4 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

There’s nothing more elegant than a handcrafted state-of-the-art electric guitar, they’re rather underrated for being a popular musical instrument in the music industry, they have single-handedly carried the music industry to where it is today, through a rich history of musical development.

Most think back to the beetles when electric guitars come to mind, however, they have been around for longer than that!

Many attempts and experiments at amplifying stringed instruments into electric-based instruments have been made, starting in the early part of the 20th century.

One of the first electric string instruments was created in 1932 roughly, and was labeled as the “Frying Pan”.

There were these patents from the 1910s show telephone transmitters that had been adapted to amplify the sounds inside banjos and violins before the frying pan adaptation had been fully introduced.

George Beauchamp was the man who designed the “frying pan” and further invented the electric pickups.

By the time of 1935, companies had seen success with this electric amplified guitar and others had been developed as well, so it was time for an upgrade into something a bit more familiar.

The Electric Spanish Model B was developed, which was actually the first-ever full-size scaled electric guitar that had ever been produced to date.

It provided players with a full 25-inch scale with 17 frets to the body of the guitar, and this was revolutionary for its time.

This is all where the production of the electric guitars we know today began and without these vital steps, we wouldn’t have the instrument that has redefined music as we know it and curated some of our favorite genres today!

IYV IJZ-300 TSB Jazz Solid-Body Electric Guitar

IYV IJZ-300 TSB Jazz Solid hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst

We’re beginning our journey through the best electric guitars under $1000 today with a personal favorite of mine!

This particular model electric guitar is known as a hollow body, the distinct shape is larger in the base of the body or the rear end if you will, and it just fits the part of a classic rock star’s instrument, doesn’t it?

It’s probably one of the oldest fully developed electric guitars today, being estimated at its birth in roughly the early 1930s. This model has at least one electric pick-up and a sound-box, the shape of the guitar itself is a work of art.

Blues legends were some of the first artists to popularize this guitar for its unique sound and look, Chet Atkins fused country rock with rock n roll, jazz, blues, and classic music, and he remains one of the most influential finger pickers since the 1940s.

Blues legend B.B. King was responsible for further developing this popularization through blues and rhythm music, as well as George Benson, whose influence is unprecedented.

In the 60s Grant Green rose to fame with these guitars, and Beetles members John Lennon, and George Harrison were known for their usage of the instrument, more George Harrison than anything else because he was the main string player of the band.

There have been countless famous rock stars since that have popularized the instrument, including Noel Gallagher, Alvin Lee, Dave Grohl, John Scofield, and Johnny Marr.

This particular model has a tobacco sunset coloring and mahogany material, the scale length is 24.75 inches which aren’t far from the original scale length design back in the 30s, it also has 6 strings which is the usual number of strings for an electric guitar.

The sound from this particular type is unlike any other, and it is truly a collector’s dream piece to enjoy playing.

The wood actually has a particular shine to it that just makes you fall in love with the design all the more, let alone the playing performance you can achieve from it.

It is truly a beautiful creation and worth any time put into learning how to play it.

After trying this model ourselves, the sound is unlike any other electric guitar available.

We lent it to a local friend’s band to try out and their lead guitarist was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound, he has been playing for years and for the price we paid, he would buy it himself too!


  • Nice hardwood – sturdy and functions extremely well.
  • Descent pick-ups – well-developed to give the guitar its distinctive sound.
  • Set Neck – Strong body-to-neck connection.


  • Not perfect – It’s worth the price you pay, if you’re looking for something spectacular, you would spend more than 1000, this model is worth buying 10 times over for what it is.
IYV IJZ-300 TSB Jazz Solid hollow-Body Electric Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst
  • All Guitars Are Made Punctually By Cnc Machine With Computer Programming
  • Perfect Neck With Almost No Defectiveness
  • All Guitars With Good Specification
  • Country Of Origin : Viet Nam

LyxPro Electric Guitar 39″ inch Complete Beginner Starter kit Full Size

LyxPro Electric Guitar 39' inch Complete Beginner Starter kit Full Size with 20w Amp, Package Includes All Accessories, Digital Tuner, Strings, Picks, Tremolo Bar, Shoulder Strap, and Case Bag - Black

This is the classic electric guitar that most people search for when looking to invest in a quality electric instrument.

It has everything you’d expect from an electric guitar, and the sound has been amplified through the quality pick-ups that have been well-developed. You won’t get any more distinct with a guitar than with this type.

This is the most iconic type of electric guitar, and there are up to 10 variations of styles that have been developed through blues, jazz, and rock n roll history.

The original design for this guitar was through Fender and was built in 1954 by Leo Fender himself, it’s arguably one of the coolest and classic designs for an electric guitar known today when we think of electric guitars, the sturdy shape, and design of this type immediately come to mind, furthermore with some of the most famous electric guitar players throughout history too.

The most distinctive thing about this guitar, besides the sound, is its unique body and shape, which sets it apart from its counterpart and sister model developer, the Les Paul model.

Jimi Hendrix and Steve Ray Vaughan were famously known for their fondness of this style of electric guitar, they have both pointed directly to the most original player of this model, Buddy Guy, who was an American blues guitarist and singer in his time, he was an influence to some of the most popularized rock stars today.

Brian May played his fair share of Stratocaster guitars, alongside lead singer of the band Queen Freddie Mercury, drummer Roger Taylor, and Basest John Deacon.

Freddie himself was known for picking up on a few tricks using electric guitars on the sly, and he was a talented musician as well as vocalist.

This particular model comes in a huge variety of wood-painted colors, you just have to choose which is going to be your staple!

This guitar actually comes in a left-handed range, and a right-handed range so is fully inclusive to those who are left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous.

Fun fact – I once forgot the word ambidextrous and substituted it for bilingual of the hands to get my point across.


  • Quality material – Canadian maple in black Phoenix wood.
  • 39-inch electric guitar – plug-in guitar starter set, including full-size guitar, strings, capo, tuner, strap, picks, and guitar bag.
  • 20-watt amplifier with cable – includes 20W amp with built-in speaker, integrated controls, and headphone Jack and AUX.


  • May require a few tweaks – to make it playable for experienced guitarists.
LyxPro Electric Guitar 39" inch Complete Beginner Starter kit Full Size with 20w Amp, Package Includes All Accessories, Digital Tuner, Strings, Picks, Tremolo Bar, Shoulder Strap, and Case Bag - Black
  • 39 INCH ELECTRIC GUITAR : Perfect for beginner and intermediate players Plug In Guitar Features High-Quality Materials Including Premium Rosewood Fingerboard, Canadian Maple Neck, Volume/Tone, S-S-S pickups, Knobs & More
  • COMPLETE GUITAR SET : Ultimate Starter Package Includes Full Size Guitar & All the Parts & Equipment They Need to Rock Straight Out the Box | Perfect Choice for Novice & Intermediate Players
  • 20 WATT AMPLIFIER WITH CABLE : Pack Includes 20W Amp with Built In Speaker, Headphone Jack & AUX Input for Playing Along to Music on Phone or MP3 Player | Integrated Controls Include Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume & Grind
  • DIGITAL TUNER & ACCESSORIES : Battery-Operated Mini Clip-On Tuner & Instruction Book Teaches Kids to Tune Their Guitar for Best Sound Quality | Kit Also Comes with [6] Steel Strings, [2] Picks & Comfortable Shoulder Strap
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF BEAUTIFUL MUSIC : All-in-One Set for Dummies is a Budding Musician’s Dream | From Home to School to Lessons, Learning the Guitar Has Never Been So Easy! | Perfect Present for Christmas, Birthday & Beyond 100% | Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED we stand behind our products and pride ourselves with exceptional customer service care

LyxPro 39” Electric Telecaster Guitar | Solid Full-Size

LyxPro 39” Electric Telecaster Guitar | Solid Full-Size Paulownia Wood Body, 3-Ply Pickguard, C-Shape Neck, Ashtray Bridge, Quality Gear Tuners, 3-Way Switch & Volume/Tone Controls | 2 Picks Included

The telecaster was actually the first successfully mass-produced electric guitar, which was introduced in 1951, just before the commonly known strat.

It was extremely popular amongst country and indie players for its tones and distinct aggressive sound, before being popularized by blues and rock crowds.

Despite it being a popular guitar, the strange shape and design have not been manufactured regularly by guitar manufacturers over the years or replicated.

The body of the telecaster has no contouring, unlike the Strat, and they usually have two single-coil pick-ups that give it the unique sound it’s known for.

Also, you may see an “ashtray” bridge on a telecaster, which developed its name due to the players removing the metal bridge cover and using it as an ashtray.

There really is nothing that is more rock star orientated than that, is there?

I have one of these models myself, and the tones were impeccable in quality, it lasted me for years but unfortunately got smashed up in an unfortunate accident, this model is the closest thing I have found to my beloved instrument since!

This particular coloring and model is very much like the most famously played one of Freddie Mercury’s, he played it at Live Aid in 1985 during their 20-minute set-list, amongst other famously known rock stars and musicians.

Anyone who was anyone was at this gig to raise money for children and people in Africa, the gig was the most successful and largest broadcasted benefit concert in history.

And this guitar style was right on stage with Freddie basking in the glory and love that he brought to the concert!

Electric guitars have been played across the entire globe alongside every famous artist out there, could you be the next one?


  • Several right-handed and left-handed kits are available – fully inclusive to everyone.
  • Full-size electric instrument – delivers music experience with 22 frets, effortless 3-way pickup, volume control, comfortable C-style neck profile, and perfect for beginners.
  • Revolutionary sound and tone – enhanced sounds with 3-way pickup switch, tone adjustment dials, and volume controls. Sharper notes to warm, bass-like vibrations.


  • May want to sand down the neck – well crafted for beginners and even intermediate players, though.
LyxPro 39” Electric Telecaster Guitar | Solid Full-Size Paulownia Wood Body, 3-Ply Pickguard, C-Shape Neck, Ashtray Bridge, Quality Gear Tuners, 3-Way Switch & Volume/Tone Controls | 2 Picks Included
  • THE LEGENDARY 39” TELECASTER GUITAR | Full-Size Electric Instrument Delivers the Ultimate Musical Experience with 22 Frets, Comfortable C-Style Neck Profile, Classic 3-Ply Pickguard, Effortless 3-Way Pickup, Volume Control, Tone Control & Easy Access AUX Output Jack | Perfect for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Players
  • GORGEOUS SOLID-BODY CONSTRUCTION | Premium 1950s Silhouette Retains All the Beautiful, Distinctive Features of the Original Telecaster | Durable Single Cutaway Paulownia Wood Body, Handcrafted Maple Wood Neck, Vintage Metal Ashtray Bridge & Thick Black 3-Ply Pickguard | Smooth, Glossy Butterscotch Blonde Finish
  • REVOLUTIONARY SOUND, TONE & STYLING | Versatile Mid-Century Fender Design Offers Consistent, Enhanced Sound with Simple 3-Way Pickup Switch, Volume Control & Tone Adjustment Dials | Enjoy Professional Quality Resonance, Intonation & Sonic Variety from Brighter, Sharper Notes to Warm, Mellow, Bass-Like Vibrations
  • EXTENSIVE PLAYER-FRIENDLY FEATURES | Our Authentic Electric Telecaster Requires Minimal Maintenance, So Aspiring Rock Gods Can Focus on Their Craft | Quality Sealed-Gear Classic Tuners Prevent Dust & Dirt Build-Up for Many Years of Accurate Tuning, While Anti-Warp Wood Body & Neck Clean Effortlessly with a Dry, Soft Cloth
  • ACCOMMODATES ALL STYLES OF PLAY | Beloved Tele Styling Brings Genre-Defying Sound to Every Band or Solo Artist, Complementing a Wide Variety of Instruments & Musical Vibes Including Rock & Roll, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk, R&B, Reggae, Punk & Beyond | Perfect Gift for Birthday, Christmas, Holiday, Graduation & More

Donner 39 Inch Full-Size Electric Guitar Kit Solid Body Sunburst

Donner DST-100S 39 Inch Full Size Electric Guitar Kit Solid Body Sunburst, Beginner Starter, with Amplifier, Bag, Capo, Strap, String, Tuner, Cable, Picks

This overall starter pack guitar set is fantastic for beginners and even experienced players, the guitar is a commonly popularized model and has been played by a plethora of famous musicians and guitarists out there.

Every type of electric guitar is worthy of being introduced into your life, so don’t be short of worrying about this when purchasing your ideal model, but it’s all about the connection you feel to the guitar.

Does it feel right in your palms when you first hold it? Does it feel comfortable and sturdy to play? Electric guitars kind of choose you in a sense, and this model chooses a lot of people to master its complexities!

It’s made of Canadian maple and has a sunburst coloring to the wood that is just stunning on stage! It has two classic single-coil pick-ups, which give it the distinct sound that an electric guitar should make and is known for.

Usually, a 2 or 2 pickup will be what you’re looking for with your electric guitar. So, just keep that in mind.

This model actually features a volume knob, pickup switch, and two different knob tones for you to play around with and find the levels that suit your playing style.

Get experimental with your guitar, and you’ll find out what needs to be altered to enable you to get the full capacity of playing out of it.

That’s exactly what Brian May did when they were developing their sound as the band, Queen, to understand your guitar, you must become the guitar!

We actually got our hands on this very model to test it out for ourselves, and the sound was sick!

Overall, it was not what we expected for a beginner electric guitar whatsoever, and we were impressed by the dedication to its design and shape.

Electric guitars are an art form and deserve this kind of manufacturing.


  • Full Pack – including picks, amp, tuner, bag, strap, guitar, strings, and free online courses!
  • Rechargeable guitar amplifier – two-tone channels, and you can obtain different tones by adjusting the gain and tone.
  • Laurel-wood fingerboard – with maple wood neck.


  • Amp is different due to size – however fantastic quality and sound belts well.
Donner DST-100S 39 Inch Full Size Electric Guitar Kit Solid Body Sunburst, Beginner Starter, with Amplifier, Bag, Capo, Strap, String, Tuner, Cable, Picks
  • [S-S-H pickups] Donner electric guitar has two classic Single-coil pickups and one power 203S Humbucker pickup. 5 ways pickup switches and 2-Volume & tone controls for choosing. Suitable for both beginners and professionals. S-S-H pickups are not just perfect for a Texas blues/rock sound, but for other musical styles too.
  • [Canadian maple neck with “C”shaped profile] Donner DST-100 beginner electric guitar bundle uses perilla wood fingerboard, solid basswood body, Canadian maple neck with “C” shaped profile, classic design, comfortable fit.
  • [22 copper-nickel frets] The 39-inch electric guitar features a pick up selector switch, a volume knob, and two different tone knobs. 22 copper-nickel frets with fret position marks on the neck and top of the fingerboard, and also is smooth and friendly to your hands.
  • [All-in-one beginner package] Donner electric guitar set comes with a portable amplifier, 600D quality bag, capo, strap, extra string, digital tuner, amp cable, and picks as gifts. Also with free online lessons, you can play guitar immediately when you receive them.
  • [Rechargeable guitar MINI amplifier] The amp comes with an amp cord and has two-tone channels. Easy Control & Little Size & Tube Sound.1/8" auxiliary input jack for jam-along with media player or CD, 1/8" headphone output jack for silent practice.

Buyers Guide

Shape And Design

When searching for your ideal electric guitar in this world, there are countless shapes and designs to choose from, if color is a big deal to you, feel free to take your electric guitar to an artist or special manufacturer to have it personalized, it’s important that you love your guitar for a long time, because you may have it for a lifetime!

Many artists specialize in jazzing up guitars as an art form, and it’s a privilege to be able to see not only your own design on your guitar but the artist’s rendition in their own style.

Every artist has a unique style and talent, and you can have an electric guitar that no one else will ever have when you collaborate with the design.


That classic electric guitar sound is something we all know and can pick up on very quickly in songs, it’s aggressive, smooth, and just wild!

If you’re looking for an electric guitar, that sound must be impeccable and particular to deem it a worthy investment in your life, so pay attention to how it should sound before making any final decisions.

Style And Type

So, we’ve talked about the design and how you can make your electric guitar your own, but have we been through the different types out there?

There are an estimated 9 main types of electric guitar to choose from and if you go through each type, you’ll find out which is going to be your final choice to make you fall in love with being a musician!

The most popular and well-known types are the Les Paul, Superstrat, and Stratocaster due to their distinct shapes.

They actually don’t have many differences that tell them apart, but the slight sound adjustments and the shaping are different if you’re a guitar player.

Another increasingly popular style that has come back too is the hollow body design, this is an enlarged version of electric guitar which is a classic for performers and musicians today!

Harry Styles is quite fond of this style, recreating the popularization of the hollow body from the 30s, and 70s.

Wood Materials

There aren’t many differences between the sound that your guitar makes from the wood used, usually, the same woods are used to make guitar bodies and necks, so just pay attention to the most commonly used types of wood, like Canadian maple, and laurel-wood.

Every manufacturer should have the type of wood listed when you’re buying for you to look at before making a final decision.

Some guitars actually have two different kinds of wood to construct the whole model, the body can have a different wood to the neck to amplify the sound and quality of the electric guitar.

It’s about finding out what type of sound and tone you want to achieve from your electric guitar overall, and then you can decide on the wood if you’re going custom-made.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve been through electric guitar types, the sound expectations, the shapes out there, and the best brands available for you to choose from.

Hopefully, this can aid you in deciding on a final purchase to make and a great addition to your life of fun and exciting hobbies!

The electric guitar is truly fundamental to music today, and learning to play it is a fantastic way to enhance your own skills and knowledge of the music world and where you fit into it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Electric Guitar Easier Than Acoustic?

Both are complex instruments that require a lot of patience and persistence to master and play, but is one really easier than the other?

Our guess would be no, however, studies have suggested that acoustic is easier, electric requires much more movements on the fretboard to get the right sound.

Both do require much concentration to understand, though, and are both worth the time and effort.

Does Guitar Body Shape Affect Tone?

Most likely, yes! The shape and body of each electric guitar change the sound consistently, that’s why there are so many types to choose from. The sound comes from the pickups, and each guitar has an alternating number of pickups to make its distinct tone.