What Are the Best Canadian Guitar Brands?

The guitar is one of the most popularly used musical instruments in Canada, as it is in almost every other part of the world. But the interesting thing to note is that Canadians aren’t just amazing guitar players; they’re also manufacturers of brilliant guitars. Thanks to Canada’s massive contribution to the music industry, guitar players all across the globe are now having more interest in Canadian-manufactured guitars.

If you’re also want to learn more about the best Canadian guitar brands out there, continue reading this article to get your answer!

10 Best Canadian Guitar Brands

1. Godin Guitars

Based in Quebec, Godin Guitars has been producing some high-quality musical instruments since 1972. The company now has six other brands under its name, including Norman, Art & Lutherie, Godin, LaPatrie, and Simon & Patrick.

Whether you’re searching for electric, bass, or acoustic guitars, this Canadian guitar brand makes all of them. Their guitars are amazing, and guitarists love them for their brilliant sound quality and craftsmanship.

If you’re a beginner guitarist and wish to support the Canadian brand, Godin is one of the best picks!

2. Seagull Guitars

Seagull is a top-rated Canadian guitar brand that has been in the business for almost four decades. The best feature about these guitars is that they’re easy to play, and even beginners can play them with ease. Thus, you won’t have any problem when it comes to learning the chords.

The sound quality of these guitars is reckoned by all guitars, from amateurs to experts. Nevertheless, one drawback of these guitars is that they are slightly higher-priced.

3. Boucher Guitars

Boucher Guitars stepped into the instrument industry in 2005 in Quebec to manufacture high-quality guitars. Their guitars are made with a native wood known as Picea Rubens, which is well-known for its incredible harmonic trails. Thus, they have an entire team dedicated to hand-making every acoustic guitar.

The sound quality of this Canadian guitar brand is decent, and the best quality about it is that you don’t need to spend too much money to purchase it. Even though Boucher Guitars isn’t a high-end guitar manufacturer, its guitars can produce decent-quality sound.

4. Prestige Guitars

Prestige Guitars is another Canadian guitar brand from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their guitars aren’t completely manufactured in Canada as certain parts are constructed in South Korea.

When purchasing a high-quality guitar without putting up a hole in your pocket, Prestige Guitars is a good option. Their guitars have an amazing appearance, and the sound quality is lovely too!

5. Yanuziello Guitars

This Canadian guitar brand is a brainchild of Joseph Yanuziello, who started manufacturing guitars almost 43 years ago. They are highly demanded by amateurs and professionals alike all over the globe. This is primarily due to the playability and aesthetics of the guitars.

Inspired by his dad, Yanuziello went on to live a life of building and tinkering. He did this specializing in the use of domestic and exotic woods to manufacture his guitars. The high-quality materials used in manufacturing these guitars are one of the main reasons why they’re in such great demand.

6. Beneteau Guitars

Beneteau Guitars is based in Ontario, Canada, and was created by Marc Beneteau, who is passionate about designing and creating custom guitars. With almost forty years in the industry, the Beneteau Guitars boasts some of the finest guitars to have emerged in Canada. Consequently, this guitar is one of the most widely sought-after options in Canada and all over the world.

Beneteau Guitars are an ideal mix of the players’ specifications and the manufacturer’s incredible expertise. The acoustics made by Marc exist as a personal service to players.

7. Riversong Guitars

Several people aren’t familiar with Riversong Guitars as it’s a relatively new company that began manufacturing guitars in 2011.

Riversong Guitars has secured many business and design awards and has even created essential guitar designs.

You might wonder if this new Canadian guitar brand deserves your attention. Well, the answer is yes, as there are several positive comments for this brand.

Thus, if you want to extend support for another local guitar brand, Riversong Guitars is worth considering!

8. Beardsell Guitar Workshop

The Beardsell Guitar Workshop based in Winnipeg manufactures high-quality guitars featuring innovative and unique designs and top-notch craftsmanship.

The man behind Beardsell Guitar Workshop, Allan Beardsell, has been playing and repairing for nearly thirty years. His workshop is well-known for custom electric and acoustic guitars.

You might not get more details about Beardsell online. Nevertheless, this Canadian guitar brand is surely worth keeping in mind.

9. Sorokin Guitars

Owned by Alex Sorokin and built in Edmonton, Alberta, Sorokin Guitars pays visible tribute to 1950s era Gibson Les Paul Junior and Les Paul models. On his website, he has a picture blog of guitars that he has either built himself or worked on.

The best thing about Sorokin Guitars is their headstock design. There are several guitar manufacturers who build high-quality Gibson-inspired guitars, but Sorokin has the best headstock design.

10. Frank Brother Guitars

This Canadian guitar brand is manufacturing some of the most amazing electronic guitars in the country. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario, and is run by 3 brothers: Tim, Nick, and Jon. They don’t just make incredible guitars but also offer top-notch customer support.

You can even customize your guitar as you like, but you need to book your appointment ahead of time. Frank Brother guitars have an awesome aesthetic appeal and produce great-quality sound.

Last Few Words

Guitars have always been known to have unique features and qualities, be it bass, acoustic, or electric. Generally, your particular requirements influence which option you should go for. Fortunately for you, you can get superior-quality guitars with various functionalities all over Canada.

The Canadian guitar brands we have listed above boast a vast range of sonic expressions, tonality, and visual looks that offer versatility like no other. Thus, regardless of your needs, it is safe to choose these guitars. After all, Canada is the hub of the best guitars in the world!