14 Best Drum Thrones

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best drum throne for drumming

Every drummer knows that their drum throne can make or break any jam session or stage performance. Having the right seating for you can make a world of difference in terms of endurance and your ability to relax, truly feel the music, and perform at your best. After all, you won’t be able to achieve the heights you want if you aren’t comfortable!

Take a look at this lineup of the best high-quality drum thrones to peruse for 2020 so that you can decide which one seems like the best fit for you. Choosing and investing in the best drum throne you can find will make or break the comfort and performance of any drummer!

Top Best Drum Thrones For Your Money

1. DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL

Stability and weight distribution are extremely important when it comes to seating, and the Drum Workshop 3000 is ready to rise to the occasion with its four sturdy legs and cross reinforcements. It also features a handy hydraulic lift function, which allows for height adjustments and makes it a great choice for those on the far ends of the height spectrum! This throne also can reach greater heights than some popular varieties of the ROC-N-SOC, making it a good option for tall people.

The legs and the base of this drum throne both fold down to make the entire piece more compact for easy transportation, which makes it highly convenient for traveling gigs or hideaway storage. You can purchase a back support piece separately as well, which users report as being very easy to attach to the throne base. For some drummers, that added back support can make or break those final hours on stage!

Drummers with higher weights also report getting a satisfying level of support from the hydraulic base: The hydraulic support is sturdy enough to withstand long sessions with big and tall drummers while displaying minimal give over time. While some other thrones tend to slip a bit and creep lower throughout a drum session, the DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL is said to hold strong until the very end.

2. Rockville RDS30 Deluxe

With a name like Rockville, what’s not to love? Just about any drummer who’s used the Rockville RDS30 Deluxe will tell you that there’s a lot to be said for its comfortable design! This insanely comfy drum throne features tons of thick, quality padding with long-term usability in mind, so you won’t have to worry about any distracting soreness creeping up throughout your session and cramping your style.

Another perk of this throne is in its strong yet low-profile design. It is definitely sturdy, but it cuts a narrow profile which makes it great for compact jam spaces and travel. The RDS30 Deluxe also folds well for packing or storage, and it doesn’t compromise an ounce of sturdiness in order to do so.

Plenty of larger users report that the tripod design and quality rubber feet make for a strong, reliable seat. Additionally, the swivel function continues to work smoothly under pressure.

For those who may have had less-than-stellar experiences with hydraulic height adjustment functions, this throne offers an added perk as well: The height is adjusted through the use of a screw bolt that offers plenty of flexibility in terms of height, but provides rigid support when tightened. Some users have had trouble with the top coming loose while adjusting the height of the seat, but double-check once you’ve tweaked the height and you should be good to go.

3. TopStage Universal

Let’s be honest: Not everyone has a lot of money to spend on a drum throne, especially if they’re just starting out and prefer to put instrument quality before all else. For drummers with wallets on the slimmer side, the TopStage Universal is a good way to go. There’s no way around the fact that you get what you pay for to some extent, but you’ll make minimal sacrifices in terms of usability with this budget buy!

This throne is best suited to drummers who are average or smaller in stature, since there isn’t any added extension pole for height adjustment. The width of the tripod is the most you’ll be able to use to fine-tune the height of this throne. However, for the price and lightness of this stool, it’s worth the money, especially if you’re using it as a travel or backup throne.

The non-skid rubber feet and compact structure of the TopStage Universal also make it a good buy for young musicians who are just getting started. This product isn’t on par with high-end, professional-quality drum thrones, but it isn’t trying to be! While it lacks frills, it does its job and is easy to move around, making it just the thing for drummers of all ages.

4. Original Saddle ROC-N-SOC Drum Throne

If you’re completely uninterested in budget buys and are instead looking for long-term durability, quality, and flexibility, then the Original Saddle ROC-N-SOC Drum Throne just might be your perfect fit.

The extremely sturdy tripod design and high-quality feet of this throne offer plenty of stability: Even among the most critical reviews, no one says that this seat feels cheap. Some people aren’t a fan of the swivel height adjustment style, but even those who prefer a hydraulic lifting function concede that this throne does its job well regardless once the adjustment is complete. Additionally, the screw collar and swivel spindle provide a nice level of rigidity once adjusted.

Other technicalities aside, the biggest selling point of this drum throne is definitely its seat! The saddle or bicycle-style seat comes with ample padding for maximum comfort, and most people who use it find that it provides plenty of support without getting less comfy throughout longer sessions.

A lot of drummers also report that the ergonomic design of the Original Saddle ROC-N-SOC Drum Throne was just what they needed to diminish or completely alleviate their back pain–even without an extra back support piece. The height of this throne also offers a nice, wide range of 15 to 29 inches, allowing you to find the sweet spot for your individual posture.

5. Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne

If you want to truly get serious about lumbar support while you’re sitting at your drum kit, then look into the Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne! This throne takes ergonomic seat design to the next level with a split down the center of its bicycle-style seat. This unique split prevents any pressure from stressing your tailbone while you sit, which makes a world of difference in terms of back and shoulder pain. The split design also allows for better airflow and temperature control.

Alongside offering superb spinal comfort, this throne also offers superior durability, especially when it comes to the height adjustment. The Spinal-G Saddle features the same swivel height adjuster that plenty of other thrones do, but with the added measure of a dual-locking mechanism to secure it in place and prevent slippage.

Other comfort features include the memory foam padding that makes up the seat itself, as well as the fabric shell that prevents sticking or slipping during hot gigs. The extra-wide connector plate beneath the seat also provides better support and durability than plenty of other thrones have. The classic four-legged design with anti-slip rubber feet secures this drum throne’s position as a reliable go-to!

6. Flexzion Drum Throne

The Flexzion Drum Throne covers all the basics for a reasonable price, offering great stability in the form of its double-braced tripod legs as well as superior controls over the height and position of the seat. This throne features two different adjustment knobs: One controls the height of the seat through the center support pole and the other adjusts the width of the three durable legs.

There’s a decent level of adjustability to the height of this throne, and its recommended weight capacity of 275 pounds makes it a good option for larger drummers. And, like most drum thrones designed with portability in mind, it folds up nicely to take up less space on the go.

The seat on this throne is a bit on the narrow side as compared to what you’ll get from more luxurious name-brand products, but the price point makes up for it. All in all, most drummers who use this seat will tell you that it offers a level of durability and sturdiness that makes this throne superior to a lot of other budget buys.

7. Mapex Double Brace Round Top

The Mapex Double Brace Round Top throne is a good choice for drummers on the go since it weighs under five pounds, making it very easy to carry! This throne leans slightly towards the smaller side, but it is great for shorter drummers or young students who are just learning to play.

One trait that has gotten mixed reviews from users is the bolt lock height adjustment feature with its five different set positions. Some drummers may get frustrated with the lack of options offered by screw bolt height adjustment and wish they could have a height that’s in-between, but others find that it doesn’t get in the way at all. Either way, the 2.5-inch padding on the seat is reported to be quite comfortable, even after several hours of solid drumming.

Overall, drummers who have used this throne state that, while it may not be fancy, it performs its job well and provides good value for the money. The Mapex Double Brace Round Top is also said to be pretty sturdy as well!

8. Tama Ergo-Rider Drum Throne

Some drummers are sick and tired of going out on a limb and trying various cheaper drum thrones and would much rather invest some extra money in a seat with excellent back support. The Tama Ergo-Rider Drum Throne comes with an ergonomic seat that hybridizes the designs of round and bicycle-style seats to offer drummers the best of both worlds!

The structure of the seat also provides a small but sturdy backrest for added lumbar support and stability. There’s a high level of maneuverability present as well, which many drummers find to be less restrictive during sessions.

The screw height adjustment allows drummers to tweak the height of this throne to their exact specifications, and users report remarkably little give or slippage over time. Additionally, the durability of this drum throne as a whole is absolutely incredible! While plenty of people balk at the higher price tag of this product, those who have already taken the plunge report that this seat lasts them upwards of a decade.

One detail to keep in mind is that this throne is hefty and weighs a bit more than other variations that are designed with portability a bit higher up on the priority list. As a result, this throne isn’t exactly ideal for frequent transport and is best reserved for a more permanent studio setting.

9. Gibraltar Drum Throne 6608

The saddle or bicycle seat on this throne appeals to many, as does its lower price tag. Between its reliable foam padding and double braced legs, this throne performs every duty you’d expect it to without breaking the bank.

This throne has gotten some mixed opinions from larger drummers, since the height adjustment slides up and down and then clamps in place with memory lock rather than being adjusted with a threaded or hydraulic center. While this style offers just as much flexibility and precision in terms of fine-tuning the seat height, drummers who sport a heftier build report that the height tends to creep down a bit over time.

Nevertheless, the Gibraltar Drum Throne 6608 is said to be very comfortable with its 3.5-inch padding, and many larger users see the added seat comfort as being worth its few other shortcomings. Many also consider the need for occasional height readjustment to be understandable and tolerable when the low price is taken into consideration.

The Gibraltar Drum Throne 6608 is also surprisingly solid for what it costs–it would be unreasonable to expect it to compare to a throne that costs hundreds, but its sturdiness goes beyond that of most budget thrones! Additionally, most big and tall drummers who use it state that it feels more secure to sit in for long periods of time during intense drum sessions.

10. PDP By DW 700 Series

The classic double braced legs and slip-resistant rubber feet on this stool make it a reliable choice, especially for those who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money. The carriage-bolt height adjustment feature gets the job done, and this throne is an overall good way to go if you need something practical and portable.

The 3-inch padded cushion on the seat is quite comfortable, and most people who have tried this throne will tell you that it’s noticeably more comfy than the more cheaply-made counterparts that they’ve used in the past.

This throne is an excellent choice for young drummers who are learning, as well as for new players who haven’t gotten a feel for their throne preferences yet and would prefer to hold off on any long-term investments for now. The seat might be best-suited for drummers who are average or shorter in stature since, although the height can reach up to 25 inches, some larger drummers do say that they start feeling antsy on this seat when practice sessions stretch on.

11. Cannon UP197

The Cannon UP197 drum throne sports a stable tripod base and is easy to fold up and carry, which is always a boon for traveling drummers. This throne also sports a 10-inch diameter seat, which is preferable to some drummers who feel that wider seats tend to get in their way.

This stool is great for beginners or drummers on a budget, and it lasts a relatively long time for the money. Even when wear and tear do cause the seat to start feeling a bit loose or wobbly, the functional aspects of the Cannon UP197 keep on trucking! Additionally, most users who get in the zone and focus heavily on their drumming say that any wobbling or squeaking fails to cause any major distractions or impede their jam sessions.

You should be aware that the seat on this throne is not built to swivel, which is a matter of personal preference. Also, some drummers who are larger in stature would probably be best off looking elsewhere since, while the weight capacity of this drum throne is decent, the smaller seat might be less comfortable during longer sessions. However, for a backup or travel throne, this sturdy stool is a great way to go! It’s lightweight and cuts a low profile, making it easy to transport.

12. DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES

For drummers with comfort in mind: Look no further than the DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES! It’s solid ear cast, double-braced legs are reliable and sturdy, and the tripod design with its rubber feet prevents any unwanted movement or skidding.

However, the greatest selling point of this awesome throne is definitely its seat! At 13 inches in diameter and 3 inches thick, this thickly-padded seat will relieve excess pressure on the tailbone and reduce the aching that can build up throughout long drum sessions.

Another perk of the DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES is that it offers comfort that’s a cut above the bottom-tier drum thrones out there without destroying your wallet. You’ll be spending more than you would be on the aforementioned Cannon UP197, for example, but many drummers find that it’s worth the extra money if they can afford to spend it. It simply doesn’t feel like a budget throne when you sit down for a jam!

At only two to three pounds, this incredibly lightweight stool is great for drummers who move around a lot. It also features a secondary lock which does a pretty good job of keeping any height adjustments in place. Larger drummers report that this drum throne works great for them, even when they practice for hours at a time. The worst that happens is that they need to refresh the height adjustment every few sessions, which most say isn’t a big deal at all.

13. ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne

ROC-N-SOC is definitely a household name as far as drum thrones go, and the reputation that precedes it is well deserved! Alongside being highly dependable, this throne looks and feels amazing.

The bicycle-style seat shape provides more freedom of movement and prevents leg fatigue during even the most grueling sessions. It’s also thickly padded with soft foam, offering plenty of cushioning in the seat area. Just in case that isn’t enough for people who are extra particular about lumbar care, this throne come with the option to attach a comfy and durable back support piece as well.

Another unique trait of the ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne is its built-in nitrogen gas shock absorber. This cool feature reduces shock by allowing for a little bit of bounce, which can do wonders to reduce wear and tear on your back throughout hours of practice! The seat is also built to freely swivel from side to side without feeling wobbly or unsteady, alleviating the need to twist your back while playing and potentially keeping you from getting worn out as quickly.

The only shortcoming that some especially tall people point out after trying this throne is that it doesn’t extend past the common 24-inch maximum height. This will feel a bit short to very tall players, especially those who carry a lot of their height in their legs.

That being said, the vast majority of drummers find that this throne is plenty tall enough for them! Additionally, the gas lever height adjustment feature feels super smooth while offering excellent control.

14. Spectrum AIL DT

If the ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne was too short for you, then the Spectrum AIL DT likely won’t be tall enough for you either with its 22-inch height limit! However, if you’re average or on the shorter side, this drum throne is a great and affordable choice.

Despite being on the shorter side, this stool has a hefty weight capacity of around 250 pounds and features an effective set of rubber feet that prevent skidding. The seat also swivels smoothly and sports a comfortable padding thickness, reducing the risk of soreness throughout long sessions at the drum kit.

This throne is also heavier than many comparable stools that fall within the same price range. At a little over six pounds, the Spectrum AIL DT feels nice and solid. Larger drummers report feeling secure and comfortable on this tripod throne thanks to its double brace design, even while swiveling around. Also, for those who don’t like the feeling when their drum throne swivels, the seat can be tightened and locked into place!


Finding the right drum throne to suit your individual needs can be a tricky process. After all, there are all kinds of factors to take into consideration: Comfort, durability, budget, individual stature, and personal preference are all important!

Make sure you’re prepared to invest a good bit of time into weighing your different options before you come to a final decision. What matters the most to you? Is it back support, special measurements, or portability? Are you strapped for cash right now, or would you rather pay a bit more money upfront for something that will last years longer and offer some extra perks?

No two drum thrones are created equal, and no two drummers have the same preferences. Scrolling through these top 14 drum thrones for 2020 should give you a head start on finding the best drum throne for you so that you can jam for hours on end in comfort!