7 Best DJ Lights to Buy

Whether hosting a wedding, live band, or throwing a party at home, adding lighting can easily enhance the experience. Today, there is a wide range of professional-grade lighting effects available for you to choose from. Here, we’ve picked 7 of the best DJ lights available on the market today.

Best DJ Lights I recommend

Chauvet DJ Swarm Wash FX Light – Best Overall DJ Light

The Swarm is one of the most effective all-in-one LED and laser combination DJ lights. It also comes at an amazing price point and can be a welcome addition to professional and bedroom DJ setups.

The center of the light features a red/green laser that can project thousands of beams and bathe any reasonably sized room in color. Around the laser, the light features 8 white strobe lights, RGB lighting, and UV wash effects. No matter the vibe you want to set, the Swarm is ideal for your next party.

  • 3-in-1 LED, laser, and strobe light effects
  • DMX, sound-activated, and automated control options
  • Multiple Swarm lights can be connected for larger events and stages

ADJ Pocket Pro – Best Movable Head DJ Lighting Effect

Moving heads offer amazing creativity and can dramatically improve any stage or nightclub. Unfortunately, moving headlights are often heavy and hard to transport. ADJ created the Pocket Pro for professional DJs that want to take their lighting show to the next level.

The Pocket Pro is a professional-grade DJ light that features a stunning GOBO projection. You can use your DMX controller to program a wide range of effects, including strobe, pulse, pan, tile, dimming, and more. The light is also sound-activated and will respond to your DJ set.

Perfect for mobile DJs, the Pocket Pro can also create stunning stage shows for larger venues by linking several units. You’ll feel like a superstar DJ as you set the perfect mood with lighting from this state-of-the-art light.

Sumger RGB Laser – Best Laser Lightshow

This light will be a perfect addition to your next show or event if you love laser effects. Sumger has crafted an RGB laser that is compact, durable, and produces stunning lighting effects.

Once installed, you can use a DMX controller or remote control to handle the effects. However, this laser also features sound-activated and auto-programmable effects. The laser output is fantastic on this system, and you get red, green, and blue beams, which can produce awe-inspiring effects.

  • The compact size of the light makes it easy to transport for mobile DJs and events.
  • This light meets all US regulations concerning laser lighting systems for event use.

Eliminator LED Par Light – Best LED Par Can Fixture

Par lights are essential for any stage. They are stationary lights that light up the stage for the band or DJ. LED pars vastly outperform traditional par lights, and these lights from Eliminator are a fantastic deal.

These lamps offer 12 LEDs (3 red, 3 green, 3 blue, 3 white). This gives the fixture incredible flexibility, and it can produce a wide range of colors and effects. Combining several lamps on stage can create complex patterns and effects for your audience.

The light offers multiple modes and can be DMX-controlled, sound-activated, or left to autoplay. This makes them ideal for all types of events, from acoustic jams to underground techno events.

American DJ Mega Bar – Best LED Stage Lighting Effect

LED stage bars make flooding a large area with light simple and easy. This LED bar features 50 RGB LED lights stretched across a 22 inch light bar. If you need more light, you can always daisy chain units together to fully wash a room in color and light.

Lightbars excel at washing walls and stages with light, and these types of lights are great for venues that want to create a unique and colorful atmosphere.

  • LED lights in this system are rated for 100,000 hours of use.
  • Red, green, and blue LEDs can create countless color variations for your venue or event.
  • The light features DMX, auto, and sound-activated controls.

SUNY Stage Party Light – Best Laser with Patterns

Lasers are incredibly precise and can be used to create intricate patterns and designs on walls, floors, and ceilings. The Stage Party Light is one of the best lighting systems that can handle projections, designs, and images.

Inside this light, you’ll find 5 lenses, RGB Gobo projectors, and an RGB laser system. You’ll have everything you need for your next party in this compact yet effective lighting system. The system can create 128 different designs that can then be projected anywhere.

Pick one of these laser light shows for your nightclub, a gig, or your home holiday decorations.

  • The laser complies with Class IIIa/3R and is certified by FCC, FDA, CE, and ROHS for public use.
  • You can use sound activation or the remote to control the designs and light show.

BSYUN LED Uplighting System – Best Synced Lighting System

Uplighting is one of the most effective ways to enhance the appearance of a room. DJs and venues will achieve this colorful effect by using a system of LED par lights. This 8-light system from BSYUN has everything you need to achieve the perfect colorful effect at a wedding, lounge, or nightclub.

Each light is synced together through DMX cables and controlled by sound activation, remote control, or a DMX controller. Inside each light is 18 RGB LED lamps that produce the lighting effect.

  • LED lamps have a 50,000-hour lifespan.
  • Quickly set up the system through DMX cables.
  • Automode patterns include static color, auto-cycle, strobe, jumping, and sound-activated mode.

Types of DJ Lighting

We’ve covered a wide range of DJ lights in this article. Here we’ll discuss the types of DJ lighting available and their best uses.

Wash and Stage Lighting

This type of lighting adds color to a stage and to illuminate the performers. Modern stage lighting includes LED par cans and strip lights. Most stage lighting will feature a mix of red, green, and blue effects and should have DMX, sound-activated, or automated control for the effects.

Adding stage lighting is an excellent place to start for any aspiring DJ or event host.

Moving Heads

Moving headlights are some of the most advanced and effective DJ lighting options. These lights move and cast a tight beam of light across the room. When combined with a haze or smoke machine, they will amaze your audience.

Unfortunately, moving heads can be much more expensive than other lighting options and are typically reserved for larger events, nightclubs, or high-end mobile DJs.

Effect and Party Lights

Effect and party lights are a cost-effective way to impress your crowd. These lights create a wide range of effects and patterns that are perfect for DJs on any budget. There are so many different party light effects that it would be hard to list them all. Some of the most interesting ones include disco balls, multi-beam arrays, and derby effects.

These lighting systems are also inexpensive, which makes it easy to steadily grow your lighting collection and improve your performances and events over time.

Laser Light Effects

Lasers are always a crowd pleaser! Modern laser systems produce incredibly bright and vibrant colors that stretch across huge venues or outdoor music festival stages.

A laser works best when it’s paired with a smoke or haze machine. This will allow the beam to shine, and your audience will get to experience the full effect. Modern lasers come in red, green, and blue and can create stunningly beautiful effects that fill the sky.

Of course, lasers are not ideal for every event. While they may be fantastic at a rock concert, you should probably avoid using a laser system at a wedding.

What is the Best DJ Light?

The best DJ light will depend on your needs. We hope our list of 7 DJ lights can help you find the perfect DJ lighting effect for your next party, gig, or event.

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