and treble of the instrument. Users who spend some time playing around with this uke are also pleased with the efficiency of the electronics and how long the battery life lasts.

9. Caramel 26inch CT103 Zebrawood High Gloss Tenor Electric Ukulele

If you’re shopping for a dependable ukulele on a tight budget, then this beauty from Caramel is definitely worthy of your consideration!

The zebrawood body of this uke sports a unique texture and a high gloss finish that lends an unusual and eye-catching bit of visual punch. The ukulele’s neck is crafted from mahogany and features a walnut fretboard that your fingers will glide over easily. The frets are widely spaced to leave plenty of room for chord handshapes, too. And, the nylon strings and the buffalo bone saddle and nut help to further improve the sound quality.

Many people think of this Caramel uke as a beginner instrument, but it holds up for intermediate and more advanced players as well! The tone is nice and mellow, retaining a pleasant clarity to each note, and many musicians who have played it say that it offers a great level of sound quality for the money.

The built-in tuner is also reportedly easy to use and quite accurate. Oh, and you get all kinds of sweet extras with this purchase on Amazon, too! A padded gig bag, extra strings, pics, a shoulder strap and a wall hanging strap, and a cleaning cloth are all included. This Caramel ukulele bundle is another well-rounded buy for players of any level, whether they’re in need of a starter or travel ukulele!


Each ukulele has its pros and cons and is as unique as the musician who holds it so, in the end, the best purchase depends on your individual needs!

However, that being said: Any of the ukuleles that made this list are sure to serve you well. Any electric ukulele will allow you more freedom to experiment with personal expression while you play and lend you the projection needed for larger gatherings or stage performances.

Whether you’re looking for something to try out while first learning how to play or something to take things to the next level after you’ve already gotten some experience under your belt, there’s surely an electric ukulele here that’s a good fit for you!

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